Friday, August 17, 2012

Back from the show!

What a show….I’m so glad I did this one – although it was a very long way to go I’m not sorry I did it.





car 3

 car 1



Now our van was NOT very happy  - it had to carry a very heavy load up and over the hills of PA and it paid the price.
Saturday morning at the show was kind of a nightmare for Doug (
well me too because I felt so bad for him – he had to deal with the results!).
Our van for some reason decided to die as we were unloading at the show site – long story short…we had to have it jumped to get it out of the street so others could get in – tried to start it later…same thing although we were able to park on the grounds right behind our site (we would not have been able to move it if we wanted to being dead!)

All in all after the show we got our van and Doug’s cousins jeep loaded up quickly just to get out of there…jumped our car and off we went.  Sorted out the mess at his cousins house on Sunday afternoon.
We sat at the Toyota dealership for half a day on Monday getting things fixed.  As you can see all spots were filled!

I was in awe at the size of this show – waaayyy bigger than the show I was at 2 years ago.
At this point I am  very sure I will do it again next year.

It got so busy right away that we didn’t get many pictures – people come in from all sides of the town so I didn’t have to worry about the location of my booth – lots of traffic.

I do not have very good pictures of the booth – we started setting up at 5 a.m., by 6:15 people were already shopping!!
There were so many people in my space I could not get my areas set up, couldn’t get my purchase table set up so many areas are not as they should have been…THERE WERE PRODUCTS I NEVER UNPACKED because I couldn’t get at them.

BUT….that being said….THERE WERE MANY SALES DURING THIS RUSH TOO!  I’m not complaining at all – just got a bit frustrating to not be able to set the space up…so what you see is all I could accomplish because all of a sudden it was 8 a.m. and the show was officially on.
Goodness I sold my 6 of my 8 pillows before the show opened…WISHING I HAD MADE MORE!  But who knew…

I also met several friends from blogs and forums…some I didn’t know but knew me.
I never got a chance to walk the show either – I wanted so badly to get up to see Teresa (Teresa’s Primitive Treasures) and she wanted to get down by me but it never happened.

I know I will be leaving some names out here so forgive me if I’m not mentioning you – there were so many people I met.
Margie Santo’s was my first visitor – she has been an internet friend for a couple years now – she and her husband are such nice people and I also received a darling Santa and a few other special gifts from Margie (photos at another time – they’re still packed).

Karen and Margie Santos

I do believe this is Rachel – if not forgive me!
Karen and friend 

And Laurie…she’s from Lititz – I would loved to have been able to visit with her more!Karen Vickie

A forum friend Elaine and her husband stopped by as well
Karen and Elaine 2
There was also Judy, and a sweet little gal who I had never met but she said she always follows my blog and mskate from one of the forums I’m on…and I just know there are a couple more I can’t remember.

show 1

show 2

 show 9

show 8

show 7

I was not satisfied with the fabric headers…couldn’t get them even and time was running out!  Next year something different or a different way of attaching them.  Learning process….

show 6

Notice how open the space is behind us and to the one side….NICE BREEZE ALL DAY LONG!
And look at our blue ban  to the left there all snug under that huge shade tree….Could we have been more fortunate!

show 4

show 3

This is just on Main St. where I was located…it also went down Broad St. (Rt. 501) and in the park. This was around 8 a.m
It went both directions on Main Street….

show 5

show streets 3

show streets 2

show streets 1

I know this was full of pictures but that’s what this post was about…show n’ tell….

This is one of my favorite houses on Main Street near our booth…I never get tired of looking at this home.  One can dream, right!!

Log house lititz

Sunday we headed out to Roots Market – IN THE RAIN – but we had umbrellas so it wasn’t too bad.  Oh if only we were heading back right then we would have bought lots and lots of produce – somehow it always looks better at a farm market. 

Monday we rode around Lancaster and did some Antiquing just for a break and came upon this wonderful Antique shop – White Horse Mill – I’ve seen it in the flyers but never got there.

White Horse Mill Antiques 2

White Horse Mill Antiques 1

This is right behind the antique shop – wish I could have gotten closer for a picture to show up better because for real it was really quaint and the garden was wonderful.
Farm House  

I’ll leave you with this picture - one scene I never get tired of seeing….
Amish buggy

I made some Fall purchases on Friday, Monday and Tuesday – lots of Pumpkins, Fall foliage and not sure what else…photos at a later date…still packed away!
We stopped at Cocalico Creek shop which is right on Rt. 30 by the Target store…it’s in a shop facing the highway (right by Amish Stuff).  It’s nice and Prim and loaded with lots of treasures…you have to go there!
Got up to Blue Snickel…very nice shop but EXTREME PRIM…I’m not extreme…I’m more Colonial so things just didn’t jump out at me.

