Friday, December 26, 2008


What a wonderful Christmas day we had - we had to wait for Darren and MaryAnn to get here a bit late so we all just sat around snacking and playing games which was really a fun time.

By the time they got here the little ones were beside themselves with eagerness to open their gifts - but I sure give them lots of credit for not begging!

After opening gifts and stockings we had a wonderful dinner of baked ham, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, jello and lots of desserts. A typical Christmas dinner in our house.

After dinner Jesse got his Guitar Hero hooked up and that was a fun time for everyone - I'm always so amazed at how teenagers can immediately hook something up and go at it! Camera card was full by this time so no pictures of that fun moment.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Aidan arriving!

Aidan being held by Uncle Dan

Aidan's daddy is in the left corner in the tan sweater


Alexandra, Joseph, Emily and Jamie (in chair)

Game time...

Darren, MaryAnn and Aidan

Jamie and Heather

Brett and Doug



  1. Oh ,I'am so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Great pictures & memories.
    Prim hugs,

  2. Karen,

    It looks like everyone had such a great time by the photos! Aidan is just a cutie pie! He sure has grown from the last pictures I saw of them!

    From our family to yours, we wish you a Blessed New Year too!


  3. Karen, I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Aidan is growing by leaps & bounds & is a little doll. Happy New Year, my friend.


  4. What a nice christmas you had..Looks like Aidan was the hit of the party..!

    Happy New Year...

  5. Hi Karen!
    What great pics! I'm happy your Christmas was so wonderful! My goodness, Aidan is getting so big-he's so darn cute!
    what a beautiful famiy!

    May your blessings 'keep on coming' and may 2009 be the best year yet for you and yours!
    Happy New Year-Karen!!!


  6. It looks like a great time with family. Our 2 days of celebrating were the same - making more memories to tuck away in our hearts.

    Have a great weekend! hugs, Linda

  7. Karen,
    What a wonderful time you had! Love the pics of the name:)
    Looks like pics from our home, people everywhere:)
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Aidan is so adorable!
    I wish you a Happy New Year with lots of blessings in 2009.

  9. Karen
    Great photos! Aiden is adorable!
    My grandkids ( 8 and 5) got Guitar Hero too - but once Daddy and Uncle Bobby got it hooked up for them.....they took it over. Poor kids didn't get to play their own game until the next day!!!
    I can't wait to see Jonah(5) play with it - my daughter said he really got into playing the guitar and had some great 'moves'. lol


  10. What a precious family you have and they all look so happy and loved! I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas day with your family.
    May your new year be filled with more of the same.
    Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

  11. Good Morning Karen ~
    What wonderful pictures of your Family, your home and your decorations. You are Blessed with lots of Love and Laughter there, and Aidan is adorable as are your other grandkids !!
    Blessing for a Healthy Happy New Year !!!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  12. Love the holiday pics. Nice looking family. This is fun!!!!

  13. Such a wonderful time it looks like you had! Blessings for a wonderful new year! Thanks for the great pic of you and your siblings when you were little..loved it!

  14. Karen, glad your Holiday was wonderful, and the little one is a doll and growing so fast.
    I'm so glad to have you as a blog land friend, and wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

    Hugs, Bren

  15. I just found your blog and checked out your website, how inspiring! It just might have made me run right up to my sewing room and dive into the stacks of wool waiting there!

  16. Love the photo of Aiden peeking out of his seat! So cute! There is just nothing more special than a day surrounded by folks you love.


  17. What a wonderful Christmas you had!! And Aidan! What a cutie!! Don't you just love the time spent with family? So many memories to hold and treasure!!!


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