Sunday, August 9, 2009


Someone is making me some sheep and I can't for the life of me find her e-mails!
It was well over a month ago that we were e-mailing and I have had computer problems and most of my information is if it's someone here please e-mail me again.

I'm sorry I can't remember who it is or what forum or blog she's from.

Here's the sheep I posted on my blog here and she saw it and contacted me.
She was making some for me just like it so I can make them up with my Penny Rug blankets....HELP


  1. Oh Karen! It was me~ Justina from Peper Creek Gatherings. I have been so busy moving my daughter and awaiting my new grand baby that I had forgotten about our lil 'ol sheeps! I saw your post on my sidebar and freaked! I have a new craft room to work in and it is all set up.. I'll get them done tomorrow! I did manage to save the emails we sent back and forth so that is a plus. :0) Thanks for reminding me.. Justina

  2. Glad you found each other again. My word, my mind would have been going a 100 miles an hour trying to remember and figure it would have driven me crazy! LOL....:-D ♥

  3. Oh Justina, thanks so much...I sent you an e-mail.

    This has been drivng me crazy believe me.


  4. Glad the mystery is solved, Karen!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Hi Karen; Wow that was a close one, I am glad that the two of you found each other again.... Love the sheep it is so cute... Hope you are having a great day...


  6. Those are so cute! I'm glad that the person contacted you!

  7. Oh computer problems are the worst! I am so glad Justina saw the post!!

  8. Hey Karen, The craft show in Lititz was very disappointing this year. A lot of Non-Hand Crafted Items sold. And what was hand crafted I found to be equally disappointing in craftsmanship...! There were a lot of complaints....I only purchased a handmade watch bracelet. The food was good, tho..LOL

    Have a good week,

  9. Your life, my life.....I feel like we are sisters....and when my beloved tells me: "no one else would have this problem....I will smile slyly, and think of my twin...which would be you!!! So glad that you found Justina~!~ Jan

  10. I'm so glad you found each other! And Karen I love these sheep! They are adorable! have a blessed day!

  11. So glad you found each other again. I would have been going crazy trying to remember something like that. That would be just like me to forget too! So glad we can all come together and laugh with each other over silly things.
    The sheep is adorable and your little penny rugs are just darling.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  12. Love the sheep and glad you found the individual. Are you going to be selling those? I would sure like one.

    You have great items on your site.


  13. Oh I'm glad you found out who it was! That would have been bothering me too!

    Have a great evening,

  14. Hi Karen,
    wow, cute sheep! And OMG how do I sign up for those swaps you girls do? That seems like so much fun! I love getting prim stuff for my "prim buddies".. we all love the same things, so it's fun! I have been hating blogger lately too! I can't download photos correctly and my layouts always get so messed up! Well, better get my little Nick in the tubby! Take care and come visit me!!


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