Blessings to all and thank you everyone who shopped with me on Saturday and for those who came in to introduce themselves to me…how blessed am I!



  1. So glad you loaded up the post with photos too Karen - everything is just a feast for the eyes! Tho' i'm sorry it started off badly for your DH.
    Your booth looks wonderful and there are so many treasures in there!
    I was fortunate enough to visit Lancaster County again this July and visited Cocalico Creek - lovely store and I bought a few pieces of Heirloom Weaver runners and such.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow that looked like an awesome show...your booth looked wonderful. Love those beautiful houses too.

  3. I was so disappointed not to be able to come to the show on Saturday. I was looking forward to meeting you after following your blog and from the APP forum. I woke up sick and knew that I couldn't leave home that day.. I did have your coupon already printed and in my purse. Even though I didn't get to use it, it was a very kind gesture from you and I appreciated it! Glad you had such a god show. Maybe next year or even in October!

  4. I loved it all, Karen.. How I wish I could have walked in and surprised you.. smile..
    Your stuff looks great and so excited for you that it went so well..
    Very inspiring, I must say..
    And of course, you look lovely as always...
    God bless my friend..

  5. Oh everything just looked wonderful! You had such a lovely display with lots of prim goodies! I would have loved to have been there and to have met you too Karen! That's a beautiful place! I hope to visit Landcaster County one day!

    I saw a pillow there I'd like to have.....I'll have to check out your items you're putting up for sale on your blog! (Still haven't got a pillow for that fireside chair).

    Have a great weekend, girl!

  6. What a great post, Karen! It was sooo nice to chat with you again. Next year I need to start at your booth! Glad you had a successful show! My husband was proud of me...I didn't go overboard on the treasures. We hit White Horse on the way home, filled with primitives but a bit pricy! I did get a punched tin lantern from there for $10...cheapest thing in the store! Beautiful area that store is in! We went to Cocalico...all 3 locations. I think the new one is going to be my new fav...I like how they mix antiques with their new stuff! I got some old looking candlesticks with battery timers and some FHW material to make shades for under my curtains in the family room...we get killed by the sun. I wanted the black antique wheelbarrow on the front porch to plant flowers in but hubby wouldn't even TRY to put it in his car. If only we'd had my car...sigh. Went to see Patti@In Grandma's Attic. She's such a doll...even offered to go get the wheelbarrow for me and store it at the shop til I get up that way. What a fun trip we had! Enjoyed your pics...what a lovely booth you had. I sure could live in the dream house in your pics from Main St. Think how much money she could make if she gave tours of the inside on craft show day! LOL! One can only imagine what the inside loks like. Wonder if they do a tour of that one during trhe juried show in October. Is it in the same location?


  7. Your booth looks wonderful Karen! Nice job!!

    Love looking at the older homes too! What a lovely place.


  8. Looks like a wonderful time...your booth was so charming! I think the houses were wonderful too. ( photo heavy posts!!)

  9. Oh I'm so glad you had a wonderful show Karen. I wanted very badly to come down but it just didn't work for me.

    Love you new selling blog and am following already.

    Lovely pictures of Lancaster, it is such a pretty area. TFS.


  10. Oh,my! You were so close to me! I would have loved to see your booth! So many goodies! Ahhh! I LOVE Cocalico Creek. It is like 15 mins. from me! The one by the Target is new and much bigger than the original one near me! I agree with Judi, I am going to love the newer one. You are so right about the Blue Snickle... VERY prim. I do like some of her little ditties to hang on a tree!

    Oh, your booth is soooo wonderful! Was the show in Lancaster City? I need to go next year! Do you go every year? I will definitely be checking your blog for goodies! Glad you made it safely back!

  11. Wow. That home and the antique shop building made my chocolate melt. Sounds like you had a successful show and a nice time. Good!

  12. Oops, saw it was in Lititz. I am so going next year... 20 mins. away! Wooohooo!

  13. Karen
    I've been waiting to hear about this adventure...and I wasn't disappointed. Your booth looked me, you are very detailed-oriented and always strive to have things just so. I wish I could have attended...trip would have been a 4+ hours drive...worth it to me, but DH is not as adventurous. I'll keep checking your selling blog.
    It is unfortunate that you had issues with the van. At least you weren't alone on this journey.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  14. Hi Karen,
    So happy you had a great show. It looks like a lovelyl town...that house is gorgeous! Wouldn't you love to sneak a long peek inside? That area is so special.
    Your booth looked wonderful and you look so darn cute in your pretty jumper! Thanks for taking us along!

  15. So happy for you that you had a wonderful show ~ even though it didn't start out so good in the begining. Wonderful photo's of your booth ~ so many wonderful things!!! The antique shop looks like a wonderful place ~ such beautiful surroundings. Love the amish buggy ~ such a cool pic!
    Glad to hear you made it home safely.
    Looking forward to seeing what you all got!
    Prim Blessings

  16. Oh my gosh, I loved perusing through all the wonderful pictures. So glad the show was busy. Sounds like everyone wanted to get first pick of all the wonderful goodies. I love craft shows. Wish I was still doing them.


