Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time is drawing close!

Okay everyone…are you excited about the
Mystery GiveAway???

Well I am – I’ve been drumming up ideas for it all last week and over the weekend wondering what to give away and not only that…have you seen the entries??? Oh man….there are a lot of you out there just so curious. I guess a good mystery gets to almost everyone doesn’t it?

Well I’ll keep you in suspense no more…here’s what’s
going to happen…being there are (to this point anyway)
151 entries – WOW!!!

So that being the case it sure doesn’t give you good odds does it? So here’s the deal…I’m going to give away TWO - just because! I don’t know if they will be exact or if I’ll mix them up or how the 2nd person will be chosen.

That’s all you are getting for now!
Am I being the good me or the bad me???  LOL

Lady and devil

Bring on the sun

Yesterday was a full day in the yard doing mulch and what a job…we live on a corner so we have several areas of gardens that need lots of attention so when it comes to mulch day it’s a chore. I went out to start helping after he got the lawn mowed. We started trimming areas and getting some left over leaves out of the base of some of the shrubs and
then the cleanup before the mulch was delivered….and when it came it was gorgeous.
I had said we were were getting the black mulch…I LOVE IT.
I like the dark look of dirt rather than the bright mulch.
Here’s 9 yards of it!

It was non-stop till 7 p.m. last night and by then
we were totally done in.
We both hauled wheelbarrows of it to locations and then
I was literally on my hands and knees all day long
and by evening I could barely move.
So here are a few pictures of the day as it progressed.

Oh, I did get my Perennials in the side gardens before
we got over in that area because once the mulch
got down i wasn’t going to disturb it.
And wouldn’t you know…just seconds after I got one of the Woodland Poppies in – he ran over it with the wheel of the wheelbarrow…now I think he’s out to get me with my flowers because a couple weeks ago he pulled out all of my Coneflowers..remember!!!!

So here’s what we did all day in the yard…Now I just have to wait for everything to grow bigger and flowerDriveway corner after

Back Rocks

Doug 1

Front side 

Side yard 2

Side yard

Front Corner

Me wheelbarrow

courtyard area.2 

courtyard area.1 

Front to back 

 Me working

Front 1

Taking a much needed break…don’t you love the pants!
Look at my shoes in the next picture…they went into the trash.
Me sitting


Oh, I forgot…our son Brett came over to pick up something so we put him to work blowing the area clean – I don’t think Doug could have picked up anything more by then!


Bring on the sun

I still have to get these planted and I think they are going to go in window boxes for the garage windows – it’s such a bare area over there now that the boat is gone.
Flowers for Pots

That’s it! Sorry to bore you with yard work but it’s all I have right now to share with you…but I did want to let you all know that the time is getting closer for the give away…


  1. I think your yard looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it in full bloom though. Take a break now Karen. That hard part is done. You deserve some you time now!

  2. Karen,
    Your yard is beautiful and when everything is in bloom, it will be stunning. I have several pair of shoes like that, hehe. When you said "a much needed break" I thought you said a "mulch needed break" and I burst out laughing. I prefer the black mulch, too. Blends in with the soil so much better. Whoever wins your giveaway will be a lucky gal (or two). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Karen............your yard looks wonderful!
    I like the real dark mulch too. We still have all of our maple trees dropping their seed pods all over so I always have to wait to put down mulch until we get a good windy day to knock them all down. They are all through my yard.
    Love all of the flowers that you have bought too.
    Have a good day.

  4. Hi Karen,
    You didnt bore me at all!!
    I loved seeing your yard.
    I dont think Ive ever seen black mulch....
    Me Likey!! :)
    Working out in the yard is the Best kind of tired. It gives such a sense of accomplishment.
    You looked so darn cute sitting there all tuckered out!! :)
    I love the twist you have added to the giveaway. How nice of you to giveaway not only one of your treasures, but now TWO!!
    Oh man.... I hope I win one!! Hehe!
    Okay, now that your yard work is done.... feel free to come over and help with mine.
    Im only about 12 hours away!! LOL!!
    Take Care Sweetie!!

  5. Karen~

    All of your gardens look wonderful! We use the same mulch at our house! I love how dark it is too! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


  6. OH Karen!!
    You make my back hurt..LOL I remember those days of working in the yard ALL DAY LONG !!I love yardwork.. and then sit back and look at all the accomplishment ... so rewarding..
    I love your " down and dirty" pictures..LOL
    You and Doug work good together..
    Hey!!! when can I expect my winnings in the mail??LOL
    Tired blessings,

  7. Everything looks beautiful Karen! There is nothing more perfect than a freshly mulched garden. Lots of hard work I know, but so worth it.

