Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Dough Riser Pan and New Products

I thought that going shopping just might make my ‘Heart Smile’,
but that didn’t work…do you ever have times like that?
This has been one of those weeks and nothing is working…
wouldn’t you think spending money would do it?
Oh well, guess there will be many of those days
before we are through, huh?

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So….onto my shopping. I went to Richmond, IL (just a few miles away) thinking I’d get some really nice treasures – well out of the ‘used to be’ 22 Antique shops in this tiny little town there are now 5 but in a two block radius there are ‘3’ Italian Bistros!

I found another Dough Riser pan – which makes three now.
I really love displaying things in them instead of wood
bowls or trenchers. I don’t have it placed any where
yet but wanted to show a photo of it.

It measures a great 15 inches and it actually has a bluish/gray porcelain finish – I’m more into the ‘tin’ but this one was in such great condition I couldn’t pass it up….oh, and it’s a 15 inch bowl.

The lady had $65 on it and I asked her what her lowest price would be….she said $50 – I asked her if she’d go $40 and she said how about let’s meet in the middle for $45….
and I know I really got a good deal on this one.

New Dough Riser

New Dough Riser 1

Here are two other ones I already have – I think I will stop
looking now because three is enough.
This was my first one and it’s all tin and I paid $30 for it with a lid as well, and this one is 16 inches
16 inch Dough Riser

And then this one was my second purchase a few months back and I can’t remember what I paid for it but it doesn’t have a lid and it’s14 inches but in super excellent condition.
14 inch Dough Riser

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Then I stopped at a rummage sale by my house and found these glass jars with zinc lids – actually they are spice jars and are 6 inches tall with the names of the spice in raised letters.

I liked the looks of them even if they aren’t old – but maybe from the 50’s???? Not sure just what I’m going to do with them but hopefully they will fit on a shelf of some kind.
Glass Jars

Lately it seems I’m doing everything alone – my husband has been on deliveries for the past two weeks and then several day/into night deliveries in between and then if that wasn’t enough being gone there was a full day of gold and a full day of the Brewers game! Now he’s on another run and Tuesday he leaves for Alberta, Canada. Yikes….and it looks like it isn’t going to end none too soon – they are extremely busy there.
Monday though he’s going with me to Madison to the Market Square Wholesale Show. I really don’t need anything for my business but I’d love to see what is new and upcoming for the seasons and possibly get some ideas.

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I’m going to add a new item on my site today – they are Recipe Cupboard Prints and the photos I’m using are actually photos of my 7x Great Grandfather’s daughter’s…they are not pretty gals but they work for the project!

Both are printed on my own hand made parchment paper
and measure 8-1/2 x 11 black wood framed

Here is Althea’s Biskit Cakes
And this will sell for $14.00
(I forgot to change Althea’s dates – I have to do that for the ones I will sell)
Biskit Cakes

And this is Naomi Olin-Smith
with her Potato Pie recipe
And this sells for $14.00
Potato Pie

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and fun
I’m going out to dinner this evening with my brother/sister in-law.
We’re taking our Stepfather and his wife out for a belated
Father’s Day celebration.



  1. Hi Karen!....the dough risers are cool, I especially like the tin ones....I love old tin!!

    I haven't been out shopping for so long I am forgetting what it's like, I am such an online shopper!

    Today I plan on having a sit and doing some cross stitch in the air conditioning!

    Have a lovely time at dinner!

  2. Hi my sweet friend!!...I've missed chatting with you, but everyone seems soooo busy this summer...I love all your new goodies, but I especially like the cupboard prints!!...How cool that they are personalized with your ancestor's picture...Chat soon!!~~bug hugs, Jen

  3. Karen, love your new pan and your displays look great in them. I think we all go thru moods like that, I know I do. Love those prints, I sure wish I had more wall space in my kitchen. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I love those pans!! I have never seen them in this neck of the how you have them your prints too..very old fashioned indeed...have a wonderful time at your dinner tonight:)

  5. Aww Karen you sure do have an eye for beautiful treasures! I just love the dough risers! For some reason, when I looked at your new big one, I could picture a little baby sitting in it, in the kitchen sink, having an evening bath, splish-splashin' all about! LOL!

    My goodness Karen, I sure do know that lonely feeling when the hubby has to go away and tend to business. Please know my heart is with you and I understand those 'blue feelings! Gosh, I even start dreading the Army trips when they are still weeks away! My husband is always telling me to enjoy the moment now and not think about the moments apart that are to come.. That's very hard to do for me.. Sometimes, at night, I imagine being able to stop time for awhile and not have the trips come so quickly.. (lol)

  6. Love your treasures and what you did with them! To bad about Richmond, I have not been there in a couple of years, so many antique shops are closing up, so sad. Stay cool on this warm day. OLM

  7. I love the dough rises, and your new work!

  8. Hi Karen! Hope you're starting to smile by now. Maybe bringing your great new treasures home to putz will help. Can't wait to hear what you find at the trade shows, I'm going to Columbus again in August. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  9. Hi Karen, love those dough risers. I have not seen anything like that around here. Blessings

  10. Hi Karen Love the dough risers and like some of the others I don't believe I've seen too many of those in my neck of the woods and I am an antique addict!!! I also love old tin!!! Cool Cupboard prints.

    Hope you get to feeling better and have a nice evening!

  11. Hi Karen,
    I love your new dough riser pan.
    And WOW you did get a fabulous bargin.
    I had a couple at one time but I got hard up for money quite awhile back and sold them on eBay. :(
    You have a wonderful collection of them. And I love how you have displayed them.
    Those cupboard prints a primtastic!!
    You did a wonderful job on them.
    Take Care,

  12. Karen ~
    Geez. I've never seen dough riser pans before. I'll have to be on the look out cuz I don't have My problem is I can never stop at one and I have way too much stuff now ;-)
    Oh well. It's fun to be on the hunt.
    Pug hugs :)


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