Sunday, November 9, 2008


New Header Picture Today!

Again today the headache! Will it never I decided to start some put-together projects instead of sewing....I bought some wonderful pouches and filled them with some greens and a fabric stuffed candy cane....very Prim I think!

I only have three of them for my show so hopefully they will sell.

And to add to frustration my shift key is sticking and I'm forever getting lower case letters so have to keep going back and fixing which is time consuming let alone agrivating.

But I will prevail and overcome the shift key - I'm bigger than it right???

I also want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and response to my Blogging. I never know just what I'm going to post and so it's a surprise to me as well!

Each day I get a step closer to getting things organized for my show - but the big part is deciding where everything is going - each year we have different products to display so the setups are somewhat different. Also, putting our regular stuff away so we can make room for products - we don't have much for storage space in our house - it's an early 50's Cape Cod and they weren't into storage closets in the 50's for some guess the basement gets it again.

Which reminds me....some of our things are still packed away from last years show. Guess if I didn't get them back out I didn't need or miss them. That's one way of clearing and weeding out.
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Please go visit Tonya at Old Country Creations because she has a deal for all of you!


  1. Love the bags and thanks for the heads up about Old Country Creations. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks the day goes on it's getting much better...poor Doug ended up with a horrible head cold out of all of this...

  3. I love the bag idea! Off to peek at Old Country Creations! Feel better soon. And have you tried canned air for the stuck key??


  4. I like the bags, Karen. Very prim, indeed. Hope you feel better.


  5. Hi Karen-
    I hope you're feeling better? Headaches are the pits! I suffer with migraines...not fun--things come to a stand still till they pass.....then I have to play "catch up"!
    I love your prim pouch! :)
    Will go check out Ole Country Creations-Thanks!

    ~Feel better
    Have a nice evening-

  6. The prim bag is adorable! Love it! I do hope that you're feeling better soon though. Take good care of yourself and get some rest.
    Hugs to you~ Birgit

  7. Love the new header! Old samplers are simply of my very favorite things.



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