Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today was just so beautiful - got to 60! But here I am inside at the computer and sewing orders.
One of these free days I’ll have to get upstairs to my craft space, shut the door and create new designs. I most always have at least 4-5 new each season….I’m way behind but I’m attributing it to a busy business and for that I say YEAHHHHH!

I had some free time this morning so decide to take a few more pictures of things I love - some of them I changed around and some I just purchased. I have so much packed in the basement so when I get out my Spring things I’ll try taking some more pictures but for now, here’s a few!
Oh, maybe one of these days I’ll have a surprise photo to show you….there has been a partially white deer roaming our neighborhood the past several months.

One morning I saw large (LARGE) tracks through the yard and so we went to investigate where they came from and it was from way out back, through the fence/garden area, across the yard, to the boat and then across the driveway and onto our courtyard and down the side of the house, around the front yard and then the tracks went across the street.

We’ve seen these tracks often in the snow but just thought it was a very large dog…NOT!
Yesterday it came through again and this time the neighbor man was outside and asked us if we saw it…we didn’t, he said he saw it that morning and that it had been around a lot….and some neighbors a few blocks away said it likes to sleep in their yard….can you imagine! Well let’s hope I get a picture of it….my camera is always out and ready.


I had a wall shelf with pegs that I took down in the bathroom when I put up the cupboard and thought it might look nice by our back door in the kitchen and wanted to get the Prairie apron and bonnet out of the hallway and now I really like it there better.

I completely forgot I bought these bags of Llama wool when we were at Market in February!

Just decided to take a picture of this Counted Cross Stitch of Central Market Lancaster, PA
I stitched it in 1988 - I could NEVER do this small stitch anymore but I'm glad I have it now as a reminder - we go there everytime we go to Lancaster and buy from the wonderful food stands, this is where I get that wonderful loaf of Cinnamon Bread there for our grandson (his circle toast!)

Yesterday morning I got in the crafting mood and dearly needed to make the things I was putting off. So I wrapped FLAX around some grubby candles and wrapped rusty wire around them to secure it and added a bell. You can find these on my website.

I also filled these cute llittle bags with some flax - on my website as well

4 Years ago I did my first Craft Show in Lancaster, PA and did so well there and for over 25 years (at that point) we had been going to that area and always wanted an Amish Quilt but never had the extra cash to pay the price for one and I am so particular with color….I like to ADD color, not have it be the focal point so I never really found one until that weekend - I made a good amount of money from the show and said if I don’t buy a quilt now I never will. So we went on the hunt for the perfect quilt…and found it!

It’s just IVORY with a Pineapple motif and totally hand stitched - the back looks just like the front - call me impressed!!!!So here’s the beautiful quilt I bought with some of my FIRST EARNINGS!
Now our entire bedroom set and quilt is purely AMISH MADE!

The design is even on the end that flips up over the pillows!

Each corner has the design as well as around the scalloped edge all around the quilt.

Close-up of stitching

Close-up of design
I hope you enjoyed my post today!


  1. Karen, Isn't it nice to have warmer weather? My kids have been outside shooting hoops all afternoon- I'm really amazed because no one has been in to tell me what someone else did to them! Usually the youngest (8) is in to tell me how mean his siblings are being to him. I really like the pineapple quilt. I've been drawn to pineapples lately, such a colonial symbol. Let me know when you have a free day!! ~Ann

  2. Karen, the quilt is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen!!
    And I love what you did with the candles....everything is just FABULOUS!
    Always a delight to see what you're up to.


  3. Hi Karen!....everything looks wonderful....what a neat idea wrapping grubby candles with flax, that looks great!....and I absolutely love your quilt, wow is it ever gorgeous!....congrats!! Janet :)

  4. I love the quilt Karen!Just gorgeous!Love the little bags of flax and the candles you fixed up. We are having a warmer day here too and I'm enjoying it so much!
    Have a good evening !
    Janae :-)

  5. Hi Karen,
    What a beautiful quilt!! Love the candles and little bags you did!

    It is really warm here in my area of Ohio. I saw my first robin in the backyard and there were honey bees on my spring flowers. I think Spring is finally here! Yeah!!
    hugs, Cindy

  6. I love the Amish quilt, I bought mine about 7 yrs ago in Bird-in-Hand at a home that had a sign out front saying home made quilts. She had so many and was busy making a top at her peddle type machine getting them ready to hand quilt.

  7. Your pineapple quilt is beautiful and I am totally loving that little wall thingie with the prim forks and your bags are too cute!! Your candles are prim perfect, but then again is there ever anything on your blog that IS NOT prim perfect!?! Ah, nope I don't think so : )

    Have a great week my friend.


