Saturday, February 13, 2010


My husband said I should buy Lottery tickets with the luck I have been having this week.

First I won that adorable bunny from Brenda over at The Rusty Thimble and now these darling letters from Dan at

I got to choose 4 letters and the colors I wanted so I got one for Joseph, Aidan and Emily and then one for myself…aren’t they cute!!!!


And then if that’s not enough….from Deb over at  I won her drawing! I will show you that later after I receive her goodies! She is also a member of my POPULAR SELLING BLOGS blog as well. THANKS DEB!

Oh it has been so cold here – yesterday morning it was 12 degrees and didn’t warm up much throughout the day so what a perfect time for a pot of Chili and hot bread.

I was busy with a wholesale order so Doug went about doing the shopping for the ingredients and put it all together….one of the things he does wonderfully.

When he was in management with UPS he often treated his drivers with a Chili supper when they came in from a snowy days run…and it was received with huge THANK YOU’S…so he probably make a better pot of Chili than I do plus he made a loaf of bread…not homemade but close to it for him….and it was delicious! So that was our dinner last night…no Friday Night Fish Fry here this week…..and oh, so much better

For two days straight we went into Janesville to meet my brother and his wife for lunch – something we haven’t done in ages…kind of felt like a vacation with lunches, shopping and visiting…but it sure does cost us when we go. Seems we always find things we NEED…lol
This time though we did get a great Memory Foam Mattress Topper at Kohl’s – we have been thinking of a different mattress but decided to try this instead and we love it. Only been on two nights but wow, no pressure point and with my bad back, hips and shoulder I haven’t felt a thing! I would recommend it to anyone.

But OMGosh….we had a high bed to start with and now there’s 4 more inches added to it…..I always had a bedside stool and now I really need it!
The memory foam goes in between the skirt and the topper in a zipper enclosure….and these aren’t my hands or my bed…web picture.

Have a wonderful Saturday and an even better Sunday – VALENTINE’S DAY!


  1. Wow Karen, you are a lucky girl! I agree, you need to go get some lottery tickets. The chili looks yummy and the bread, warm and tasty. I just told the DH last night, that I want to go to Kohl's today and get a memory foam mattress cover. I see you beat me to it! I didn't know they had 4". I thought the thickest was 3". If my store has the 4", I'm getting it! After looking at the picture, I'm now wondering if I can still use my dust ruffle.

    Have a great day!

  2. Karen~ I am so glad that your letters arrived safely and that you like them. Your chili looks good. This is sure chili weather. I hope you mattress makes your back feel better. I hope you have a great weekend! ~Dan~

  3. Congrats on the wonderful luck you've been having Karen! I hope that mattress topper does the trick for you, I've heard that they make a world of difference!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Karen,
    Good for you on your winnings. We got a memory foam last year at Kohls ~ love it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Woo Hoo! You are on a roll! Love Brenda's bunnies. I had to buy from her sale yesterday. I would love to win the one she has up now! Sounds like a fun lunch and shopping. What time is dinner? LOL!

  6. Congratulations on your are a lucky gal for sure!

    We got a memory foam topper a few weeks ago at Sam's Club. I love it as well. Makes waking up a lot nicer, but like you, I really need the stool at the bedside. From floor to the top of the mattress is 37" now. Our naughty Lab can still make the jump but Mama can't without help...LOL!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  7. Congratulations on your wins!!! The letters are great. We have a mattress pad similar to that and they are nice and I know what you mean about it being high; but, that's ok, I like the look of the bed and also the feel of it when you crawl it and it is so comfy.

    Have a great Valentines.

  8. Hey Karen congrads on all your wins.I had chili a couple nights ago it just hits the spot on a cold night.I too just got a memory foam topper for my bed about 6 weeks ago and I love it.I have arthritis in my spine and it has sure helped with that I can finally sleep all night without waking every time I try to move.Have a great weekend and a very Happy Valentines Day.

  9. Wow! Contratulations! Yummy! And I want one of those for on my mattress! What a great idea!! I was just thinking it might be time to replace, but not for funds...I will check that out!

    Meantime...stay warm! I am very tired of winter this year...Looking forward to flowers!!

  10. You are so lucky! Congrats on all of your wins! I LOVE your mattress topper. I will have to check that out. I started to make chili today but made Taco soup instead. Yummy.

  11. I agree with you, you do need to go out and purchase yourself a lottery ticket. Congratulations on all your wins. There are ALOT of talented ladies out there.

    I wish we could say it's only 12...we have been having some really cold nights here, going as low as -25. I think we all are ready for some Spring weather. It has felt like a long winter...

  12. Woot Woot, you go girl! Congrats on the good luck run...quick run out and get that lottery ticket! ;-)
    Chili and hot bread...One of my favorites, and yours sure looks yummy!
    Stay warm my friend!

  13. You are a lucky duck this week!!! Congrats...
    The Chili looks great! hmmm maybe i will have to make some.

    Happy Valentines Day

  14. Oh Karen, I can't thank you enough for the mattress topper info...We have also been thinking about getting a new matress set, but at $1500 for a new king set, we keep putting it off. So happy to hear this has helped you. I am definately going to buy one and hope it helps my severe back pain. Oh, and the Chili looks delish!

  15. Ohhh..memory wonderful :) will not want to get out of bed..we have a feather bed and my goodness is it wonderful!

    You certainly are having some wonderful luck lately..I agree with Doug...perhaps its time to purchase a lottery ticket!

    Cold here too...and your chili looks scrumptious..wish I could come by for a visit.

    Wishing you a wonderful Valentines day
    Hugs, Doreen

  16. Oh you are one lucky girl!!

    I hope you enjoy your toppper - much cheaper than a whole new set for sure!

    Happy Valentine's day!!

  17. Congrats on all of your winnings!

    Looks like hubby is a wonderful cook! Mine is too and didn't know a thing about cooking when we first got married, 23 yrs. ago today!

    Hope you're having a wonderful V~Day w/your honey!

    I'm a new blogger, so please feel free to stop by soon.

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  19. Congrats on your winnings! And your photos amde me hungry! Nothing better for a cold winters day!
    Have a great week, Karen!

  20. Wow, you sure have been one fortunate girl!

    I enjoyed reading your story about Doug. I'm sure his workers loved him! It's not too often that management would even thank an employee, but to fix them a good home cooked dinner would be awesome!!!

  21. How lucky you are Karen to win such lovely tems from wonderful crafters. Go buy those lottery tickets.


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