Sunday, August 2, 2009


This afternoon we had our three sons and their families here to celebrate our oldest (45) and youngest (40) sons birthdays which are the 11th and 13th but today was about the only day we could all get together and we had a beautiful afternoon.


Forgot to mention our middle son Dan is on the right with the white shirt and his wife Jamie is in the front in orange with daughter Alex on her lap! Alex takes her actual driving test on Monday so wish her luck!!!!! And their son Jesse is in the back with the baseball cap on backwards - he'll be 20 in Nov.

Darren and Brett - notice the wonderfully decorated cake!!! LOL
I made the cake but couldn't find anything to put on it so I bought some decorating gel and proceded to write their names - yikes...that stuff is crap! No matter how small the hole was it just didn't want to write - it came out in blobs so this is what they got - but it sure tasted great!

Naturally the center of attention was little Aidan who was just a year a few weeks ago...we haven't been together as an entire family since Christmas so this was wonderful.

Darren with his son Aidan

Brett with his wife Heather

I love this picture of Joseph (Brett and Heather son) - he loves to read and he's on his 4th Harry Potter book which he got FREE from his Library reading club - he got a gift card for Border's Books!

Thats all for now - I will be tweaking tomorrow and doing a bit of cleaning for the photo shoot on Tuesday so not sure how quickly I can get back on here.
My next post will have the prize and the winner of my 200th post be watching.


  1. Karen:
    Wonderful family photo.. You have a lovely family..
    Don't worry about the cake decoration.. it's the love you put into making it that counts and of course, how delicious it tastes..

    Enjoy family get-togethers !!

  2. What a beautiful family you have! And the birthday party sounds like so much fun! It is so great that you can all get together!! I can't wait to see your house photo'd again!

  3. Great family pics and so nice you could all be together. Don't work too hard tomorrow and enjoy the photo shoot. Looking forward to seeing your home featured again.

  4. Karen,
    You have a lovely family & how wonderful you could all get together. Aidan is growing up so fast & is soooo cute. Have fun on Tuesday! Can't wait to see pics.

  5. What a nice looking family you have, Karen! I'm so glad you could all get together! How very special!!
    Good luck with your photo shoot Tuesday!

    Take care,

  6. BEAUTIFUL Family, Karen!!!
    Happy Birthday wishes to both ;)
    I can't believe how big Aidan is, he looks like a little boy, passed the baby stage...he's is so cute!
    Best of Luck Tues.

    Hugs, Kath

  7. What a nice day, your little grandson is adorable and your sons look like twins! How nice that your grandson likes to read!

  8. Happy Birthday to both of your sons! Looks like a fun family day. It's so nice when everyone can come together and enjoy each other's company. Your sons and grandsons are all very handsome!

    Sending you best wishes for the photo shoot tomorrow. I know it will turn out fantastic, as always.


  9. Hi Karen,
    You sure don't look old enough to have kids that age! Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time, I'll have to take a family picture like that come our next get together:)
    Have a great time on your photo shoot:)

  10. What a lovely family you have, and how wonderful that you could all get together. Life is so busy these days, that it is difficult for families to gather. We just have to savor those moments when the opportunity comes along. Blessings to you.

  11. It's wonderful to see the whole family together. I bet no one cared what the cake looked like - but I know you don't do anything uynless you put your best into so you tried hard to make that gel work.

    Good luck with the photo shoot! I know it will be wonderful!

    hugs, Linda

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family. Isn't it amazing how fast they all grow up? My oldest son turned 40 this year and it just seemed incredible. Can't wait to see pictures of your photo shoot and hear all about it! Good luck, Dawn

  13. Karen, it looks like you have a great family weekend. I think your cake looked great. You should of seen the one I did for our reunion this weekend. It was sad... and I even forgot to take a picture of it.

    Your family picture is great. Its always so nice seeing everyone together.

    Take Care,

  14. Hi have a beautiful family....thats so nice when you all can get together...Good luck in your photo shoot tomorrow...Trena

  15. Wonderful family and a great picture.

    Enjoy the photo shoot. I will be anxiously waiting to hear how it went.


  16. Looks like you all had a great day. You do not look old enough to have kids in their 40's. You must have gotten married when you were! You have a very nice family! ~Dan~

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment.

    What great photos of your family.

    Congrats on your magazine feature too!


  18. I love your family photos. Everyone looks so comfy and cozy in your home.


  19. What a great family photo - How lucky you are to be able to all get together to celebrate. I never get tired of looking at your house - full of inspiration. Can't wait to see it in the new spread.


  20. What a great looking family! Those grandchildren of yours are just precious! I don't think men generally care about what it looks like, just if it tastes good!(:
    Have fun on Tuesday Karen! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  21. Thanks for sharing your pictures - looked like everyone enjoyed the get-together! Good luck on the photo shoot! I'll have to try to get my hands on a copy.

  22. Hi Karen, Thanks for such nice compliments about the shop. It just keep evolving! Sure wish you could come visit some time, Dawn

  23. What a fun time! I love it when my kids are all home together! Good luck today! ♥

  24. What a beautiful family that you have!

  25. You have a beautiful family. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  26. What a wonderful time, to be with your family!It looks like you had a wonderful time.How exciting to have your home in these magazines! Have a blessed day!

  27. What a beautiful family!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  28. Karen, Beautful Family..Bless you All. Good Luck with your up and coming photo shoot.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox


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