Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little ‘Retro’ here – Some rather Prim!

And I don’t mean in decorating!

Thought I’d take you on a trip to the past…follow me through my growing up years and right on into today!

I was organizing my folders on my computer and putting some files that are huge with photos and documents from family genealogy onto CD’s– and for safe keeping and when I got to my family I thought what a fun idea to put me growing up…wish I had more in-between photos but what you see is what you get.

And NO giggling!!! Not Allowed!

I was born July 10, 1944 to the name Karen Sue…supposed to be named Lindy Lou..OMGosh can you imagine…lol
Mom said she was so out of it from the medication that she blurted out Karen Sue…OH THANK YOU MOTHER!!!

So here I am at age 2 – 1946
…had to fight curls then and now! Having short hair keeps them away.
karen baby

Me an my cousin on my 2nd birthday
- he’s trying to get some of my ice cream cone
Karen and cousin

Still 2!
Karen fixed

Let’s move on up…this is getting too repetitive!

I took Tap and Ballet classes…the day of the recital – I was 5 here
Karen 1 
Karen in tutu

Christmas with my brother and sister – age 7, 1951 – yes, that’s really way back!
3 of us at Christmas

 Again look at those hideous curls! Age 7
Karen plaid dress

Growing up a bit…age 9…the sweater I’m wearing is a funny story…it was my mothers – but it was pure wool…she washed it and then it was mine! lol   And I just loved it so – I had to wear it for school pictures.
Karen with parrot pin

Age 10 Mom took me to the Carnival this day and we each had our picture taken in the photo booth. Always remember this day!

Me at Sweeneys

This is when I start to get the years mixed…but I do know it was when I was between the ages of 12 and 15
Oh My Gosh….look at that slicked back hair!
Karen in skirt

Karen in peddal pushers 1957

If only I had known then that I’d only have my mother with me for just a few more years.

Karen and Mom 

One Christmas morning – Dad got a Parakeet as a gift and I’m holding it for all I’m worth so it doesn’t fly away Karen Christmas on sofa 1956

Easter morning in my new Spring outfit ready to head to church
Karen by car 1956

Well here’s where the really short hair comes in and stays for almost the rest of my life – hated those curls!
It grows out a bit here and there but always I go back to short somewhere along the line.
Karen 12 years

Remember the birthday picture with my little cousin…this is him.
We lost Gary in the 70’s during the Viet Nam War…he was a Machine Gunner in the front lines
Karen and Gary 

Now why did mom always have me ‘pose’?
Karen by door 2

Am I praying…Nope, wasn’t praying…I’m posing…guess she like that!
Karen front yard

Eeee Gads….more posing…lol  - what is it with the hands for goodness sake1
Notice that ‘Capris’ were big back in the 50’s??
Karen backyard 

OMgosh I just found this one – it was in my sisters ‘picture’ folder….tooo funny
No I’m thinking I’ve got a problem here…it might not be mom making me do this hands thing and looking down….
I just might be praying that someone would stop taking pictures of me!
Karen by wheelbarrow

Holy Moly – time for a break here if you need one…this one hurts my eyes, what is is doing to you….LOL,
What in God’s name was I thinking!
Karen swimsuit

My gosh it just keeps getting worse!

 Karen by door

This was at a family picnic and I do believe it was in 1959 – I was in Jr. High end of the 8th grade
This is the one photo that I look like our two sons Darren and Brett…well, they look like me!
Karen Picnic

Okay now we’re on into high school…this one was just before I turned 16 – went up north to visit a friend for a week and there were mosquitoes everywhere…wouldn’t ya know she snapped the photo just when one bit!
Karen itching neck

More beauty! lol
Not one person can say after this that ‘I take a good picture’ NOT SO….
Karen by tree

Graduation 1962
Karen graduation

On into adulthood…getting bored???? 
It’s almost over…

1983 – Sister, brother, me
Karen 1983

This is 1994
Sister, brother, me

3 of us 1994 S

Karen Fishing S


2010!  And you know the rest of the story!

Karen 1

So how about you all showing us a blast from the past!
I’d love to have you join me

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.



  1. Karen, I loved it. I remember so many of those styles, I was born in 1940. And didn't we think we were the smartest looking around!

