Monday, August 27, 2012

Lots of happenings

I thought after the Lititz, PA craft show that things would settle down and I could get my body back to normal…but being I’m ME…that doesn’t ever happen…I just can’t seem to stay still.  And I do pay the price for it but sometimes it’s worth it (well, the hurt isn’t worth it but the outcome is).
That being said…I guess we didn’t get enough of doing a show so we had a Craft Show and Rummage Sale at the same time on Saturday.  Now I think we are loose in the head because we forgot how much work the shows are – even though it was here at the house the only difference was we didn’t have to drive…but we did set up two different areas.

We set the show up in the driveway minus the backdrops because they are way too much work to attach and then put up the curtains around them.  But no one knew the difference and they bought anyway.

Home show 2

The rummage was in the screen room so in case there was rain we were covered in both areas.

sale 1

sale 2

It all went well…weather was fantastic until noon and then it turned hot!
One of my blog/website followers came all the way from IL. Thanks so much Connie for making the drive and I hope you were able to go to Dan DiPaolo’s place and Finder’s Keeper’s.  I look a bit frazzled from the humidity!
Meet Connie Moore
Karen Connie

Doug went out to do some grilling the other night and he found this little tree frog (think that’s what it is because it has the suction cups on its feet) and it lives all day long on the siding behind the grill and towards night he goes in behind the window casings….look at those little bug eyes! Normally you can’t see him because he tucks himself way in.
tree frog 1 

Yep…remember the jar toppers from a couple years ago…well we made them again.
You can find them on my other site:

$8.00 each plus shipping
We have Mr. Jack; Snowman child; Snowlady; Snowman and the toppers fit on any pint or quart jar
Jar Toppers

On Friday night we went out to Dan DiPaolo’s Barn party. Besides the goodies to buy in the barn there’s drinks, food and music. KR Bluegrass played on the porch of his log cabin. People bring lawn chairs or sit on blankets or hay bales and many bring picnic food or snacks and drinks of all kinds. It’s two hours of beautiful Bluegrass music.
One of his specials that night were his Sunflowers for $5 a bunch.

Sunflowers den

There were a few that were just buds so I cut them short and put them in my Pewter pitcher and by morning they had openedSunflowers dining room

I have never been able to grow Geraniums…ever!  But I bought this large potted one from Dan’s place in May and it was huge and full….finally they died off as they normally do.  Well I figured it was finished and would just leave it for the time being…well over a couple weeks it grew 30+ buds and about a week before we headed to PA they blossomed…I was amazed that this is the 2nd go round for this plant.  The flowers aren’t as full but there are just as many.
Geraniums 2nd time

Last Saturday night was my brother/sil’s 50th wedding anniversary and they took their family plus Doug and I, our sister and our step parents out to dinner. I believe there were 15 of us.
Family at anniv 2

 Family at anniv 3

These are our Step parents…Boots and Virginia and she turns 90 tomorrow (28th). Boots is 88.
If you don’t remember the connection…Boots married our mother and after 5 years she passed away from Cancer and 3 years later he married Virginia (moms friend) and they both have been family from day one. My sister is next to me.
Boots me shirley

Again a long post…I never start out with the intention but it just happens.  Bet you wouldn’t want to be in the same room with me and have to listen to me.
And if you get a chance…say a little pray for healing for one of our blog friends Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives – she hasn’t been feeling well the past few weeks. Sending prayers your way Margie.

Blessings to all…enjoy!



  1. Karen~ You sound like me just keep pushing sunflowers.Gerraniums usually are pretty easy to grow put like to be dead headed so that might help.Love Dan's work so whimisical I have seen lots of pics of the farm but how lucky you are to actually get to visit and peek in all the nooks.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Hi Karen,
    Wished I'd been in your neighborhood on Saturday! Love the pics of your wonderful family and the story about Boots !
    Have a great week,

  3. It is a lovely sale. Do take care of your back though.

    Listen to who is talking! I should take my own advice!

    Good to see you post again.

  4. You busy girl, you just never stop. We're the same way here in Michigan. Had our open house last weekend and 3 shows ahead in September. Glad you did well at your sale. Better get some rest and take time to smell those flowers, Dawn

  5. I missed your show sale. Missed a few days of checking blogs. Oops! I live in Franklin just a short drive away. Would love to have been able to buy some of your wares and get to meet you. I will have to get to the DiPaulo farm. Your flowers are beautiful!


