Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Sure Where It’s Going!

I have placed my new cupboard in several places and finally decided to leave it on our dresser until we start bringing up our Spring decor and re-arrange things in the house….I don’t want to start pounding more nails and then not like it where I put it.
So this works out nicely – I just removed 2 pegs from the peg rail and it fits on the dresser nicely – I actually like it but need to find something different instead of the basket – guess that’s next on my list.
It might be a little lamp I bought from Colonial Tin Works a few weeks back…but after putting it there it looks very tiny for the space.


Here’s the lamp on our bedside table – It’s only 16 inches high.

Here’s the Reflector lamp that’s to come soon – it’s on back order….but it’s only 16 inches tall as well so it probably won’t work either. Any suggestions?
Reflector Lamp

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Yesterday we went back home to Janesville for a surprise 70th birthday party for my sister Shirley – her kids put on the party and lots of Shirley’s friends and relatives showed up so it was a huge surprise for her. The food was awesome…all the kids made it and there was tons of it and the cake was delicious!
Myself, my brother Gene and sister Shirley
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Now…may I say there is a very talented lady out there named Maurine!
She makes some of the most beautiful sewn items and I just received one of them!
A couple weeks ago she posted a picture of an adorable bunny so I thought just maybe she could make the same thing only a sheep…AND SHE DID….she was gracious enough to send me one ‘just because’.
HOW HAVE I GOTTEN SO LUCKY TO RECEIVE 2 WONDERFUL ‘JUST BECAUSE’ GIFTS IN TWO WEEKS….I must have some lucky stars shining down on me! THANK YOU MAURINE…he’s absolutely beautiful!

What a beautiful week we have had here…most days it has reached into the low 40’s and sunny so it has helped take down those mounds of white stuff out there…and the ground isn’t too frozen so the water is soaking in nicely which is great.

This has been a very busy week with going to my brothers, shopping, getting orders out and going to parties – today is a relaxing day. Catching up on e-mails, blogs and sewing orders after I get off of the computer. A nap even sounds good to me and I NEVER NAP!

Have a wonderful Sunday and start to your week…bless all of you and thank you so much for visiting.

Hugs, Karen


  1. Karen~ I love your cupboard. I think it looks great where you have it. I also really like the sheep that you received. That was so nice of her to send it to you "just because". It looks like you had a lot of fun at your sister's birthday party. I bet she was really surprised. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, and that the coming week is a relaxing one! ~Dan~

  2. Happy Sunday Karen..............
    I just love your two little lamps and that cupboard as well. Glad to hear you are having a relaxing day.
    It is so nice and sunny I am making potato salad right now! We are tired of "winter" food!

  3. your lamps are lovely! The cupboard is perfect and what a sweet prim sheep! I love all your goodies! Tell me about your peg rack - is that one long one, or did you buy several and install them together? I am thinking of getting some..

  4. Hi Karen!

    That cabinet is just darling!! I think it looks wonderful just where it is!! And those 2 lamps are perfect for your colonial home.

    I hope you are enjoying your relaxing day!!

  5. Hi Karen
    I love your new cabinet and lamps!!!! Especially the one on your night table.
    What a great looking prim sheep too, love it!!


  6. That is one cute cabinet. I really like the color! Oh do I ever love your first light you showed. It's just so cute :)

  7. Hi Karen, love your cupboard. It is so neat and will probably look great wherever you use it. If you think the lamp is to small for that area, have you thought about building it up by placing it on some old books? Sometimes that will work, if things don't seem balanced enough.
    Hope you have a good week. We are suppose to have several days in the 60's here in S.C. Wish I could send some of this spring-like weather your way!
    Prim friend, Sherrie

  8. Hi Karen! that cupboard you got! if you wanted to use one of those lamps and the only problem is that they're too short then just set it on top of something....a candle box, a couple of books, or a small stool or little bench even!....have fun!


  9. Karen, I love where you put your cupboard. You have such a BEAUTIFUL home. I love everything.

    Your Home is the real COLONIAL STYLE!!!!!!!!!!

    You are the "Queen Bee" of colonial.

    The picture of your brother and sister was great. A memory that will last a life time!!!!

    Hugs and lots of love,

  10. I am so a lamp and light person. I especially love the light on your bedside table. Your cupboard is beautiful. It will look perfect no matter where you end up hanging it.
    Enjoy your week,

  11. Everything looks very nice Karen! I love the color of blue and that little sheep is too cute.


  12. Oh Karen, what a cute little cupboard and it looks great in your bedroom with the pegboard surrounding it! I was just wondering, are you planning on going to Columbus this month? I think Dick and I are both going this time. Let me know, Dawn

  13. Love, love, love that cupboard and the lamp, Karen! I'm such a fan of the decor of your bedroom anyway! It's one of my very favorite bedrooms ever. I love the pegboard and the positioning of your bed in there!

    Cute little lamb too!

    Have a great rest of the week, Karen! :)


  14. Karen, you are surely blessed my friend! But I know you know that already! Sounds like a wonderful week, although it was a busy one. You really are a beautiful lady, I love that picture of you and your siblings.


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