Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Pictures That’s All!

Decided you all don’t need to read on and on about something that isn’t very interesting SO JUST FALL PICTURES IT IS…but then you all know me better than that – I just can’t stop myself when I get started so there’s a wee more than JUST FALL PICTURES!

Oh…but first…my husband finally decided to semi-retire from his part-time job.  He will only take deliveries if the company is in a bind or if he gets bored...Guess what will come first!)  Bored will win out I’m sure.
But I certainly won’t miss those phone calls in the middle of the day or when we are doing something or heading out someplace and they need him to make a day run someplace…not very fun!!! You drop everything you are doing so he can leave. NO MORE OF THAT ANYWAY!

See…I just can’t shut my mouth!!!

So on with the pictures. They aren’t much different than most years but I do have more Bittersweet around because of dear Kathy!!!!

Click on picture for each set to see ALL that’s in that album – then click on  SLIDESHOW…it’s easier to see them in full size

I may have repeated a couple – sorry but doing them in these albums isn’t easy to change out.

If anyone hasn’t heard about the Simple Goods Show here is the information...this will by our first time going and I’m so anxious. It’s very Antique & Prim
Here’s the link for the exhibitors and there are more:

Simple Good Show

I totally forgot that on Friday night we went out to Dan Dipaolo’s farm for his Fall Open House – and I found Trixie! He was selling his originals so I finally bought one.
She stand 33 inches tall and the only one he had – and signed!!!
Trixy Witch 

Look at that adorable face and who’s she kidding hiding behind that mask!!!
Trixy closeup

Dans place – the old rough sawn beams are an old building that was taken down board by board and numbered and has been erected on their property for Dan’s studio. Came from back in the early 1800’s  -  Click on picture to view and then click slideshow.

Have a fun Fall Sunday



  1. Karen, your home is GORGEOUS! thank you for sharing your Fall decor with us. I love all of the bittersweet.

  2. Wow, KaREN! That's ALOT of eye candy! Those slide shows are AWESOME!! Did you learn a new trick? I sure will be glad when I locate my camera cord and learn to post pics! Your home is to die warm and inviting! Sure looks like fall has arrived in your neck of the woods. Your bittersweet looks wonderful! You are lucky to have a friend like Kathy!


  3. Hi my friend, I love all the pictures.Your home is beautiful I love all your fall decorations!



  4. Hi Karen,
    I love the "EYE CANDY" and you have done a great job displaying yours!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and the info about Simple Goods.
    Dan's work is so cute!


  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiration to us!

  6. What gorgeous photos of beautiful Fall vignettes. Makes me want to make apple pie.

    Trixie is adorable! I dimly remember a magazine spread on DiPaolo's home a few years back -- wish I could remember the magazine!

  7. Happy Sunday Karen! Your slide shows were awesome and beautiful (as usual). Doesn't bittersweet just say fall? Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  8. Hi Karen~
    LOVED all the pictures and the bittersweet is amazing!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!!
    Please be sure to stop by to enter my Giveaway when you get a chance!! Glad you are doing much better too and it is always so nice to see your beautiful smile!!!


  9. karen, Wonderful! everything looks so nice!
    take lots of pictures at simples goods show, I have always wanted to go. OLM

  10. Karen ~
    Congrats to hubby on his semi-retirement. I bet you'll keep him busy so he won't get bored too!
    Thanks for all the wonderful pix of your home. Your slideshow albums are really cool. I've not seen anything like that done on a blog before.
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Karen,
    I agree, bittersweet makes a fall display just a little more sweet! Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful home!

  12. Karen..Your home is AWESOME and I love all of the BITTERSWEET..I will be going to the Simple Goods Show in November and would love to meet you while there..Loved looking at all of the WONDERFUL photos..Happy Fall..

  13. Oh now that was fun!! Like opening up a great magazine!! I always love seeing your home so thank you for sharing!! And congrats tonyour DH on his semi retirement... I hope you both enjoy this time!

    Your home would be perfect for the magazine as we are showing all kinds of prim/ colonial homes. We are starting out with never before seen homes though so homes like yours and mine that have just been features in big publications won't be featured ( at least not right away) but I bet Kristine would love some of your pics for use throughout the magazine!!!

  14. Karen,
    Your home is beyond beautiful! I just loved each and every photo! Thank you for sharing!! I love all of your bittersweet and your pineapples that you incorporate into your Fall decorating. It's just perfect, what else can I say! Trixie is adorable!! I think I will put a few little Halloween touches out and about myself today! Have a wonderful week!! Take care. ~Sarah~

  15. Karen, Your home is fall-tastic as always. :)

    I am attending the Simple Goods Show. It's not far from me. Are you comming to shop? Or as a vendor? You know the Seraph in Delaware isn't that far from Mt. Vernon. Just incase you were interested!

    Hope to see you there!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  16. Hi Karen.. my second try due to Blogger error 503..
    Anyway, as I was saying... Your home is so LOVELY and I could move right in with
    The slide shows were WONDERFUL and you are so smart..
    I am happy for you both that your husband will not be as busy...
    Take care, love...

  17. Your home is beautiful & you have wonderful taste. I love it all. Blessings!

  18. Karen,
    Love all your fall photos...just beautiful!! I wish that I was going to the Simple Goods is a few hours from where I live, but it is the weekend before my Christams show. Guess, I'll be staying home to finish up goodies to take to my show. Take pictures to share with us.

  19. Oh Gosh Karen!!

    Lots of pictures! I love it! Hey My girlfriend brought me a gift the other day.....another pumpkin mold and a smaller I have two big and one small! LOL Yours looks great!


  20. Karen, you're home is just fantastic!! I love everything about it and the vingnettes of prim items is so creative. I love all the puter and various textiles and never even thought about putting old cookie cutters in a big glas jar! Oh, and are the outdoor fall arrangements real?! I love the bitter sweet sprinkled throught your home. I want some:( lol. Oh I adore that large bread bowl on your table. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

    Cheryl@My Own Snug Fireside

  21. Absolutely gorgeous, Karen! I love the way you've displayed everything! And fall outside your house is just beautiful! The leaves there are so much more colorful than here! I enjoyed all the slideshows! Thanks for sharing your home with us!


  22. I always enjoy seeing the pictures you post. Thanks for sharing your wonderful fall pics!

  23. Love your photos and their inspiration. I host a weekly meme called Seasonal Sundays. I'd love to have you link your seasonal photos this Sunday.

    - the Tablescaper

  24. ooh, i am so glad i found you! love your pics, you have an excellent eye. gosh, hoping your poor back gets better pronto! so looking foward in following you!

  25. LOVE all your fall color all over your home. Bittersweet is my absolute favorite to decorate with. My sister has it growing wild all over her land so she always brings me some. As always, everything in your home is beautiful!!


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