  6. How wonderful that Boots is still in your life!!!
    Prayers for Margie.
    Hugs :)

  7. Your flowers look beautiful!! Loved seeing your family!! Many Thoughts and Prayers for Margie.

  8. I always enjoy reading your blog Karen. Glad you had a time at your home show and rummage show. You also have a fine lookin family.


  9. Karen you always look pretty, even when you frazzled!
    Fun post!

  10. Nice to see families gathering. Happy birthday to Viginia! Neither of them look their age. God Bless 'em!

  11. karen,

    I am popped for you too! You did a wonderful set up, I can see why you did so well!! Love you new background! That pumpkin penny rug is wonderful!
    I was thinking about Margie, so hope she feels better soon! OLM

  12. Love the sale and wish I lived closer! Love the flowers also. They are so pretty! Sounds like Boots is a very special lady too! Take care!

  13. It seems so hard to slow down, doesn't it!? Love your pumpkin penny in the background and your jartoppers. The barn party sounds like it was fun--I love bluegrass music. I admire so much how close your large family is--we are a very small family but close. I've never had much success with geraniums-mom could grow ANYTHING, but I have trouble with plants in pots...I either drown them, or never water!!--Jan

  14. Karen, I love your posts and you can prattle on all you like! I couldn't make it to your sale ... just a wee bit too far for me, although I would have loved it. Maa

  15. I always enjoy all your posts! I'm so sad I missed your show in PA as I was there the week before on a shopping trip! You sure are busy! I hope your sale at home went well!
    Have a great day! Maggie

  16. I love your blog header and backdrop! So warm!!!
    Beautiful flowers. Glad your home sale went well. Love the family get together photo. Wish my family still did that...

  17. So wishin I could of made it to your sale. Maybe next time!
    Looks like you had many wonderful creations!
    Beautiful flowers!
    Happy B-day Virgina!!! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!
    Such a great get together ~ nothing better than spending it with family!!!
    Prayers going out to Margie ~ Hope she's feeling better soon.
    Prim Blessings

  18. have been one busy gal! I sure wish I could have been there....for the sale and to see your beautiful home and meet you!

    Loved seeing the pics from the 50the anniversary! So sweet!

    Love those jar toppers and I will have to have some of those!!!

    Love your sunflowers!!!!

    Slow down and take care of yourself now!


  19. Good Morning Karen! So wish I could come to one of your sales.
    Love the pictures of the Anniversary and the family!
    Love the sun flowers!
    And LOVE the jar toppers! Sweet!
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Your sale setup looks wonderful! How I would have loved to been you, snoop around your gorgeous home, and come home with bunches of wonderful treasures. And you, dear Karen, always look matter the weather! that's what I call a family gathering! Boots and Virginia look so sweet.....Sorry to read about Margie - I had been wondering about her as I hadn't heard from her in a while. Certainly will add my prayers to the masses....and will check in on her. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  21. Wow Karen, you sure have been busy. I'm glad your home sale went will. Hope you are able to slow down for a bit and get some rest. Love your new background and header.

  22. I had to smile when I read this post, about you being loose in the head! I intend to listen to my own boundaries from now on and I even made it official on my blog. You just sound like me: trying to go on as long as you can :-).


  23. Girl, I don't think you know HOW to slow down, lol! The pictures from your craft show/rummage sale make me wish I was there to shop, I see lots and lots of wonderful goodies! Your jar toppers are way too cute! I would have to buy them all because they are all adorable but my favorite might be Mr. Jack.

    How fortunate you are to be so close to Dan DiPaolo. The barn party sounds like great fun! I love bluegrass music, especially live. That's a great deal on the sunflowers! They are beautiful in your crock and pitcher.

    Oh how I love to see pictures of family get-togethers. You all have much to celebrate!

    You cracked me up about being in the same room with you and having to listen to you. Can you imagine the two of us together? We could talk all day long, I'm sure LOL!

    Didn't know about sweet Margie, thanks for the information. That's the part I really dislike about being so far behind on my blog reading. Hope she's doing better by now.


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