Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is my second time for doing this posting. Yesterday morning I got up early to watch the snow and all the neighbors and my husband work their butts off shoveling and snow blowing the heaviest snow I’ve seen in ages…no, I didn’t go out in it but I could see how often the ones snow blowing would stop and unplug the blades and others stop shoveling and rest on the shovel handle. Doug said you would pick up a shovel full and it would make a splat sound when it landed there was so much moisture in it.

Here are a couple pictures I took as it was coming down the night before.  I went out hoping to get good pictures but as from past experience with night time photos and snow – they just don’t turn out. I wish I could get a good shot of the yard all lit up but it’s not happening.

Snow 1


I also finished up decorating for Christmas…it’s very sparse this year.
After having all the show items up and all the greenery I decided to leave it minimal….I don’t have many photos because most would be a repeat of past years…I don’t vary much except put in a new item here and there but I did take a couple. Again, most are blurry because I wanted night pictures and they only turn out with the flash.
Most years I add greens and berries to my everyday decorating and it really makes it look like Christmas…easy decorating.

This is with no flash – side table in dining room
Christmas 2 blur
This is with the flash – huge difference!
Christmas decor 2

Christmas 3 blur

 Christmas 4 blur

Christmas decor 1

 Side Table in the kitchen
Christmas 5

So onward to the rest of the show pictures. My brother had a few left on his camera and sent them to me.
Mdse 1

Mdse 2

Mdse 3

Mdse 4

Mdse 5

Mdse 6 

And last – Darren sent us a picture of his scar from the last surgery 3 weeks ago….and an update….there is no improvement in the right arm. Very sad that the right arm was perfect going in! I pray therapy will bring it back…please pray with me. The picture came from his cell phone so it’s not too good – but you can see the size of this thing – he said it’s 10 inches!
 Darrens Scar

I hope you all are ready for Christmas. I wish I could say I was. I still have orders I’m sewing and I’m setting my goal to have the last of them in the mail Saturday. I’m not behind…just many orders at the last minute. I put Dec. 1 as the deadline but orders are still coming in and they are so nice to understand they won’t get them by Christmas. I love my customers…they are a supportive group of people with so much understanding.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend everyone

P.S. has anyone else had a really bad anonymous post lately?
I had one yesterday and it was horrible – no legible words but when you clicked on it a very bad porno site came up…I deleted it! Just beware.



  1. Karen, your pictures are awesome, especially the first two. They could be made into a postcard or Christmas card. All the other ones look so great too. Have a very Merry Christmas..Sherie

  2. Love your pictures, everything looks amazing!

  3. Beautiful pictures Karen. The snow sure is pretty but I so don't want any at my house. I know, wishful thinking on my part. I'm sure it will be here sooner or later.
    I will continue to pray for Darren. He has been thru enough already. Tell him not to give up just yet.
    Warm Cozy Hugs,

  4. Oh wow, what a incision! Even as a former nurse I winced a bit. What a shame that there hasn't been any welcomed progress so far. It'll take time. :(

    Thanks for the warning, I'll go back and check. I guess the time has come to screen comments.

    We got the same snow here in the LP...we shoveled and still must, it was wet, which means heavy! :(

  5. Hi Karen....I just love snow, it makes everything looks so pristine.

    The scar looks horrid and I'm so sorry to hear that the surgery was unsuccessful.

    With regards to the bad post, I haven't had any yet but have read of others having them so I decided to make my blog posts moderated so no one would have the misfortune of coming across one. If you clicked on a link in that post you mentioned you may have contracted a virus so you should run a virus scan. People post links so that when you click on it, it takes you to a page that will download hacking files onto your machine without you knowing!


  6. Karen, I think your photos are so pretty! I hope we have some snow this year. Maybe not as much as you got, but a little would be perfect!

    I will keep your son on my prayer list. My goodness! What a scar!

    I haven't had a bad commetn like you described and I hope I don't. YUK! You may need to scan your computer to make sure that you didn't catch anything from it.

