Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where do I begin…

The last few weeks have been the busiest I’ve had in just ages.

So….what has been happening since I was here last.

We celebrated Aidan’s 4th birthday at their house on the 20th – we went and visited early in the day because I wanted to enjoy Aidan before I started the day and didn’t know how I would feel being I had the procedure the day before.

That little boy is such a delight – he gets so tickled out of everything.
He has this thing with my camera…will not leave it alone and takes tons of pictures when he gets it in his little hands….so we bought him his own digital camera – Fischer Price makes a child friendly digital camera.
We couldn’t have gotten a better gift – along with some clothes and a toy…he was a pretty happy little boy.
aidan camera

He’s showing grandpa the ultra-sound pictures of baby Miranda
aidan showing pictures
And shortly we will be greeting baby Miranda into the family…if she doesn’t go into labor by Sunday night the Dr. is taking her on Monday and inducing labor…he doesn’t want to let her go any longer being she’s a high risk.


My brother and his wife came over on Sunday and we went to the Elkhorn flea market – it is held at the fairground and it’s huge!  We arrived at 7 when it opened and left at 1 – I honestly can’t believe I held up that long but like I said at the beginning – just loosing a bit of the pain gives me more energy – oh, that  and 2 Vicodin helped…

Here are a few goodies I found.
This tin of really old and vintage buttons is large (a 14 inch tin).
I saw tons of vendors selling jars of them from $5 to $20 – which to me is way out of line.  Then I saw this tin and saw that there were very few buttons I could use for my projects.  She had $5 on it and I said it was a good price but I could use but a few in there and she said take it for $3.  Oh yes…I did take it.  I came home and put them in a bucket with Pine-sol and soaked them overnight – the water was about the color of this blog background.  But they smell good now!
buttons 1

Love my drying rack – it has original blue paint on it and she was asking $18 – I got it for $16.
linen rack 1

Now this bowl is large – it’s about 9 inches high and 15 inches wide. I really don’t think it’s old – probably a reproduction as she has $28 on it…I got it for $24.  but I loved the size and the Aqua blue ring instead of the other ones I’ve seen with Royal Blue
large bowl 1
large bowl

Remember the peaches I bought at the rummage sale a couple weeks ago for .10 each?
They look quite real sitting in the bowl don’t you think?

peaches in bowl

Loooove this hanging basket – I will put greens and a candle in it for Christmas


So what’s next…Oh yes…Monday we went to Madison for the Wholesale Cash and Carry show.
I bought a couple things to re-sell at the show as long as they are handmade

Bought two of these fabric bags  - I’ll add some Sweet Annie in the pocket
Fabric bag

One vendor has put out a line of woven table squares and table cloths…they aren’t as nice as FHW’s but they are nice.
This one will be used on one of my display tables at the show.  It’s a nice 52 x52
linen rack 2

And these adorable mini bowls…hand made by one hyper little gal.
I didn’t intend to buy 3 – let alone all with Red but she had them in the bag before I could say anything.
But at .25 cents each they were staying they were hard to pass up.
I use these small bowls for rings and earrings and my vitamins so it’s okay that I have them.

The 2 Mercury ornaments were a find at the flea market
ornaments bowls

I bought 2 of these wood over the door candle holders for the show to display my candles that I wrap with flax and jute.
Wood candle holder

And I can’t get by without some Black Crow Candles…I bought 2 with a Christmas scent for the show – candles never sold well for me so I’m just trying 2 for the first show.

I finally got some Sweet Annie in the wall box that I bought at the rummage sale a few weeks ago.
Wall box 2

When it was time for my brother and sil to leave on Sunday Gene gave me something – he knew I’d love it and cherish it.
It’s my grandparent’s marriage certificate.
Dated June 21, 1911 – he gave it to me June 25, 2012…it’s 101 years and 4 days old!
It’s in sad condition so I want to get it framed (and hopefully they can clean it also)
marriage license 1
license date

Oh, one more thing…I started a new blog for KM Primitives – It’s in the process but it would be great if you would follow me and add me to your blog list on your sidebar so that when I get it up and running completely it will be more noticed.
I have categories and will add products as I make new designs. I’m having a devil of a time getting Paypal  set up and products on.




  1. Karen ~
    Good to hear from you! So many wonderful new goodies.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi, Karen ~ you've been as busy as I have lately. The summer is already flying by. Aidan is so cute and I love all of the goodies that you have bought. I'd love one of those over the door candleholders, I've never seen them. Have a lovely summer.

  3. i just love your bowl! i love old bowls. i'm thinking my grandson needs a camera for his 4th birthday. denise

  4. You got alot of great finds!! Your grandson is such a cutie!!

  5. Oh, the Elkhorn Flea Market - we've been once and I can't wait to go back. You found some wonderful treasures there.

    Can't wait to see baby pictures, keep us updated on her arrival. ~Ann

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time..Happy birthday to Aidan..

  7. Karen,,

    I started following your selling blog...let me know when or if you have a button, I'll add it to my blog..

    good luck with your new site...looks great!