  17. Oh My Karen,

    Sounds like a wonderful show, great meeting up with blogging friends! Little shopping! My kind of trip... only down side is the car! UGH!!! OLM

  18. LOL...Lisa is really Laurie from my home for the holidays blog....that's had a HUGE day! I am so glad you did well and that you will come back to my hometown. I am just so happy that I got to meet you. I was worried since I had to come straight from work, that I would not find parking, but I was so lucky to find a spot within a block from your stand.
    Glad you made it home safe and sound after your experience with your van. Looking forward to next year!

  19. wow!! good for you, hope you catch your breath, and the rest of your summer goes well!!

  20. I knew you would do well at Lititz--a friend of mine is in the park--she likes that because you can set up the night before.I've always wanted to do the show, in fact we were going to apply but that year we were accepted at Shaker Woods-a 3 weekend show . Your booth looks so great--I know what it is like to get busy before you are set up--Shaker doesn't let anyone in until exactly 10 AM. What a headache about the van--why would it pick THAT DAY to get cranky!? It is so fortunate that you have relatives nearby that could help you. Glad to hear overall everything went well, sales, shopping, and a safe return home!!-----Jan

  21. Wow Girlfriend sounds like you had an awesome time at your show despite the long trip, van breaking down and not getting everything set up they way you wanted..I think the booth looked great and so happy that you had great sales! Congrats!
    I love the town pictures..I agree with you that Log House is beautiful! Wish you could have stopped by Ohio and said Hi on your way home..would have been great to meet you!
    So nice that you got to meet up with so many Blog Friends at the show!
    Now that your done with your show maybe you can sit back and relax a little.

    have a great weekend!


  22. Hi, Karen ~ great photos. I'm so glad your show was a success but sorry to hear about your car trouble. I would love to visit that area, maybe next year when you do the show again. We have to meet up!

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  24. Karen ~~
    Your Booth looks Wonderful,
    so happy to hear you did well. Sorry to hear about your car troubles,that was one packed van.
    Love all you pic's I took a photo of the same log house on Thursday the day we visited Litiz, & I Love the White Horse Mill Antiques ... will check out the other shops you mentioned.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  25. Wow, Karen...the booth looks awesome, so no worry about not getting time to complete set-up! Still was very inviting...Litiz and surrounding areas are lovely, though I haven't been there in several years. Sorry you had van troubles, but sounds like all else went well. Blessings...

  26. What a beautiful post! Loved all the pictures ... I was there 5 weeks ago, seems like a decade. I just love Lancaster County.


  27. Love your dress Karen. You look so nice in it. Your booth also looks lovely.

  28. Karen, I loved all of your pictures. So glad your show was a great success. Your booth looks wonderful - sure wish I lived close enough to have gone to the show. Can't wait to see your shopping goodies.

  29. Beautiful booth! I'm with you, I wouldn't get tired of looking at that house either-just gorgeous! Glad you had fun, Dawn

  30. I cannot believe people were out shopping that early,but glad you had lots of sales after all the work you have put into it.We've missed you on TGR. :)

  31. Your booth looked great! So many things to choose from ~ no wonder you did great!,, love all the pictures!

  32. Karen, I got to the show around 3:30, not knowing that it was over at 4:00. I expected it to end at 5:00. At closing, I was walking Main St., but never got to your booth. The line of tents just went on and one and I was hot and tired from working that day. So, I gave up. I will see you next year and hope to be IN the show!
    I did meet Teresa at CDM Wholesale the day before. What a surprise! We were both checking in at the same time and when I heard her name, I introduced myself. I did get to stop by her booth for a few minutes before it was time for everyone to pack up.
    Glad you did so well. I am on the waiting list and hope to be moving to Lititz VERY soon. I am renting in Strasburg right now. At least I made it to Lancaster County. :)

  33. Well duh! I forgot to sign my name. Doreen from HomePlace Gatherings, previously Privies & Prims. :)

  34. Wow....that wore me plum out just reading about it!! It was just a one day show? Yikes, tons of work!! But looks like it was so worth it. (Why don't they do anything like that in these parts???) Sorry to hear about your van issues - but at least it got you there. Can you imagine the frustration if you broke down en route? Eeeek. Anyways - looks like some beautiful treasures in your booth. I would have gotten into enough trouble just there - can't imagine a whole show and streets full..... Welcome home to Wisconsin. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  35. you have my very best friend connie as a visitor at your sale. she told me i should get a pillow from you that she bought too. its with the penny circle's and sold for $22.00. are there any of those left?

    thanks and wish i could have been there.



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