    The only weird commetns I have gotten lately have been spammers. Someone even emailed me asking for money for a business venture! I put my email in a couple of posts becasue I had an online yard sale & auction and someone did that. I had to laugh about it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. Karen,
    Your home is so gorgeous & thanks for sharing. So glad you are almost done with orders ~ you need to rest, girl! I had to switch to blogger approval because of anon. comments.
    Stay warm

  8. Karen, I love your pictures, very simple and really nice. Oh my goodness, your sons picture! I will continue to pray for him. What a beautiful snowfall too!


  9. Your pictures are awesome. The outside ones are very pretty, too.

    I will steadily pray for Darren. I am wondering if something like this just takes time to get back to normal? I hope that is it.

    I hope you are getting some much needed rest, too. We all need to step back and take time off at some point.


  10. Karen,
    Your outside looks so pretty but COLD!!! Brrr!
    Your home is amazing as Always!!
    Im loving your Christmas decor photos!!
    I will continue to send my prayers and possitive thoughts out for Darren.
    Take Care Sweetheart!!

  11. Hi Karen......while watching the weather reports lately I thought perhaps your area had received quite a bit of snow. The photos are really pretty.
    That is quite a scar.......hoping for the therapy to help him.
    Have a good day!

  12. love your pictures. every thing is so beautiful. i'm so jealous of your snow. i think there have been a lot of weird post going around lately. people who are on facebook were getting them .come to find out it was a virus and smeone had "hacked" them. i hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas. denise P.S. my daughter and i love our snowman jar toppers.

  13. Karen, what amazing pictures... this post and your last. I would have LOVED to have been there. The jar toppers are the best! Do you have a pattern for them? I miss out on going to any shows this time of year - I'm always the one having them too!
    Send a ~*little*~ snow this way!

  14. Karen.Although the snow is a pain,doesn't it just finish off everything that's Christmas?We very rarely get snow here living next to the sea!!Your home looks beautiful as usual and your christmas décor is very tasteful.Happy holidays!

  15. Karen,

    I am like you I like taking pictures at night with no flash. But everything looks great. Have a question though what are your curtains made from? Oh and the outside pictures are wonderful and getting me in the mood for Christmas. We got a dusting of snow, but it is cold cold cold in the single digits.

    That is a big scar, but it's healing nicely. I'll say an extra prayer about his arm.


  16. Hi Karen, I love your night pictures! They are so peaceful. Everything looks wonderful, as usual and can't wait to see more. Poor Darren, what a scar! We'll all be sending him our support. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  17. Love all the eye candy that you shared...everything looks great!!! The snow is really pretty...we got just a dusting, but we sure got some high winds and below 0 wind chills.
    Take care and stay warm,

  18. Darren's scar looks ouchie!!!! I sure hope he gets better!!!

    The snow looks Doug isn't pleased with it and the extra work involved in shovelling it!

    I have my comments moderated because I was getting weird porno ones though...sheeessshhh...people are annoying!!!

    Robin got the parcel. Thanks yet again...(hugs and kisses)


  19. I think I like the pictures without the flash more - they're just so pretty.
    Darren certainly has been through the mill.

    Merry Christmas to you and Doug!

  20. Your decorations look great Karen! And thank you for the beautiful Christmas card you sent me thru the CS forum card swap! I have just started my blog and would be honored if you could check it out and become a follower! Poor Darren, that scar looks so painful! I will keep him in my prayers that he will see improvement in his right arm.

  21. Loved all your pictures. I am so sorry to hear your son isn't seeing any improvement. I can't imagine what he's going through. Praying for all of you.

  22. Hi Karen!
    First I want to send prayers for Darren for positive results with the therapy. Poor guy has really been through it lately...and mom too!
    Your house looks amazing, and the show pictures are wonderful!
    We only got a dusting of snow, with the bitter cold. Not a fan of temps in the teens!
    I would like to have snow on Christmas, but it's always hit or miss in my area.
    Have a relaxing weekend Karen!

  23. I adore your home! I love primitive decorating. It looks so homey and cheery. Thank you for taking us on a tour of your home.

  24. love the pictres Karen, your home always looks so warm & inviting


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