  2. Karen, I so ejoyed those pictures, reminded me of my pictures when I was young, didn't like mine either. Your a beautiful lady....Linda

  3. I loved all your photos and curls!! :)

  4. Oh, Karen, I just loved going down memory lane with you. And I think I have many of the same poses too, by a similar car, in the capri's,
    too curly hair! You will have to describe how you got those photos on the computer..........scan them in?

  5. hi Karen,
    Thank you for the photos, I love family pics. I am sentimental as well! What a beautiful girl! Has anyone ever told you that especially in your grad photo you look like Natalie (sp) Wood? Also, thank you for reminding us to treasure our loved ones EVERY day, because we are not promised tomorrow. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

  6. it was lovely of you to share your early pics..and what memories they will enjoyed it thank you.. :0)

  7. Love the pictures Karen. You were such a sweet looking little girl and you have grown into a beautiful woman.
    Enjoy your week,

  8. Oh Karen, so many of those pictures look just like some that were taken of me, in fact we look enough alike in some of them we could be sisters. Too Funny, but nothing like the good old days. I was born in 1947 so not many years between us.

    Vonda/Old Kentucky Home

  9. Hi Karen Sue~~~~not Lindy Lue ;-) I was born in 1941 and remember the capris or peddle pushers to some.. Love the pictures of the older car~~~~haven't they changed ! I've always said that I think women's looks improve with age~~~some men do to ;-) Those were the "good ole days" and oh ! if we could only experience a little bit of them nowdays. We've come a long way haven't we.. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  10. Thank you for sharing. It is great to go down memory lane. I believe in the 50's, in my part of the country, we called capris, "pedal pushers", why, I don't know. Strange isn't it.

    You really haven't changed that much.

    Have a great week.

  11. Karen,
    When i saw the picture of you at Lori's ...i thought this lady is a true beauty & I wanted to ask you what your beauty secrets were...Then i saw the picture of your new cupboard from Theresa, filled with your beauty products and i thought hmm the secret must be in there in a bottle or jar ..With today's post i now know...You are a natural beauty and always have been!
    Blessings *Beautiful Lady!!

  12. It is nice to have photos as a child to an adult. Photos are great for remembering those loved ones we have lost. There is a story behind evey photo with memories. So nice you shared a peek into your life.

  13. Hi Karen,
    I loved seeing the photos.

    You tease about yourself but all I kept thinking was...
    She's so pretty.

    How funny your name was planned to be Lindy Lou.
    Wouldve sure been original though. ;)

    Have a great week.

  14. Lindy...I mean Karen~

    I loved looking at all of your wonderful pictures. I will try to do a post like this in the near future. It sounds like a lot of fun!

    I hope you have a great week!


  15. Karen ~
    What a fun post. Thank you for making me smile!
    Pug hugs :)

  16. Karen,
    I loved seeing your photos through the years and going down memory lane with you. I'll have to dig out some of mine.

  17. Oh I loved all the photos of you going down memory lane was fun..;)

  18. Karen, How fun!! I loved you sharing your childhood pictures with us. You have always been so pretty!!

  19. Karen,
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I too was born in the 40's - so many similar pics in my family album.

  20. HI Karen:
    What a precious post.. I loved seeing you when a " wee little girl". So sweet and I loved your curls.. even if you didn't.. Why do people with natural curls hate them and we who have problem hair would kill for natural curls. Who knows !!


  21. Everything comes back around, doesn't it?
    I love all the praying hands--very demure and ladylike! 8=)
    I, too, grew up with and still have very naturally curly hair. Can't say I love summer because of the frizzies! I keep mine short these days.

  22. Karen I LOVED going down memory lane with you!!! I loved looking at your childhhood through your adult years and your graduation picture is stunning!!!! Thanks for doing this but I'm not this brave.haha.


  23. Karen: LOVED YOUR PICS! So many were reminders of me, also, especially the pedal pushers. I had some red plaid ones,,,need I say more! LOL Loved your post and only wish I could do as well posting as you do. Maybe with more practice??? And no matter what you say you DO take a wonderful picture.
    Prim Hugs,

  24. A GREAT POST ... thanks for all the wonderful photos.

  25. Love all the photos! Each era we go through has its share of styles we laugh at now. I was born in 1965 so in the late 70's and early 80's I lived with hideous looking hairstyles, shoulder pads and dayglo!They were just downright scary! Look back at your photos and smile. They're lovely, and so are you.