  8. Hello Karen,

    First of all I love the lil siggy line that says "Bring on the SUN"! Very neat!

    Second, your yard is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I would love out area to look 1/2 as nice. We live in the country and well, with a lot of yard to mow, there is just not enough time.

    I have never heard of black mulch. I really like it. You should see in our area, when the farmers turn their fields, how black it look so nice! So rich! Our area is known for the rich, black soil...use to be potato country, till the flood about 5 years ago.

    The twist on the very generous of you. You sure know how to keep us all in suspense. Makes it FUN thou.

    I loved seeing your pictures. You look so happy with your hands in the dirt and then you on the grass taking a much needed break. SO neat. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy the beauty of your yard and pretty flowers.

    Many Blessings,

  9. Karen, your yard looks beautiful. I think it should win "Yard of the Month"!

  10. I just love the black mulch!! I think it looks great! doubt my hubby would go for it though, i'll have to show him your pictures...thanks for sharing! Tammy

  11. Karen,
    Your yard looks great! It made me tired watching all that hard work so I'm going to rest

  12. Your garden beds look just lovely!! Yard work is hard but it's so rewarding and I'm you will have a smile on your face every time you pull in your driveway and see your beautiful yard. I had to laugh at your dirty knees and shoes, I look like that every time I do mulch too.

  13. Your yard looks awesome, I love all the
    stepping stones and that black mulch
    really stands out! I have never seen it
    in black, but I love it! Thanks for
    sharing...I know yard work is hard on
    the body, it is a wonder you could get
    out of bed, after that!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  14. OH MY WORD Karen I love your yard GREAT JOB you guys. The Mulch is beautiful. Now for those pants LOL.........don't think those will come clean, but I bet you can get clean. I just am so inspired by your yard it looks so Pretty and so welcoming.

    The Rusty Thimble

  15. I love your yard Karen! I think I might give the black mulch a try too, it looks so good! I love your yard it looks so inviting and peaceful!! I sure hope I am a winner in your giveaways, I just love the element of surprise!!:0) Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!!

  16. Beautiful landscaping, Karen! I love the black mulch. This year the mulch I got was the wrong color (brown) but I used it anyway and just love it against our taupe colored house! Congrats on a lovely job.

  17. Your gardens are GORGEOUS Karen!!!


  18. Now don't you look so dang adorable all primmed up!
    The grounds of your home are so beautiful Karen. You're putting alot of landscaping companies to shame with all that hard work.
    Did you say you will be pulling TWO names for the giveaway? Oh, be still my heart!! ~.~

  19. Just beautiful! I LOVE the way new mulch makes everything look so crisp and fresh! Your home and flower beds are beautiful! I imagine you are quite pooped now! LOL!

  20. In no way was I bored! I never get bored hearing about flower beds or seeing them. They are beautiful!

  21. Love your gardens Karen! ♥
    They are gorgeous! A lot of work, but so worth it!
    Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

    Prim Blessings,

  22. Hey Karen your yard looks fabulous..I think that is what I am doing this weekend...boy it sure makes the yard look good and helps control the weeds..have a much needed rest..:)

  23. Karen, your yard is beautiful as is your home....Im very excited to see what the giveaway is..LOL

  24. Right there with you. I put the last of the mulch out this morning and we are still short! We get it by the bucket load (the bucket of a front end loader - I don't know how many yards that is). We have gotten 4 bucket loads so far. And I have a full tray of plants yet to go, too. Every year I say we are going to cut back but it is so pretty when we are finished. How do you stop !?!

  25. Everything looks just beautiful, Karen. This year my gardens are going a little slow. I just had surgery on my knee, so I can't get 'down and dirty' yet like I usually do, Dee has been swamped with work, and our son, who is a big help to us most Springs, is having surgery on HIS knee in a couple of weeks, so he is working frantically with HIS family to do his own stuff.

    It will all get done, and in the meantime, I have yours to enjoy! Nice Job!!


  26. Karen,

    Boy, you two did a LOT of work, but the result was oh so worth it! Your yard is gorgeous, nice and spacious too! How pretty! Everything turned out so nice!

    We are having a beautiful spring here in Ky. too.

    Cute pic of you all dirtied up and on the ground! LOL

    I love your mystery giveaway ~ sounds so fun! I'll be posting about my very first one soon and it's gonna be Americana-themed!

