Wednesday, March 28, 2018


The bathroom remodel is coming along a tad slow but I guess that's what you get
when you are waiting on contractors.

The counters were measured for 3 weeks ago and installed on Monday and we love them!!!  Very plain (just a slight vein of gray here and there but no color or movement otherwise).
The backsplash is not on yet - that is on a second install so the sinks/faucets can't be hooked up until they come back - as well as the toilet that was removed to get the walls redone

All the cabinets, wainscot and trim is painted the gray - I primed the upper walls
with 2 coats and the dark blue is still showing through -
I guess it will get another coat before the final painting.

Lower walls have been stripped and waiting for the wainscot but the floor has to be
installed first and not sure when that will be until Doug gets the sub floor up but he's struggling with it - it is screwed down and you can't see the screws with the
backing and glue that is not wanting to come up!

So as not to bore you with more's a picture update....

Start of wall removal

 Removed and some of primer started

Wall primed but still looks blue!

Vinyl flooring removed - now for the subfloor removal

Window and mirror trim painted

 Counter installers

Quartz counters and sinks installed!!!

So there you have it - kind of boring for you but fun for us!!

We shipped an Easter basket to our great-grandson Zayne in Colorado and yesterday Alexandra sent us this picture...
he was a very happy boy with a mouth full of chocolate!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful

P.S. Several people have emailed me saying they can not
post a comment - and some say when I comment on theirs
I am a 'no-reply' which I never have if you can not comment
here I'd appreciate knowing through an email. :)


  1. Happy Easter Karen! Your bathroom is really taking shape. Jane

  2. Love seeing remodels. You have a nice large bathroom that will be great when finished. Bet you'll be glad when that happens!

  3. your bathroom is going to look wonderful! what a great big smile from your great grandson

  4. Hi Karen! Things may be going slow for you but I'm sure it'll be worth the wwait. I like what I'm seeing so far and can't wait to see the finished project. Hang in there!


  5. dutchbrush2@aol.comMarch 29, 2018 at 10:19 PM

    Looks great so far, love the gray, anxious to see it finished. Happy Easter!

  6. Hello Karen... Your bathroom is coming along nicely & will be beautiful! Great picture of Easter basket for great grandson! Who wouldn't love that 🐰😊

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