  8. Aidan certainly looks happy with his camera! Happy Birthday! You found some great the basket that hangs.
    Take care,

  9. Lovely to see your great finds. I love that basket the best! Hope you start to feel better soon!
    Take care!

  10. Hi Karen

    I hope you start to feel better soon. It's a good thing you can handle the pain so well (with a little help from Mr. Vicodin). I LOVE the drying rack! I'll start following your selling blog.


  11. Hi Karen,
    Love all your "finds". Great prices too.


  12. Ok, there is so much to see in this blog post and I ooh'ed and ahh'ed all the way through it. My Avery loves to take pictures too and I think he has changed settings on my camera recently. I need to study the instructions today and figure out how to work the camera again. Question: the picture of the Miranda ultrasound... is that a colorful blanket with dogs on it in the background? I love it!!! Love all your goodies... good luck with your sales!

  13. I hope one day to be surrounded by my wonderful children and grandchildren with plans for new babies!! How lucky you are. Your new goodies are so much fun.
    That marraige certificate is such a gem. What an amazing piece from your past. Geneology is so neat.

  14. I love seeing all the great things you bought. I haven't had any Sweet Annie in a long time, I love it's fragrance.

  15. Glad you're feeling better. My daugher has the same camera and she loves it! I absolutely love the drying rack, what a great find. The coverlet piece looks like Pine Tree Traditions??? ~Jeanne~

  16. Karen~ fun birthday pics~ wonderful new finds & just love the marriage certificate such a sentimental family heirloom~

  17. Karen, wonderful goodies. The bowl is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Summer Blessings

  18. Happy Birthday to Aiden!
    Love your goodies..especially the red hanging basket!
    Sounds like you have been having fun Karen.
    have a good night.

  19. Karen,

    Love Elkhorn, though haven't gone in 2 years, so big, so many goodies! Love all yours!!!
    Aidan is adorable!!! OLM

  20. Hi Karen,
    So glad for the update, it does seem to be an extra busy summer for everyone. Love all of your new treasures. Boy I wish we lived closer, we could have some fun.
    I will go follow you on the new blog!

  21. Wow..Great are a lucky lady and I think a very busy one. Has been to hot for me to do much of anything. Might work in the basement tomorrow so we can stay cool. Hope you are staying cool and hope we get some rain soon so the farmers don't loose their crops

  22. Your grandbaby is precious. Love your wonderful finds. I am your newest linky follower.

    Have a great day.

  23. Hi Karen...I've been thinking about you the last couple of days..Wondering how the back is doing. How did the treatment go? Did it help? I sure hope so. Aong with everything else my back to has been giving me fits. Got one of those knife stabbers 2day & it put me down. fell against the cupboard now got a huge bruise across my hip.

    I so totally adore Aiden with his new Camera..He's going to be so cute going around snapping shots with Grandma..You'll have to share some of them with us..

    Sounds like you had a great time shopping. I so love love love that Red Basket..What fun you will have creating a gathering in it for the different holidays..

    Sounds like you have been really busy getting ready for your shows. I envy you right now..I miss making my creations but somehow I will prevail and get back to it.

    Have a great weekend ...


  24. Hi Karen,

    Looks like you found some great goodies !

    Your grandson is a budding photographer ! He could be famous one day !

    It has been a hectic month of June for me ..not enough time in the day and the days are even longer now !



  25. This a delightful post. I loved seeing all the pictures and drooling over the button tin. Such a precious little boy and you've sure given me a gift idea for a camera lovin' granddaughter of mine!

  26. Aiden sure is a cutie! My little man is the same way with my camera. I just deleted lots of pictures and videos he has taken, lol. I need to buy him one of those little cameras. I didn't realize baby Miranda will be here so soon, how fun!

    Good deal on the buttons! I love seeing jars of them but yes they are kinda high here too, more than I care to pay when you can get them at garage sales for so much cheaper. I soak mine too. When they sit for years and years, you don't realize how dirty they really are until you clean them up.

    Oh girl, I just love the original blue paint on your drying rack. I got one this year also but mine doesn't have any original paint. That is really neat!

    Very nice bowl and your peaches look wonderful sitting in it. Looks like you just picked them this morning. =] Beautiful red and black basket, love that also!

    It's so fun to see all these neat things you are picking up for your show. Your display is gonna be outstanding!!

    What a sweet, sweet gift from your brother! How wonderful to pass that on down through the generations! Yes, frame it before it is destroyed and generations to come will be able to enjoy it too. That is a delightful piece of family history, congrats to you for owning it now!

    Going to visit your new blog and bookmark it. =] Nice to catch up with you Karen, have a fantastic week~

  27. Oh....Elkhorn!!! How I so miss that market!! Always found some amazing treasures.... Love your new treasures....especially that wonderful basket! Will pop over and give your new blog a follow! Love Aiden's new camera....gee, perhaps I need to get one like that - maybe that one I could figure out! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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