Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I first have to announce the winner of my 200th post!
Congratulations Kris - please e-mail me with your mailing address.

Here's what you won
A Bird-Make-Do - hand made by me - my design
Fall Pumpkin 5x7 hand stitched by me - my design

And a lovely Willow candle - not made by

Monday we spent the day bringing out some of our Fall items for the new photo shoot - wow this is early but I'm not putting it all away and bringing out the summer again it's just not worth it and anyway the weather hasn't been very summerish anyway so this feels right

I updated my picturetrail with more photos last night after taking pictures of the changes - you can find it here:

This is in one corner of our kitchen - I know Lavender isn't fall but it works with the blue glass jars

Doug also put a coffee label on an old coffee jar we bought at a rummage sale last week - and then put in a fake center and filled around with coffee beans...great huh?

We bought another coffee jar at the same rummage sale but larger and I thought it made a great pantry cake jar (which is how I will display them for sale at my Home Show!)....and I put on a great label
Here's the gathering with the two jars and a shoo-fly screen with some pantry cakes under it with grungy cheesecloth around them....I love how it all turned out

This is just a pot of drieds by our garage door

I re-draped my Tobacco cloth panels in our dining room and I like them a lot better - it does make the room darker but I am going to keep them that way for awhile

These are the front windows in the dining room

This is on our back porch

Doug's dresser - I never know how to decorate dresser tops - they are my problem spots but I bought some faux sunflowers and black eyed Susan's awhile back as well as the pitcher so thought it would work

I have a special running this month on my website...


I would also like to ask anyone who wants to be on my Newsletter mailing list to send me an e-mail at I try and get them out at least by the end of the first week of each month.

I also put on a Tips/Technique for making Pantry Cakes
With more new things to come.

Thanks for visiting my blog....


  1. Karen, everything looks just wonderful! I am so ready for fall to come! Seeing your home dressed in those warm colors makes me smile!

    I'm on my way to bed, but I will come back in the morning and shoot you an email so I can get on your mailing list.

    I will also look at your new pics then. Right now my eyes keep trying to close! LOL!

    Have a nice, relaxing evening!

  2. Everything looks great and it makes me so anxious for Fall, but I must not rush it. I have alot to do before the cold weather gets here. Oh geesh, that makes me think I better get a moving (lol). Hope you are doing well.


  3. Gorgeous pictures, but... fall?!? My kids go back to school very late this year, on Sept 8th, and I promised myself I'm not decorating for fall until then. I'm just enjoying summer too much this year I guess!
    Your giveaways are wonderful! Thanks for your sweet generosity!
    Blessings, Kimberly

  4. Karen:
    your home is just so beautiful. I love all the fall colors . Fall is my favorite season because of all the brilliant colors.. While living in Michigan, we would take a drive up to upper Michigan during the changing of the leaves.. Beautiful !!
    Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway.. I have to say tho, I really wanted to win... selfish Maurine !!


  5. Every photo is just beautiful, makes me want to decorate for fall, I could have today because the sun didn't shine at all!!!

    I love your curtains Karen, especially how you have them in your new pics!

  6. Congratulations to Kris!'s a wonderful prize! the window treatments in the dining room, very nice! Janet

  7. Karn,
    Congrats to Kris ~ what a wonderful giveaway.
    Your home looks lovely, Karen ~ love your window treatments. I can't wait to start decorating for fall. Congrats on the photo shoot ~ you deserve the honor.

  8. Had to come back and say Conrgats to Kris!


  9. Ok Karen, i am ready to go dig out my fall stuff now!! Everything looks so warm and inviting! Great pics!
    Congrats to Kris on her win!

  10. Hi Karen!
    So many pretties in this one post!!
    I LOVE our window coverings like that. That's how I did mine in the is a bit darker, but don't ya just love that look?
    Mine never did leave little fluff bunnies/fuzzies, remember when ya asked me about that? Maybe because I didn't wet mine down...I decided just to hang them as they were and didnt soak them. I don't know if that would make the fuzzies or not?
    Your dining room looks FABULOUS! :)
    Love the gathering with old coffe jars! Love everything!
    I am not havin any trouble putting fall displays out in Aug! It's been Fall here since JUNE!!

    I enjoyed your post and all the pretty pics :)

    Have a beautiful day!

    Hugs -kath

    OH and CONGRATS to Kris...lucky gal!

  11. Karen,
    It all looks wonderful! I love your dining room, the curtains look very nice-colonial, but a little elegant too! We have the same lables for our jars too...thanks for the idea of the fake middle...that will make my goodies for inside go further-lol

  12. Oh what wonderful fall yumminess!! Just the breath of fresh air I needed today. I think that will hold me a for a few more days as I count down for fall!

    I hope the shoot goes well!

    Congrats to Kris on winning!!

    hugs, Linda

  13. Thank you so much, Karen, for picking my name in your giveaway!! I love all of your goodies and will eagerly await their arrival!
    The display with the old cooffee jars looks fantastic and I LOVE how you draped your curtains in the living room!! Your fall decor is just beautiful!

    Thanks, again, and enjoy the rest of your day!!


  14. Oh Karen, everything looks great - as usual. I'll bet the magazine LOVED your house. I've been doing fall/Halloween at the shop and it won't be long until it overflows to our house. Although we may be in our new home by then - who knows? Talk to you soon, Dawn

  15. Congratulations to the winner. Wonderful gifts.

    I love your "tweaking". Everything looks so fresh and ready for fall, which I am after the weather we are having, very hot with high humidity.

    Your home is gorgeous. That is very thoughtful of you when buying the 3 items and getting 1 free.

    Have a great day!!!

  16. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your sweet comment and encouraging words on my blog. I'm overwhelmed by the kindness of others from my post. You're always so sweet and thoughtful and caring and I thank you for the blessing that you are to me.

    Your home is always beautifully done and I love all your homemades. It makes me ready for fall to arrive too!
    Congratulations to Kris on her winnings. She's a lucky gal!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  17. Love the way your curtains are!!! You know, I did not know you had another site. I just visited it & thouroughly enjoyed it. Will be back.

  18. Your home looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing so many photos. I love it all, but your dining room table centerpiece may be my favorite. It is simple, yet elegant. Thanks for all the wonderful fall decor ideas.

  19. Congrats Kris! Youre a lucky duck!!!
    Karen~ when youre all done, if you'd like to shoot on over here and help me decorate, Id let ya lol!
    Looks wonnnnnnnderful sweetie!

  20. Hey, Karen!! Love the photos! I am ready for is the best time of the year! Your house is beautiful and I can't wait to see the article!

    And Congrats to Kris, you lucky girl!!

  21. Karen, it is all so pretty! You did a great job, seeing your home makes me want to bring out my fall items and decorate, but I will wait!

  22. Congrats to the winner. :)
    I love your curtains like that and love love love the table decorated!


  23. Love all your pictures Karen! Everything looks beautiful!!

  24. Love your pictures. Everything looks great.

  25. loving all the pics karen~come on fall!!!

  26. It RAINED all day here too, but the temps are supposed to get to 94 by tomorrow. YUCK! The rain really hurt business today, it was just coming down too hard. I'm actually getting kind of excited about our move. I'll just be ready to get "settled" again and maybe have a little simple time coming. I will take pictures as we go, that part will be fun! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  27. Karen, Could you come to my house? I need you so!! I would love to get your newsletter. Will this do or do I need to send you an email?

  28. I love all of your decorating! Everything looks just perfect. I wish that you could come to my house and arrange my stuff!



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