Sunday, November 8, 2009


I thought I would post again so soon after my last one because this week is going to be busy with orders, cleaning and STUFF!

Doug has been retired for 14 years now from management with UPS but since then he has been a part-time driver for LDV a place here in town that makes the SNAP-ON TOOL TRUCKS, GOVERNMENT VEHICLES of all kinds and now the biggie!!!!

He delivers the Tool Truck and lots of different command vehicles all over the US…but this one below he isn’t delivering…they are getting it themselves!

DR. OZ’S BUS! Yep, right here in little Burlington….it has been such a huge boost in the company, although they make lots of other vehicles that are just as impressive. Our son Darren works with these vehicles as well. So here’s the bus – it’s a doozy!

He drove me over there yesterday before going to the store so I could get some photos.


Dr.OzBus3 It looks like the design has stripes across the bus but it’s grayish/white words that barely show up…sort of subliminal messages


They also make bomb squad vehicles, police command vehicles, drug enforcement vehicles…and lots of others.

LDV has also been contracted by the BLUE MAN GROUP to make RIDE NEW YORK busses – they have several of them in the process and a couple already finished.
Here’s what they are – wish I had interior photos….they hold sideways theater seats so everyone can see the views as they are touring NY and there are TV monitors and plush leather seats – nothing left out.

RideNewYorkBus2 This is a view of the seating that’s in the process of being constructed.

Hope you enjoyed these!

Yesterday afternoon we visited Darren and his family – he looked pretty good but his week was a rough one – he’s getting a bit depressed because of the arm not working. This week he goes into Milwaukee and they are going to inject a dye and see if there is something besides swelling in there to cause the lack of use this far past surgery.
I think he looks pretty darned good though.
He has his right arm crossed but he has to help it to get there.
He took his brace off for a couple minutes while we were there to show us where the incision was  - it’s only about 3 inches.

Guess that’s all for me for now – I know it’s not decorating or crafting but it’s all I got girls.
I keep forgetting to take a picture of my adorable snowman pillow – maybe tomorrow if I remember. I finished them and packed them with the show items.

I really want to thank all the girls who have asked for an invitation to our home show – I can’t believe all the one’s wanting to come from so far away…I promise it will be worth it and you better let me know the second you walk in here!!!!

Hugs, Karen


  1. Hi Karen. Sounds like you have been one busy girl. Sure wish I could come to your home show, maybe someday. Hope you have a wonderful week, Dawn

  2. so THAT'S why I had a craving for primitives when I saw Snap On tool trucks and other such vehicles??? your message was there all faded like....LOL! wow, dr. oz bus? cool!

  3. Those are very cool vehicles Karen! I wondered who made things like that.
    I hope Darren finds out something positive about his arm. I'll keep him in my prayers.


  4. Karen:
    Interesting blog about the Dr.OZ busses.. so your hubby drives some of these or the smaller trucks.. We had a friend in Michigan who drove for " Snao-On Tools". Don't remember the company..

    Wishing you lots of success on your home show.. I used to be in one with two other ladies in Michigan.. I miss all that excitement.. miss the money, too . LOL

    So glad to see Darren is improving.. Pray for him to have total recovery soon..

  5. You sure have been one busy girl but your work is so beautiful! I could own one of each...LOL.

    Would I ever love to go to your home show...but I have a problem, you live to far...LOL You will have to take tons of pictures because I know it will be a blast and wonderful turnout.

  6. Hi Karen, I enjoyed your blog about Doug's work. I found it to be very interesting.

    I do hope that Darren isn't getting discouraged. I'm sure they will get to the bottom of it soon. Will pray for him to have a speedy recovery and that all is going to be all right.

    I would be there helping you to get ready for your show, if I didn't live so far away. Hope you have a wonderful turn out.


  7. Those vehicles are very neat! Im sure your home show will be great..wish I were closer. My hubby had shoulder surgery in the service, all alone they sent him back to the base on a train for 5 hours,one day after surgery(ouch)!!! We wish Darren well.

  8. Neat post, Karen :)

    I'm glad Darren is doin better,keeping him in my prayers...I so wish i was closer...I would LOVE to come to your in home show...I wish you the best, I know it will be a huge success :)

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Karen.......interesting to learn where all of those are made. In the first photo it looks like Dr. Oz's bus has your name right across the windshield. What good advertising, huh!
    Post again when your open house is so we can all be there in spirit!

  10. Don't apologize - what an interesting post!!

    First, I hope Darren gets some answers that aids in his recovery.

    And second, that was fascinating to see and learn about those vehicles. Way cool!!

    I sure wish I was close enough to make your open house - that would be a must do on my calendar!!

    Have a great week!

  11. So glad to hear your son is doing better...I'll still keep him in my prayers..
    I wish I lived closer that I could attend your show...I would love to see all your goodies...Good luck and I know you will have a wonderful show...
    Have a great week...

  12. I hope you definitely know I would be at your home show if I could. Your homemade goods are fabulous. I'm still praying for Darren too. Praying for a complete recovery for him and that he regains total use of his arm with no complications.
    How thrilling are all those busses you posted. I just love watching Dr. Oz.
    Enjoy your busy days Karen. Your show will be here before you know it.

  13. Hi Karen!
    I'm sure your home show will be a great success....oh...I really would like to be closer just to pay you a visit!!!
    Post soon some pics of your jobs!!


  14. Hi Karen!....yes the candles that I have recently discovered are Black Crow....I love the way they burn and I can't wait to try more of their scents!

    I hope your son will regain the use of his arm and be feeling better very soon!


  15. Karen,

    Learning about your husband's work and the cool vehicles. I will look for them on Interstate 43 as I head to your home show. WOOO EEE! See you soon.

  16. Karen, I am so glad that Darren is doing so well. I hope they can find the problem with hsi arm. I am hoping it is just swelling and nothing else.

    Real friends can talk about anything, especially real life, so don't worry that you post something that is not about decorating or prims. Family is more important than anything.

    Thsoe busses are awesome! One of my brothers used to work for a company that takes regular vehicles and makes them armored vehicles.

    Have a great week!

  17. Glad to hear that your son is doing well. Our neighbor up the road drives a Snap on tool truck. May you sell everything at your show!

  18. Hi Karen. Just LOVE your new header picture! Nothing says Christmas much more than an old red quilt!
    Sure hope Darren is doing better. I'll bet he is discouraged though, just be there to "prop" him up.
    I'll bet you're a busy little bee getting everything ready for your show. Can't wait to see pictures!
    Have a great day, Dawn


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