Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday was a day of many different projects from getting the outside decorations done to me drawing and painting my grungy hang tags for the show and getting a couple orders finished up.

Just when I thought I could whip through a batch of fudge in a few minutes and then get back to my decorating and sewing a wrench was thrown in.....my fudge failed! NEVER FAIL FUDGE that failed....lol

It was so sugary and grainy and horribly sweet so I threw it in the trash and Doug had to go to the store for more Chocolate Chips and Marshmallow Fluff, oh and vanilla - I was totally out after the first failed batch.

So I get another one going and I can tell already that it's going to be the same but I continued on hoping I was wrong - NOT TO BE! Same thing.

Well, I decided it was the sugar causing the problem.....mind you I always buy brand names for most of my groceries but last week there was an off brand on sale so I bought it....DON'T DO THAT!

So.....off to the store Doug went again for more....you said it - Chocolate Chips, Marshmallow Fluff and this time SUGAR! I finally got the fudge made after wasting tons of sugar, chocolate, fluff and walnuts! Oh and the butter that went into it....grrrrrr!

Ever have one of those days????

So....after lost time I finally got back to decorating a bit more and now today I have been printing out my business cards, product labels and whatever else I can find to print and then it's on to painting my tags.
Hope today proves better than yesterday, I can't afford any more downtime.

Remember this picture from Monday?

well....this it is what we woke up to on Tuesday moring.


  1. How frustrating about the fudge ! Glad it finally turned out right for ya ! The snow is so pretty ! I can't wait for a little here ! Have a good day !
    Janae :-)

  2. Sorry about your fudge, I made peanut delight last night, it didnot firm up like it was suppose too, but still yummy! Your Home is just beautiful, and with the snow looks like a christmas card!
    I know how ya fill today, no time for mistakes, i have an order to fill and finish cleaning, i am hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner!

  3. At least you were persistent on making that fudge! I might've given up! Love the snowy pics of your home - a true winter wonderland!

  4. I'm glad you finally got some good fudge. Yes, i think we all go thru that every once in a while. Can't wait to see more pics of the home. have a blessed Holiday!

  5. Hi Karen!
    Sorry about your fudge, glad ya got it all finsihed up...LOL...I would have given up!

    Your garland looks beautiful with the dusting of fresh snow! Just a perfect little added touch!

    Have a wonderful day, Karen


  6. Oh Karen sorry you had all that trouble with the fudge. Hate when that happens.

    The decorations are beautiful, and the snow is so pretty. Glad you have it and not us, gigle.

    Have an awesome productive day.

    Hugs, Bren

  7. Oh, Karen, what a shame about that fudge. It's not just the money but all the time involved, too. Your home looks just beautiful. Can't wait to see the inside, though I have drooled over it before. LOL Happy Thanksgiving.

    ~ Pam ~

  8. So sorry about your fudge! I'm happy it all worked out. Your house looks so pretty all covered in snow! ~Beth~

  9. I remember my Mom saying to not buy cheap sugar!! I only buy C&H brand here, I recall making some jam that did the same thing. So frustrating!!! I always make the No fail fudge , too!!! Now you havce me wanting to make some!!! lol

  10. Sorry about the fudge! Thanks for the tip on the sugar though!
    I can't believe the snow pics! How beautiful!

  11. Oh...My... that was some expensive fudge there... I could guarntee that it was perfect last thyme around... Send some over my way!heehee.

    OMGoodnes! the photos of your home are like a postcard... BEAUTIFUL! You need to do just that... Personlized Christmas Cards...
    Like you need another to do on the list.

    Hoping you a Wonderful, Blessful Thanksgiving Day, Pamela

  12. How absolutely beautiful your home looks there with the snow covered trees! It looks like a postcard!


  13. oh Karen, fudge disaster is no fun.. just ask me,, I have a " no fail" recipe too, but don't believe the "no" part of it..
    Wishing you and family a Blessed Thanksgiving . Treasure all the years with family.

  14. Hi Karen,
    Your home looks so pretty covered in all that snow.
    Sorry to hear that about the fudge. I've had that happen with No Bake Cookies before.
    I'll be thinking about you while I'm at my show this weekend and hoping that you have a great open house!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving karen!

  16. So sorry about the fudge. Oh yes I have had those days.........just the other day as a matter of fact. lol Today is a new day and I hope it is a great one for you! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comments about my scrapbook page. My fingers are crossed. :) I have been stamping on and off for years but never did any scrapbooking so we will see. *smile*

  17. Hi Karen...just poppin back in to wish you and Doug and your family a very Happy and Blessed

    Enjoy your day!


  18. Many blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving!

  19. Oh your house is beautiful with the snow, it does look like a Christmas card!! Happy Thanksgiving

  20. Sorry about the fudge. Beautiful pictures of your home, living in southern arizona we're lucky if we see any of the white stuff. Have a nice holiday.

  21. The snow added just the right magic to your photo. Oh how I miss snow!


  22. What a beautiful place you have!! I am glad I happened upon your blog! I'll be back!


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