Friday, November 20, 2009


Well this just isn’t like me but the past week has been such a turmoil I haven’t had any time to put things in their proper place….things are sitting everywhere from deliveries, making products (which I don’t do outside of the craft room) but I have been this week – hence the work tables in the family room and den.

I hate living in messes like this but if I put all the shipments away I will just have to bring them back out to mark prices and whatever else I have to do with them.

I feel so PIGGY! THIS IS JUST NOT ME! I need help…lol
So please don’t think this is how I live – normally it’s very picked up and company ready – tomorrow I clean and organize so I can start setting up my show….oh, you’ll see what I mean – look below! Very blurry though.

Den2 Actually I have been sewing here in the den so it is REALLY a mess.


Diningroom1 Deliveries that came today still in dining room

Yep!!!! 2 RUGS on the floor….we brought the top one down from the closet a couple days ago and laid it here so it would flatten out - The ends want to curl and Doug has been programming the cash register so that has been sitting here …HAVE YOU EVER!!!!

And here’s another dropping point. Window painting waiting to go up on back of house.
Now you know my dirty little story!


Today we received 3 shipments of orders for the show and my house smells like a Primitive store.
One was from a friend of mine who is having some of her Prim products at the show and I hope they last for the show – there are so many things I see that I want….YOU SHOULD SEE HER PRIMS….AND THE PRICES ARE LOW!

Then I received an order from Pine Patch  Primitives.
I received the little candles I posted about in another post and dried sliced whole oranges rolled in cloves and packaged so cute! The aroma is intoxicating girls!!!

And another order was from Miss Maddie Maries Dips – new this year for us. We will have some of each made up for testing – I hope they sell.

Hopefully when we get the show set up next week I can get some real good photos of all the products and set-ups.


Now about Darren….he went up for surgery yesterday at 5 pm and came back down to his room at 10:45 – long haul for Doug and MaryAnn who was up there waiting. They had a bit of a time trying to get him comfortable. The surgery was from the back of the neck so he was on his stomach and then after surgery they had to turn him and that caused the pain. Last months surgery wasn’t painful he said but this one is deep because they had to cut all the muscles.

They scraped the bone and removed a bone growth and removed fragments from the last surgery…all of which was causing the nerve to be pinched and very little use of his arm. And put in a rod.

They knew this surgery would be needed but not so quickly – they normally don’t do the front and back at the same time for good reason!
But his muscles were atrophying quickly and this was needed too prevent permanent damage

Doug went up this morning and he was up by himself and walking around. Still very painful but he feels good. Dr. said he can come home tomorrow.
I told him there were many prayers out there for him and he said THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Finally I’m feeling my self again so hopefully I can  go see Darren when he gets back home.



  1. Hi Karen.....I have been thinking about you this week and all that you have to do to prepare for the show.
    Glad to hear that Darren will be home soon.
    Gee, I wish I lived close enough that I could come and help you clean.
    LOL....then I could get first dibs to buy all of the goodies before they are gone!
    Have a good weekend and remember to

  2. Karen:
    I'm thinking of your hectic life these days and praying for you and for Darren.. So thankful his surgery was succesful and that he can be home again.
    I hope your home show will be even more succesful than last year.

    I'll be praying for you and Doug during your show.. much success, dearie..

  3. Great news that the surgery is behind your son, and his healing has begun. I am happy to read that you'll be posting some photos of your offerings, because I am just so excited to get a tast of the goodies you'll have for sale!

  4. I hope your son's recovery is speedy and less painful each day!!

    I can't live in messes either but sometimes they happen! My desk looks like yours right now so you have company!

    Have a great weekend and I hope you get a lot accomplished!!

  5. If I lived closer I would come over and give you a hand. I hope your son continues to get better with each day.


  6. Hi Karen!
    Don't worry, my house has been in turmoil lately too!! I have been busy getting ready to host Turkey Day here and I have been doing some crafting, baking, etc. I can't wait to see the photos of all your "show Stuff" when you get it set up! I wish you best of luck! Next year.. I want to come!! I will say a prayer for Doug that he heals quickly and is in less and less pain daily. Take care and many warm and caring thoughts are headed your way from this Minnesota neighbor of yours!!

  7. Hey Karen,
    Well I love ya dearly but my OCD is kicking in. My house looks about the same tonight. have my show tomorrow. I told my hubby to close his eyes when he walked in the house. I have sweet annie droppings everywhere. Can't wait to see pics(I know I know told you before :) I've been praying for your family, and you will all continue to be in my thoughts :0

    P.s Dont look at my blog looks like my family room. Still no camera. Oh well..I'll live until I can find the right one :)

  8. So glad to hear that Darren is doing well! I know that has to be a relief for you.
    How are you feeling?
    I'm the same way with messes. I have to clean up one before I can start on another.
    Hope your show is a success!

