Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a busy Whatcha Working On Wednesday.

From the time we got up until dinner tonight it was a constant!

I had Doug helping all he could too - what a guy…so supportive I tell ya.
While I did some sewing he put some of our bagged products in celo bags and put the bag toppers on and stuffed some more pocket hangings and then started the second tree in a box.

Close up of box (this is the smaller of the other one we did last week.

Oh and I got my shipment of fresh preserved Sweet Annie….OMGosh does it smell wonderful. There was a time I didn’t like the smell of it but it has really grown on me. Anyway I ordered it from Hammelman’s in OR….I got 10 bunches of it - the more you ordered the lower the price.
I’m using some of it in my hanging pockets and seed bags w/candles.
This afternoon I took some grungy cheesecloth that I purchased on Monday and hung them over the tops of my valances just to see if I would like the effect and actually liked what I did - never intended to keep the white ones up but Doug even thought it looked rather Primitive so we'll leave them there till after the home show.


  1. Love it ALL! Have a great night.. Justina

  2. Hi Karen, remember me?- so pleased to have found your blog. Your home looks wonderful! Would you like to swap links.

  3. How sweet that your husband helps! Do you know I've never smelled Sweet Annie, but I love the name and hope to grow some this spring. Let's hope I like it too!


  4. I love the snowman head on the top of the display rack....I have a rack like it is getting a head! Thanks. Beth

  5. Karen,
    I also ordered some sweet annie from there 2 weeks ago. Everything looks wonderful!You have a sweet hubby! Have a blessed day!

  6. oh...everything looks so great Karen. You should save some of the sweet Annie and plant it in the spring!!!

    Love the cheesecloth over the curtains..your home always looks so beautiful.


  7. Whst a neat idea to cover the white valances like that.

    I get the sweet annie from the same source -it's wonderful!! I was the same way with it's smell originally - all I could think of was Vicks Vaporub!! LOL Now I like it.

    I'd love you to stop by and check out my gingerbread tree if you have a chance in between setting up and all the other million details you must have to do, and let me know what you think of it.

    Thanks so much!

  8. It all looks wonderful! I love the stocking box!!

  9. I love the cheese cloth over the white! Very nice!

    Have a great day!


  10. My husband helps out makes things alot funner that way and a way we can spend time together.

    I love how your curtains turned out. What a great idea!

  11. I love that cheescloth idea!!!!...i just love your home!

  12. Hi Karen!
    EVERYTHING look wonderful!!

    Have a great day!


  13. Wonderful idea Karen with the cheese cloth...looks neat!

    It's great to have husbands that will pitch in when needed:)

  14. Thanks so much everyone! Comments are so much appreciated.

  15. Love the cheese cloth idea. Pretty cool. Hey! did you get your box from me? I mailed it Priority on Monday.

  16. Karen,

    Gosh, you all have been busy! I've never smelled Sweet Annie either, but I want some, and like Lea said, I'd like to grow some too!

    It sounds like you have a gem of a husband to help you like he does! You two make a great team!

    I can't wait to see your home featured, Karen. My heart leaps everytime I see pictures from inside your home!

    Have a great day!

  17. Goodness!!! Everything looks so warm & cozy. You really have that touch for placing treasures.

    Don't you just love that... there Sweet Annie. We raised some for the first year this thyme... Wonderful!!! Next year I plan on raising a field full... You can order your seed on ebay, for little of nothing if you are interested...

    Have a Blessful Day, Pamela

  18. Everything looks wonderful, Karen. It's so nice that Doug helps you. Good luck with your home show. I know you will do well. I'm growing sweet annie next year because I seem to use so much of it.

    ~ Pam ~

  19. Thanks for visiting my your home, Sweet Annie is nice, isn't it?

  20. Hi Karen,
    I've been so busy crafting for my show that I'm just now catching up on my blog reading.
    The cheesecloth looks great at your windows. I hope that you have a wonderful open house and sell out of everything!!

  21. Always love to visit your blog! So I've TAGGED YOU!!! Come pick it up and pass it on!!


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