  27. Hi Karen,

    I'm jealous...we are still having winter here in Idaho! I swear it was trying to snow on me today on my way home from Boise! Your beds look wonderful! Kim

  28. I'm trying to do some things different outside and I think you made up my mind to get the black mulch instead of the does look like fresh dirt...your home outside looks just beautiful worth I'm sure of sore bodies:)

    I can't wait to see who wins your Mystery Giveaway, how exciting!


  29. It looks very pretty! Was a TON of work1 Your pants may never be the same!

    Our weather today has been beautiful, yesterday the w.i.n.d. blew and blew and blew and blew and so on! Our neighbors tramp blew into the side of their home, denting it, and the tramp as well.

    I have to tell you, I have got the BIGGEST urge to get a kitty and name her Lola! LOL :-D

    We are all looking forward to the big reveal!
    Enjoy your day.


  31. By the way hubby is taking out your flowers, it sounds to me like he is trying to get out of yard work, lol! I love that mulch! I'm with you, I like the darker much better than the light. I think it brings out the colors of the flowers better too.

    Now wait a minute on those shoes... you can spray some of your Clorox clean-up with bleach that you showed in your last post! I'm sure that would clean them right up.

    You didn't bore me with yard work. I love looking at other's yards. Before we moved into this house we are living in, we used to drive around and look at houses. Now that we have the house we want, we drive around and look at landscaping. You can get some great ideas from other people! Thanks for sharing. I love what you all have been doing in your yard. I think it is beautiful and when it flowers you better show more pictures because I know it will be gorgeous!

  32. I was not bored at all..Love the photos of your gardens..They are gorgeous..I use the black mulch myself and would never go back to the brown..I think the flowers just pop more..I am very excited of the giveaway..Being new to this whole blog world I find the giveaways such an extra bonus..Have a great week..

  33. Karen ~
    Since you're so experienced, would you like to come to Ohio and put down mulch for me? Nine yards is alot of mulch! Are you able to move a muscle?
    Seriously, though, the yard looks absolutely loverly.
    Pug hugs :)

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Karen your yard looks amazing!!!! You and your husband have done a great job on your landscaping!! I feel your pain I have been laying mulch myself and it is hard work!! But when you finish it is all worth it and such an accomplishment. Now sit back all Summer and enjoy all of your hard work. Oh!!! lets don't forget your husband. Hope you're not to sore tomorrow.


  36. Your gardens look wonderful! Can't wait to get started in mine...I love the mulch but sadly it attracts BUGS, such as those darn earwigs. Those things creap me out!!! Can't handle them...LOL

    But boy oh boy, did you guys ever work so hard. You know they say in two days from now, you will feel the pain. In your case, I hope not!

  37. That is a true work of art..I hope your neighbors appreciate you making the value of the whole neighborhood go up.
    I just did a little mulching today and will be doing more tomorrow and will be posting pictures soon in my blog.

  38. Holy smokes, you sure did have a lot of mulching to do! It all looks wonderful! We used the black mulch in the front this year, because we have mostly shade out there. I'm afraid to use it in the back, which gets more sun. I'm thinking the black mulch will bake the plants. Oh well, I'm going to just go for it!!
    I hope you are going to take it easy today!

  39. Hi Karen!
    Your yard is a little Paradise! The neighbors must be jealous. LOL!
    Every little area is so cozy and interesting.
    But Man!...THE WORK! How do you do it all?
    Your yard looks so lush, yet tailored, not overgrown.
    Looks like your weather is very nice.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  40. Karen, what a beautiful yard you have! And I know its lots of work keeping it that way. I don't know how you do it. I know you both must still be exhausted!
    I hope everything comes in beautifully and you get lots of blooms. Are you replanting more coneflowers? Those ar emy favorites!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  41. I agree with you Karen...I love the dark mulch too!! It makes everything POP and looks more natural to me!!

    Your flower beds look great...alot of hard work and severe backaches....but isn't it worth it when you step back and look??!!

    I enjoy seeing pics of your yard!! And LOVe your stone walkway!!


  42. Karen,

    The yard looks great We always used the balck mulch because it looks so good far away and close up. Love the shoes and knees. :)


  43. Karen,

    Not bored with your post at all!!!! As you know, I've been working in my own yard, and there is nothing more satisfying that completing a big job like that and having a yard that is well "DONE"!



  44. All your hard work paid off, your yard is beautiful!


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