  9. Karen,
    So glad Darren will be getting to go home and that the surgery went well. I hope he isn't in much pain for too long.
    It's hard to be neat and productive at the same time. I always have a mess when I'm trying to be creative! I know your house will be just perfect come showtime! Can't wait to see the pics.
    Glad you're feeling better!

  10. I don't know how you do it all! I don't think that was a bad mess at all. I sewed a little ya wanna see a mess? Do you sell your things to others online? I can't wait to see what all you have. I am glad the surgery went well and I am happy you are feeling better.

  11. Karen,
    So glad that Darren is on the mend and that you are feeling better, too. My house is a wreck right now but I'm painting the living room so I have stuff everywhere. I can hardly stand it.

  12. So glad to hear that Darren's surgery all went well. Now hopefully once the pain goes away, things will start looking up.

    If you would have never told us your house was all out of order, none of us would have know...LOL. But it's completely understandable. You have been and will continue to be once BUSY lady.

    Looking forward for some eye candy pictures :)

  13. Karen,

    Don't worry about your messes. With having a business inside your home it's probably a necessity sometimes. With kids and pets my house is hardly perfect. Glad your son is doing OK I will continue to pray for him.


  14. Wonderful news that Darren's surgery went well and that he is up and walking around.

    can't wait to see the pictures of your open house! I am sure everything will be wonderful and your home will be back to picture perfect in no time :0)

  15. Karen I have been in your beautiful country and didn't read about Darren having surgery again. I am glad that he is alright. obviously haven't been in a dirty house house was just cleanly cluttered with stuff for your home show. xxxRobby

  16. Karen,
    I've been thinking about you getting ready for your home I've been making goodies for my hoilday shows. 2 shows are now behind me with 1 more on Thanksgiving weekend. Best wishes on a wonderful show!!
    So glad to hear that Darren will be going home soon and am keeping you all in my prayers.
    hugs, Cindy

  17. I understand the "piggy house" . Mine was until last week. My best to you on your home show. Glad to hear about your son, may his recovery be a speedy one.

  18. Oh my goodness Karen...Darren's surgery sounds just awful! Thank God he is doing better though.

    Now...I love that line.."Now you know my dirty little story"...we all have those days dear where our houses are not what we want them to worries will have it beautiful again in no time!

    Wishing you a huge success with the show!

    Wishing you and your family a most joyous Thanksgiving :)

    hugs, Doreen

  19. Good Luck with your home show!Wish i lived close so i could attend. I'm in the same boat as you messy messy house. I've been stitching and knitting. Glad to hear your son is doing well. Can't wait till the weekend to use my snowman jar lid.LOL!!! Denise

  20. HI KAREN,
    Happy for you and your family that your son is recovering, GOOD!!!
    and dont worry about a messy house, a house is to live it and to have messes its part of it, I dont like to live in a mess but usually I am living on it!!!!!!!!!

  21. Karen, Take a deep breath! Everything will be in place soon. DD is getting on the train Monday am to head to my sister's early. We are letting her "skip" school Monday and Tuesday. The boys(DH, DS#1 DS#2) and I will follow on Wed. We are planning on coming to the open house on Friday. I can't wait! ~Ann

  22. Hi Karen,
    What a blessing to know that Darren is on the other side of surgery now. I do hope he recovers quickly and feels like himself again soon.
    Your home is a busy place right now, so don't fret the messes. It will be absolutely beautiful!! I wish I lived closer so I could come. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  23. Karen,

    So you ARE human!!!! LOL. It is great to see that we all don't live in spotless homes all the time.

    As for Darren, prayers for a quick recovery and less pain.


  24. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for coming by and all your sweet comments! Your house is so beautiful and certainly not too messy~ I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and that your family is all healthy soon. Hugs, Cindy in Wisconsin too!

  25. Hi Karen, Praying for you and Darren and am so glad the surgery was a success. Your sunroom is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see more pics. Wish I could come to your show.Sounds like it will be sooo... good.


  26. First off, Praise the Lord for Darren walking around so soon after that!!! That is awesome.

    I can relate to hating the mess, but having no other choice but to endure it. Since my shop is just outside my doors, and so small, I do much of my unpacking in the kitchen, and can be a messssssy job with styrofoam and filthy cardboard...

    Where do you do your show? In the house? I cannot wait to see pics of it set up!!


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