Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today started out soooo cold and then by 11:30 it turned to snow and oh how beautiful....we had snow three weeks ago and then last week with all the rain and wind it was all but gone! So I was happy to see some more new white fluffy snow again.
Tomorrow night I'm having my former co-workers here for a Christmas get-together so we had to go grocery shopping first thing before I started cleaning.
While I was cleaning Doug, bless his heart - he always pitches in - he made the desserts! I had to stop what I was doing once in awhile to guide or 'stop him' now and then but it all turned out just great.
He made Mini Lemon Tarts, Chocolate Almond Torte and Pinia Colada Torte.....and they all looked very nice when he finished....OH, PLUS HE MADE A MEATLOAF for dinner tonight. Am I spoiled or what - but I gave him his choice....help clean or bake! lol

I finished my decorating yesterday but not happy with it and I don't know why - it just isn't making me feel comfy but it will have to do because doing it twice is more than enough!
I will take pictures of the group tomorrow night....there's only going to be 3 men here in the group of 15 - most of the women have been single or divorced for years.
Here are a few more pictures of my Christmas decorating. I have kept it very, very simple this year....after decorating for the show and then putting it all away I sort of lost my interest in getting the rest of the decorations out.


  1. Karen, I love how you've decorated ! Your house is just wonderful ! We also got quite a bit of snow today and I love it ! Have a good night !
    Janae :-)

  2. Hi Karen,
    I love how you decorated..it is just wonderful!
    I wish we had snow, but we are getting freezing rain.
    Have a great week,

  3. Hi Karen!

    Your home is just beautiful...and your decorating makes it even more so! Everything looks wonderful!
    Jeepers! You're spoiled girl! Doug is a wonderful hubby...I can't get over all the goodies he bakes :)

    Have a wonderful evening!

    holiday hugs to ya-Kath

  4. Hi Karen,

    They are calling for snow here for tomorrow. That will be a good change from all that freezing rain. Plus it does not feel like Christmas without the white stuff...right???

    I love your decorations...your home is just so beautiful. It looks so inviting...wish I could tour in person :)

    The lanterns that the girls made are kits from WalMart. They are made with felt, paper, pipe cleaners and then the lanterns are a see through kind of paper that folds out like a accordion. The girls had fun making them and it was something different.

    I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and have lots of fun tomorrow night with your gang.


  5. Your decorating is just too beautiful!! I kinda feel the same way about mine this year...just not exactly how I wanted it, but too busy to re-do it. Next year, I am going to start decorating in October and maybe, I can get everything done!
    And by the way, hubby sounds wonderful!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Karen!!

    I love how you decorated also, very welcoming and warm:)

  7. Love the decorating! And yes i would say that you are spoiled, LOL! It is sweet of Doug to help you!

  8. I love the Christmas to remember plate you have...so neat! Everything looks wonderful you did a great job:) Thanks goodness for GOOD husbands, huh?

    Have a wonderful day today♥

  9. Goode Morning... Karen

    I love EVERYTHING!!! Your home is so warm & cozy... You have just the right touch.

    Oh... how nice it is to have a man to make desserts... PLUS cook dinner... LOL... you are truly blessed & I am sure he is too.

    Have a wonderful thyme w/ your co-workers... we want to hear all about it.

    MeRRiE BLeSSiNgs, Pamela

  10. Oooooh!!! Everythin' looks wonderful!!! I love it all!! :> )

  11. Love your Christmas decor, Karen! Your home looks so cozy!

  12. Karen-Spoiled to say the least. You must spoil him too. (or taught him well) LOL. Your house looks great. Have a good time with your treasured friend.

  13. Karen
    Your Christmas decor is just lovely!!
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Looks like a wonderful evening. Your house looks gorgeous. Enjoy the snow, I sure wish we were having snow but only rain.

  15. Just beautiful! I wish I had a book of YOUR house. It's one I could just pour over again and again.



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