Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Finally an easy way to be notified that your favorite bloggers have posted a new post!

That’s right…blogger recently added a new gadget…you can now get an e-mail to notify you.

Email gadget

Maybe some of you know of this by now…I just found it yesterday and I love it…I added it to my sidebar so if you want to know immediately when I make a post sign up…hope you all put one on yours too…makes it so much easier than going into the dashboard.

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I got me a nice set of cookware this weekend…couldn’t pass up a 30% Off Coupon from Kohl’s.
My pans were getting horrible inside and out from metal utensils and the dishwasher…I let it be known that these will never see the inside of a dishwasher – ever!

New Pans

New pans 1

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I had a bit of time left over this weekend so I made a couple new items – some Candle Mats…been going to do this forever but it’s a ‘time’ thing…
I wanted something that the design wouldn’t get covered up with what ever was put on the mat and came up with this….I have Candle Huggers to match.
The Pineapple one will be remade…I don’t like the black around the edges of the Pineapple…I’ll make it like the Flower one.

Flower Candle Mat 1

Pineapple Candle Mat

I also made some new Mug Mats…for a wholesale order but have put them on my website as well.

mug mat group

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How’s the week going for you all….kind of quiet here. Snowed this weekend…cold and windy but yesterday it was in the 40’s – no telling when and if Winter will come to stay.  Spring should be very interesting.

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I will be doing the LITITZ, PA craft show this coming August 11th.  I will be located on Broad St. (Rt. 501) right at the beginning in front of the Police station.  So if you are in the area I hope you stop in and see me.

I’m also doing the Lititz Artisan’s Porch Walk October 12 & 13 so maybe I’ll see you then too!
There will be 6 locations you can find the Artists/6 at each location.



  1. Hi Karen! Very nice new pots'n pans. I got a new set last Christmas--my 40 year old heavy Farberware pans were losing their handles and replacement handles were half the price of new pans! (pans were still like new )The new Farberware were not the quality of the old so I got Martha Stewart pans.Very nice candle mats--I'm sure they will sell well for you. I'm so excited for you about Lititz. I really wish we were free to do it too. Have LOTS of stock!! Have a creative day!--Jan

  2. Good morning Karen~
    Thanks for passing along the info, I think I'll go sign up for emails as I agree with you about knowing when someone makes a new post.
    Your new candle mats are very nice. I only have two and I really don't like to cover the center design so I don't set anything on them. Might have to see about that pineapple one you have!
    Cold and icy this morning. 12 degrees! Finally got a bit of snow yesterday, sure looks pretty from the inside of my warm house!
    Have a great day~

  3. I love your candle mats! Oh, I cannot imagine 12 degrees, but would love the snow! We are at 68 degrees today but foggy, cloudy and yucky feeling! I am so ready for spring!

  4. Nice cookware! And love those Candle mats! Cute!

    It was 60 here yesterday. Scares em to think what we are going to get when old man winter rears his head!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Karen ~~ Thanks for the heads up on the email button.
    Love your new pots I still have the Farberware Pots that I got from my Mom
    at my shower a hundred years ago. lol
    How neat that you will be in Lititz in Aug if we are camping out that way I will make sure to stop
    and see you for a real hug. :-)
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  6. Oh, that new gadget will be so nice. Thanks for the heads up. It's so nice to get new cookware. It almost makes cooking worth it:) Beautiful candl mats and muc matts. I love the pinapple one. -Steph-

  7. Karen~ I like the pineapple mat the way it is but I'm sure you have a vision.The mug mats are sweet.Love the black eye susan one.Lucky you new pots and pans.Now you have to cook up something Yummy..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. A gorgeous idea for the candle mats, Karen. Why hide the hard work and pretty designs? Very clever, Friend!
    Your new blog layout is lovely.

  9. Hi Karen,
    Nice cookware!! I got new ones about 2 years ago and I said the same thing...they will never see the inside of the dishwasher. Mine still look brand new.
    Love the candle mats...very cute.
    Thanks for sharing about the new gadget that blogger has. I have a Wordpress blog and all they have ever had is that, but I haven't had very many of my followers use it in the almost 4 years that I've been blogging.

  10. Good afternoon, Karen,
    I love your new candle mats and mug rugs...you do such nice work.

    I need new cookware too...You'll have to let me know how you like your new set.

    Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

  11. Karen thanks for the info. Love the candle mats,they are adorable.I am needing to purchase new cookware but have been waiting on the kids to move out.LOL! They are harder on it than a dishwasher.Our weather has been kind of crazy, 60's and thunderstorms to start the week with snow and cold coming for the weekend.Have a great day,Jen

  12. Karen, You always have the most beautiful projects. I love them all. Boy how I wish I could be in PA in August or Oct for both of the listed events. Who knows, maybe the Lord will bless and I will see you on the porch walk. Weather here is unbeliebably warm. It seems like Spring. My Spring bulbs are coming up and blooming. Wierd! Blessings!

  13. Love your new candle mats, so nice. I could use new cookware also. We buy pieces, but never a whole set at once. Congrats on the shows, would love to come and see you at them!


  14. Hi Karen~

    Love the new candle mats!!

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  15. Hi Karen-Left a comment earlier but it never showed up! I really like the candle mats-especially the pineapple one. So excited about you doing Lititz--make sure you have lots! Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

  16. Love the candle and mug mats Karen. It is supposed to be summer here but we haven't had it yet, a few hot days but mostly raining...yes, it's raining now. I would love to come and visit you at your craft show..a bit far but maybe one day! Hugs Karen.

  17. Hi Karen.. Love all your new handwork.. Pineapples are still my fave..
    I did the email thing but found it takes a day sometimes.. Probably, I did it wrong..
    I like your new pots and pans, too..
    Don't work too hard. smile..
    God bless..

  18. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing the new e-mail gadget. It will be great to be notified when my favorite bloggers have posted. I added it to my sidebar too.

    Love your new candlemats - the flowers on the edge of that first one are so pretty.

    I know you will enjoy your new cookware - can't beat a good sale at Kohl's.

    Hope you are having a great week,

  19. Hi Karen:
    I have a problem...I made a new blog some time ago but thought I had deleted it.. no such thing !!
    so now that Blogger has changed their dashboard, my blogs now go to the old" undeleted" one... what a mess... I want to delete it and let my posts go to my original one.. WAAAAAAHHHHH !!!!
    Help me, someone !!
    Thanks for the heads up about email on blogger... if and whenI get mine all fixed again.. I will sign up for it.. progress for blogger,,, just after I put a bad post about them... I'm sorry, blogger !!!
    What do you mean... no dishwasher !!OH NO !!1


  20. LOVE the new candle and mug mats!!
    Karen & the Hounds

  21. Isn't it funny how we protect our Pots and Pans :) Just think about out grandparents..they didn't have to worry about a dish washer ...just had to have their cast iron pots oiled :)
    We havn't had a dish washer in many many years and I do have a real nice set of pots and pans my #3 son bought me about 4 years ago. I wouldn't use them or let anyone else use them when we lived in AL.The electric stove there was disgusting and I wouldn't think about putting my pots on the burners. They wouldn't let me get bottle gas and hook up my wonderful gas stove...they said it would blow up. And I was always waiting for the elec one to start a fire when I had to use it to boil water.
    Love your Mug mats but I wouldn't want to use them...they are so pretty.
    Guess I better get my butt to bed it is going on 1 A M :)

  22. Karen,

    I think your pineapple mat looks great with the black border !

    Love your little mug mats.. all your work is perfectly done !


  23. Hi, Karen,
    Love your new candle mats and cookware...I don't have much cookware as I don't really cook anymore! It isn't any fun unless there are people (mostly men) to cook for! I just saw that you won Dan's giveaway for APP! Congrats!!!!!

  24. Your new candle mats and mug mats are awesome. You do such nice work and are so creative. I can't even seem to thread a needle lately.I received new cookware for Christmas and I have been hand washing them, it keeps them new looking so much longer. Stay warm~ Sara

  25. Good Morning
    Love the candle mats. Especially the one with the black eyed susans.
    Have a great day.


  26. I LOVE the candle mats! Your work is wonderful!

    Thanks for the visit, I did enjoy Florida! :)


  27. Love your new pans!! I need some too and we just got a Kohls here! I might have to go over there. Love your goodies that you made!!!

  28. Hi Karen, Love your new dishes! Gosh does this make me old? ha! Your goodies also are too cute....I need to check out some of your wholesale items...I SO enjoy your blog!

  29. Hi Karen,

    I found the antique basket in an antique store last year. I made a bunny to fit the basket !

    Thanks for stopping by !



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