  8. Hi Karen,

    That is one beautiful quilt. My husband and I received one as a wedding gift almost 14 years ago now. I love it...sadly the colors do not match with my decor but the quilt is such a treasure. Like yours, mine also is all hand stitched. They are very talented people. I see with your quilt, it would defiantly not be one to have your dog sleep with you... :)

    I love all your other treasures that you have shared with us. Everything is so great!

    You are so lucky to have such warm weather. We have only been lucky to see about 5 and still have very large snowbanks. We are hoping by the end of the month, it will turn for the better.


  9. Oh, Karen that quilt is just to die for:) So beautiful and I can't believe it was hand stitched too:) Whatever you paid for it was well worth it!
    I love what you did with the candles too!
    I'd love to see that deer I bet he's beautiful:)

  10. Karen you have been one busy gal. I am so glad the economy hasn't effected your business! I think people buy little things that make them happy. May your business continue to be blessed.

  11. Karen,
    We had beautiful weather here today, too. I was in a cleaning mood today, so that's what I did. Love that quilt ~ simply beautiful. Love the candles, too.

  12. Karen ~~ Love, Love, Love your Amish Quilt..what a beautiful treasure. I have always love the quilting but never the bold colors of the Amish.... this is just perfect. I haven't been here in I'm catching up. Glad you had a wonderful time visiting with your Brother, SIL, and Sister. Thanks for sharing the pictures of their home...lovely. Hugs ~ Connie xox

  13. Karen,
    Love your quilt..Ive been eyeing a similar one for my girls brdroom, but cant bring myself to buy it when they are so little yet. Love the candles too!

  14. Karen,

    Your pineapple quilt is amazing! And I had forgotten just how much I loved your bedroom. I love everything about it. As a matter of fact, I would love to see it again! It was one of my favorite rooms! I love the way your bed is angled in the room! Are we going to see it in the CS issue?


  15. Everythin' is beautiful!! Your counted cross stitch is gorgeous!
    Heck, these peepers of mine won't allow me to do it anymore either.
    Ooooh, that quilt is gorgeous too.
    Thanks for sharing. :> )

  16. Hi Karen ...Wow love those Grubby flax wrapped candles ..So Wonderful !!!

    I don't always get much time to blog hop ..but found a few minutes this evening and wanted to say Hi ..and see some of your new postings.

    also while I'm visiting ..just wanted to let you know I am having a free giveaway over on my blog Pop on over and see if it's anything you want to sign up for ...

    Wow your brothers place is a White winter wonderland gorgeous ..!!

    Alrighty ..Blessings ...Sara

  17. Oh my! What a beautiful quilt! I can't even imagine the countless hours that went into making it! It's really a treasure!

    I also love your grubby candles and little bags of flax. Very cute!

    About the partially white deer, a young man killed one down here earlier this year, that was completely white. It made the national news! It's the first time I have ever heard of a white deer. It's a shame that he killed it, but he just saw it partially through the bushes and didn't realize it was white until he shot it and it ran. When they tracked it down to take home, him and his dad were both in shock.

    Have a great week!

  18. I love it all! I too used to do many intricate counted cross stitch but the eyes don't work that way now.

    Great ideas with the flax too but of course the quilt is just a masterpiece! You were so wise to buy it. It is timeless!

    I always love coming here and so enjoy your stories and pictures!

  19. Absolutely love the quilt. I think I would have bought it also!! Very beautiful!

  20. have I ever told you how much I love your pictures?????

    you have a gift!

  21. Ohhhhhhh, Pretty!! I love your photos, and the bedroom....absolutely wonderful! You have such a good eye!! Now I have to go read some more and get caught up! Jan

  22. OMGoodness... that quilt is to die for!

    Sorry, I haven't been by lately, with the weather getting warmer here in Kentucky... I find my days are flying by...

    Hoping all is well on the other side of the fence...

    Blessings 2 you this week, Pamela

  23. Hi Karen,
    Your quilt is gorgeous. Smart buy! Looks like you've been busy and I know that's hard to do when the weather warms up. Love all of your new creations. Enjoy the beautiful day!

  24. Karen,I just received my Country Sampler in the mail and guess what I saw. What a great article. Pilar did such a nice job with pics and write up. Your home is so cozy and comfy. I can see why everyone wants to come live there. Thank you for sharing your home to all of us. Sherie

  25. Your quilt is just beautiful! I would love to be able to stitch like that!!

  26. Hey Karen!
    I am so excited! I just got the new Country Sampler and read your article and saw your beautiful prim/colonial home! How awesome! Congrats on being published!
    I am so happy for you!

  27. My goodness I can't believe I missed this post!
    Your Quilt is GORGEOUS!!!
    I don't think i have ever seen such a beautiful quilt!
    I love pineapples too, that makes me love all the more!
    Your candles turned out wonderful, what a prim look with the flax!!
    Your counted cross stitch is amazing!

    Have a great day.



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