  26. Karen - You are so pretty - curls or not! Oh my gosh - don't you just love the old photographs? My two girls look back on my old ones of me and just laugh. The clothes were wore then were absolutely the best - not!!

  27. I loved this post!!! I think you are beautiful in each stage of your life. How fun to see the different clothing styles. I am sure at the time the plaid pants were all the rage.

  28. Karen, girl you were ALWAYS a beauty, curls and all! What fun photos and memories!
    I have curly hair too and I hate it! That's why I keep mine short, but it's still curly! LOL! I guess it just makes the curls easier to deal with!
    I don't think I have nearly as many photos of me growing up. If I posted them, I would hear the entire world laughing! hehehe!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  29. I soooo enjoyed that Karen ! Unfortunately a lot of my younger years photos were destroyed in an incident when I was a teenager...I have very few pics left now and I sure treasure those ! Thanks for sharin' your wonderful pics ! I busted out laughin' on the Lindy Lou hehehehe....You are such a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  30. What a cool idea to do! What a beautiful lady you are! There's NO WAY I would dare post pictures like're so brave! But you look great!

  31. I love looking at old photos Karen. Thanks for sharing. Your high school picture is gorgeous!


  32. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos they are darling!!! Makes me think back... then again maybe not, my high school photos are not good at all, LOL! Have a great day Karen. All My Best ~Kimberly

  33. Karen~

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.


  34. Karen,
    Some great pictures, some funny ones too. I feel as though I know you even better now. I have a graduation picture with that furry thing around my shoulders, too. I thought it was so sexy at the time! Some things do stay the same -- your beautiful smile!

  35. Hi Karen, You was a pretty baby turned out in a beautiful woman. Love your pic's, thanks for sharing them.

  36. Karen, this was fun, I love your curls! We grew up in the same time period, you look so much younger than your age and are very pretty! These photos will be nice for all of your family, a great thing to have!

  37. Oh I so loved this! You are beautiful! You were beautiful in every picture. I wish I could get that organized so I could find all of my photos. Maybe I will get busy and work on that project. You have inspired me.

  38. What a fun post! I just love your curly hair. My hair is so straight I'd give almost anything for some curls... almost anything...
    I've always thought you are so beautiful and you are, both inside and out. thanks for sharing some of your past with us.
    Blessings~ Birgit

  39. Karen, I just loved seeing the stages of your childhood, you were a cutie pie in EVERY picture. Then you in your High School picture you look like a model. Then look at the wonderful most beautiful woman you became and you STILL the most beautiful and VERY YOUNG looking!

    It was so great to see the old pictures, call me old fashion, I loved the ones with the Christmas tree and God Bless your cousin Gary for serving his country...and lost his life protecting us!!!!Thank you Gary!!!!I know he sees this!

    I also loved the picture of you and your bird that your daddy got for you for Christmas, you were a doll!
    Thanks for sharing you life with us!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  40. Loved the pics, were beautiful then and are BEAUTIFUL now! :)

  41. Ohhh Karen .. what a dear girl you were and still are..You are so young looking and beautiful..
    I don't know how I missed this posting for so long but I thoroughly enjoyed it...
    Take care...

  42. Karen ~~ God Bless You Honey for sharing your life with us. Dont know how many of us are that Brave. :-) I loved everyone one of your pics.
    Your Christmas Tree looks the same as the ones I grew up with ... and the capris were really pedal pushers right ?? lol You Beautiful Smile reach right up to your eyes, love your hair short or long. You were a Beauty then and Now !!
    Big Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  43. OH KAren..I absolutly LOVED Triple LOVED this post..Your comments made me chuckle...LOL..LOL. The praying hands..and the what was I thinking? I so loved it. you are a hoot :)
    Thanks so much for sharing

    Best Wishes
    ~♥~ Stephanie

  44. Karen...what a wonderful ...wonderful Post!!! And you were just as lovely then as you are now!!! hugs!!! D

  45. I love this Karen. It's great to think back on childhood memories. Great post!, Valerie

  46. Weren't you just the cutest little thing! I think the curls were adorable on you!

    I was looking at a Reminisce magazine last night and I noticed that EVERYONE back in the day put icicles on their Christmas trees, covered their trees in them. My mom had us cover our trees as we were growing up. I never understood why because you couldn't see the decorations, but it sure was fun to do it.


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