Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Oh my gosh we had a beautiful summer day today and it's still going! It reached 75 already and climbing.
Doug and I had some running this morning after voting and I put on my black slacks and a cotton jacket and boy was I warm....we went to Walmart and Menards and I couldn't wait to get home and get my Capris on. Winter is going to be hard on me with clothes...I'm just so in my comfort zone with my Capris...but I guess if I wear socks and a sweater with them in the house I'll be okay - for gosh sakes they're just a couple inches shorter than long pants...especially on this 5'-3/4" body!
Last night we got to see baby Aidan finally - took awhile but it happened. He was such a good little fellow and smiled most of the time. We got to cuddle and giggle with him for a few hours.
He was so funny at dinner - he just sat on our laps and looked like he belonged at the table. Got a few pictures but not good ones. I'm a horrible picture taker, well, except when we're going 70 miles an hour down the Interstate...then they come out clear for some reason.
Here he is with me and Grandpa

This afternoon I decided to take my sewing into our screen room - thought I'd get one last good day of basking in the wonderful surroundings.
We put plastic up this weekend to protect the screening from the wind and snow for the winter but it's still nice out there and the partially bare trees and bushes were still holding onto some of their beautiful red and gold leaves....just for me to feast my eyes on one last time.
We use the room up through Christmas by using one of the free standing Propane heaters and let me tell you IT WORKS.
We have the EXIT and the snacks for our IN-HOME SHOW in the screen room and it is always so cozy with all the warmth and the aromas of mulled cider and treats.
I purchased some beautiful cards from a company in MN with the most beautiful Primitive Colonial pictures on them and decided to post a few of them now and then in my heading...so hope you enjoy.
They are for sale by the way for $2.95 per card if anyone wants them. Each card is blank inside to write your own note or to insert you own letter and the back has a single line verse. All made in the USA.


  1. Love the picture on the heading! Thought it was your house until I read farther down. I finally got a new header on my blog as well.
    Aidan is a cutie pie. I can;t wait until next June whem my first grandbaby is born!!

  2. Hi Karen... send some of that nice weather my way!

    Thanks for some AWESOME tips for having an open house! So practical and useful! And your pictures were so beautiful! My 9th annual open house is coming fast... I shouldn't even be playing on the computer right now...

    Have a great day today! Kimberly

  3. Awwwww - what a little cutie pie!
    I love your screen room. What a nice place to work.
    We have a free standing propane heater in our greenhouse, and I do know how good they work!
    Your header looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of them.


  4. Karen,
    Aiden is adorable!!! Don't you just hate to give them up?They are such a blessing.Can't wait to see your pics of the open house. Have a blessed day!

  5. Oh Karen...you asked if that was Jenn's rug in the photo on my blog, and it's not.
    I made that one a few years ago, and my husband love it so much, and didn't want me to sell it.
    I'm glad I didn't.


  6. What a cutie pie :)
    So nice to see you guys bonding with him.

    Your back room looks so comfy and cozy...wish I had a room like that, I would probably live there...


  7. What a dolly that Aiden is! Looks like he's getting plenty of loving too.

    Your screen room is gorgeous! I don't think I would ever leave it. Its the best of both indoors and outdoor worlds, isn't it?


  8. Hi Karen,
    First I want to thank you for the absolutely beautiful candle huggers, ornaments and heart that I ordered!!! You are soooooo talented!!!

    I wish that I lived closer to you so I could have come to your in home show:( (New Jersey is about 900 miles from you). The pictures from your show last year were gorgeous!

    Your little Aidan is just so precious:)

    Blessings, Janel

  9. Hi Karen,
    I have to say that little Aiden is a peach!
    The tips you gave for your home show are all wonderful and wise! I just this weekend hosted my third holiday open house and am happy to say that I checked a "yes" on every hint! Keeping mind of all those things make for a smooth and successful open house.
    Stop by and visit my blog and check out the pictures from this years open house!
    Best wishes to you on yours!
    Blessings, Birgit

  10. I love your screen room! So cozy! I would be there all day long! Thanks for the tips for a great open house!


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