Sunday, December 14, 2008


Morning everyone....I'm going to do some or should I say the last of my Christmas decorating!
I have finally finished up all my website orders and can now concentrate on ME!
Oh, that sounds so selfish and self centered....hmmmmm Guess I had better say I can concentrate on the family and the holiday! There, that's

I have spent the very wee hours of the morning visiting all my friends blogs and posting comments. I am so sorry I have been so behind in posting here as well - but the business comes first especially at this time of year.

I'm so anxious to get rid of all the little dust bunnies or should I say 'fluffy snowballs' floating on my hardwood floors....and when I look up sometimes I think I see little floaties coming from the baskets on the beams! lol Should I just pretend it's fairy garland and leave it there????

There's boxes of decorations sitting in the basement just calling out my name to come and let it all out so it can enjoy the holidays as wouldn't be very happy cooped up for another season without seeing the light of day!

So off I go into decorating wonderland today....hopefully if there's something to take pictures of I will do so...if not, you will know I made a mess of things!

Thanks to everyone who has come to my blog and left messages even thought there was nothing fun to read. You are all very dear and I am glad I have made so many new friends. There's so much to be happy and thankful for this season and throughout the year.

Bless you all.
Hugs, Karen


  1. Leave the fairy garland there...I plan to leave mine there as well:)

    Have a wonderful day decorating!

  2. Good Morning... goodness you were up in the wee early hours.
    I know what you mean w/ those dust bunnies... LOL... the happen over night.
    Have a Marvelous, Productive Day... and Enjoy the Moment of each Little Christmas Corner you Create... Hugs, Pamela

  3. good morning karen~enjoy your day decorating~i hope to get outside soon and set out my lighted trees~that's the last little bit of decorating i plan to do~have a wonderful day!

  4. Karen, glad you have your orders finished. You deserve some "me" time now. Happy decorating.

  5. I say leave the fairy garland and concentrate on you and your family right now Karen, you deserve a break and some relaxation. ;)
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  6. Have fun decorating today Karen !
    Janae :-)

  7. Hi Karen,
    Fairy Garland. Hmmm...I say if it gets in the way of decorating today, just leave it there for now.

    You ask where I got my picket fence...we got it at Lowes. Braved the cold and went outside to the fencing department. We found it where they keep the decorative fencing to go around your flower beds, etc...

    Have a fun day decorating!!

  8. Yes, i agree leave the fairy garland there for now! I know i am, it can wait till i clean up after the holidays! I still have some decorating to do myself, have fun with yours!

  9. Karen, I'm so glad you are caught up and now you can have some fun. Enjoy your decorating, I know it will be beautiful.


  10. Karen-You get up way to early. When do you sleep? Thanks for stopping by in the wee hours. I went to an Antique/Fleatique yesterday during the washer ordeal.I found a red childs broom for my fairy garland and dust bunnies. The gentleman behind the counter ask what I was going to do with this broom since it was so worn out, I told him use it for a decoration he looked at me like I grew a 3rd eye. LOL To each his own. I loved it and on a 20% off deal-can't beat that. Have a good Monday.

  11. I say leave the fluffy snowballs and come spring (on a windy day) open all your windows and you'll be good to go until next Christmas! :> )
    Can't wait to see your decorations!!

  12. A Fairy Garland...I LOVE that!! It is perfect! Enjoy your decorating!! I can hardly wait to see pictures!

  13. Those dust bunnies are at my house too! I am going to start naming them and leave them alone! Have fun with your Me time!

  14. Karen, I say take some "me" time. It's good for us and even better for those around us. hehe

    I stay add some glitter to the fairy garland and start stringing up those fluffy balls of snow with some cranberries ;)

    Have a wonderful Holiday girlie.

  15. Oh I just love the idea of fairy garland! That is definately what I'm going to tell my husband the next time he asks, "What is that?" LOL

    Enjoy your special "me" time. We all need that from time to time.

    Wishing you Christmas joy,


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