Thursday, February 4, 2010

Window Sitter Tutorial

I know I haven’t posted much lately because it has been quite busy here with orders, but I do check in on as many of you as I can

I do want to share something fun with you today - and I have her link posted in the side bar but today you just have to go visit to check out her adorable tutorial for a WINDOW SITTER…it’s the easiest and cutest darned thing. I do believe even I could do it! And again, you will get a giggle from her dialog!

Check it out!

Full Window Sitter

Well, I was going to head to Pennsylvania today for the Wholesale show in Valley Forge but plans changed – things just didn’t flow like I had hoped and so I chucked the idea. Not very happy about it but that’s life I guess.

I don’t even have any fun pictures to post for you today…haven’t bought anything new in a long while so I can’t share anything like that…but oh, I would have lots to show if I had headed to PA!  Oh, who knows, I just might take off tomorrow anyway.

Oh, I did make a new Candle Hugger for a customer – she has ordered every candle hugger I have made many times over…placing orders for 10-12 at a time. Gotta love a customer like that.

She needed one for a wedding this month and asked for something in black and white with wedding bells…so here’s what I made. Hope she likes it.

Bell Hugger 

That’s all for me today – I guess I surprised myself with information today…didn’t think I had anything to put here but I fooled myself.

Hugs, Karen


  1. Karen, I haven't bought anything new in a while either. LOL. So I know where you are coming from.

    Be careful if you do head to Pa as even here in Ohio we are expecting some snow tomorrow.


  2. I was going to warn you of the big BIG snowstorm that PA is expecting as well so please check the weather carefully if you do decide to go.

  3. Yep, we are supposed to get about 6 to 8 inches starting tomorrow (Friday} a war♥ning will go across the tv every once in a while.

    I love the candle hug I ordered from you and always use it! Now I have to check out the link you posted.


  4. Hi Karen....well I see others are thinking along the same lines as I was also going to warn you about the big snow storm that is expected in PA! They're saying feet!


  5. GOSH, THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR THE WEATHER UPDATES...Guess I had better rethink this more carefully.

  6. that candle hugger is too cute!!

  7. Love the Candle Hugger Karen! It is too cute!
    Have a great day!

    Prim Blessings,

  8. Karen, we enjoy reading what you post, no matter what it is.
    I love the duck decoy in your header. So original looking. Is it an antique? It looks like it.
    I hope you can make it to the show tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. Candle hugger's cute. Thanks for sending me over to Primfil. You are right. Sweet blog.Stay warm & safe; we are suppose to be getting 8 inches of the white stuff tomorrow.

  10. Karen~ Your candle hugger is really cute! I am sure your customer will love it! I will check out the new blog primfills. It sounds great! ~Dan~

  11. HI Karen! Man am I glad I'm not going to PA tomorrow! ALL that snow! LOL Here in Ut we are going to have sun I think! I hope!
    Love the new? look of your blog!
    Thanks for the link. I'm going there now to have a look see!
    Enjoy your day.

  12. Karen xoxoxox I am just so touched beyond words. Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. Thank you from the very bottom of my lil' ole heart Karen. I was so blessed to have stumbled across your yard sale because I have felt the warmth of friendship ever since.

    Thank you xoxox

    And AHH! Oh my gosh! I just love the wedding bells candle hugger! It is absolutely adorable! Karen I have been saving up my prim allowance money (lol) so don't be surprised when I come a shoppin' over at KM Primitives and buy out all your pineapple and crow items as a birthday gift to myself in a few months! xoxoxox

    With love,

  13. Cute wedding bells, you're so good at what you do! I hope the weather isn't bad, I know they are calling for a real bad one here in the mountains of Virginia. I just hope there isn't any ice!!! Yikes!!

  14. Hey Karen, I too wished I could have made it to the Valley Forge show. I went to the one two weeks ago and loved it...I still didn't show everything I found there.
    Guess we'll both be sitting at home, wishing away about all the goodies we could have seen and picked up! :)

  15. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I would love to go to the Valley forge market some year. I grew up only 15 miles from there. Someday I will have built up a business big enough to justify the trip! Heard the weather will be bad so maybe it's better that you didn't go.

  16. Just thought I would give you the latest weather from Lancaster, they are predicting 8-12", even more in the Phila area!! Sounds like Midwestern weather, huh, LOL

  17. Hi Linda...thanks so much for the update.
    I'm really glad I decided to scratch my plans.

  18. Well...I will be right in the middle of all that snow - but not going to Market Square until Monday so the roads should be good - I am sure the store will be closed on Saturday - Time for WINTER to go away!!!
    Cool candle hugger - you have great creative ideas! Judy

  19. Well here I am in the frozen tundra of Philly. I had hoped to run into you Karen!!! I am from NH so I thought big deal ....snow. Well, they are warning us its going to be no power, blizzard, blocked roads. Hope not to be stuck in a hotel for nothin'. I wanna shop!
    Glad your home safe, but dissappointed I couldn't find/meet you here!
    Dale Elizabeth

  20. Wish I could go to that show, but it would be about a 12 hour ride for me!
    If you went, ya gotta post photos for us to see. :)


  21. Karen - be glad that you didn't make the trek to Valley Forge - here in Lancaster we have almost 2 feet of snow and the Philadelphia totals are over 26". It's a total mess and will freeze up tonight. I'm only a little over an hour from the show and I didn't even chance it!!!



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