Saturday, April 7, 2018

Getting so close now!!!

Oh this bathroom redo is coming along just great!

Today the floor tiles were laid and Monday he will
come back to do the grout.

I started to stencil the walls but ran out of time yesterday
to get more done, now I have to wait a couple more days
to try and finish it up...I'm so anxious I'm antsy LOL

Doug's work is done until the cabinet doors and drawers go back on
- but I think I can find something for him to do  😊

Counters/sinks/faucets installed last week.
I think my biggest problem will be what kind of curtain
to put up. Possibly just a plain white sheer on the rod kind....
nothing fancy - it's a small window.

Doug put up the wainscot and chair rail Thursday
and it just brought things together!

Yesterday I tested colors and design for the stencil.
Some of you may or may not recognize some of it....
I used 'parts' of the stencil from our bedroom.
We liked it so much and besides why waste them and
buy new ones for what they cost.
I didn't use the 'leaf' parts of the stencil because I didn't want 
to introduce a 3rd color. I wanted just the gray and aqua.

This is what I came up with for color

....and this is the design

And of the floor was laid - grout comes Monday.
We chose a very light gray - didn't want the tiles to be too defined.

In a way when this room is finished it will be a let down.
Doug and I both love projects - big and small.
So I think possibly the next one is the
crown molding for the dining room...
told you I would think of something for him to do!!!



  1. Your bathroom looks just great. I love the color choices and the stencil design is perfect!

  2. The stencil pattern and its colors are perfect. I so wish my husband liked projects!

  3. Your make love looks great! Always good for a husband to have a project--keeps them out of trouble!

  4. Everything looks wonderful, Karen! Love the stenciling! I used to do it, but haven’t in a while.... you may have inspired me!

  5. What a wonderful bath! Love the stencil.

  6. The stencil is going to be the perfect touch! Jane

  7. Karen, I’m so excited for you. Even if it’s only been the half bath, I know what it’s like to go from dated to pretty. I know you’re going to love it. 😊

  8. Hi Karen! I have just discovered your blog again! I look forward to having time to read it through. I used to follow your blog years ago. My blog at that time was called Primitive Devotion. It got hacked and I could never get it back. Lots of time between then and now, but I still love primtives. :o)
    I would love for you to visit me at

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    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!


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