Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where’s Lola?

I thought this being a Rainy Sunday I would lift my spirits
and look at pictures today and a thought came to me…Lola makes me giggle. She’s my ‘friend’ and gets into the most silly spots and over the last few years I snapped pictures when
I could before she would move when she saw me making
a moving …not because she was scared I’d chase her out,
but she would move thinking I was going to go
someplace else and wanted to be with me!
Her little brain must have been thinking
“where you going now, where you going now!”

Nothing brain worthy…just an escape from the day…Enjoy

Packing suitcases for a trip….Lola 03

Getting wreath ready to hangLola4



Stack of pillows I had just made, see her little tail
sticking out over the sheep!

Trying to set up for Home Show….
Lola in crate1

And her favorite place at Christmas was inside the
fence…I had cotton stuffed around the tree

I see my following is at 443….when I reach 500 I am going to have a wonderful Give A-way!



  1. LOL, these are too funny Karen! What a sweetie, I love the suitcase one:D

  2. How sweet Karen!!
    I have a cat a lot like that also.
    His name is Charlie. I never know what he is going to do next. Plus he is Mommy's shadow!!
    Where ever I go, he's not far behind. :)
    Thanks for the adorable post. Loved the pictures, they made to smile and giggle!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Hey Karen, I thought I was following..but I brought it up by one..Your cat is beautiful..don'tcha just love that they can get comfy anywhere..does she sit in your jammies/pants when you are on the potty? have a wonderful sunday.:)

  4. Hi, Karen,
    I love the photos...the one in the little fence is my fav.
    My Callie does the same thing...follows me and supports my every project and chore...

    Happy Spring ~Natalie

  5. Lola is lovely, what breed is she? My Bella and Charlie are fun. Bella is our indoor and Charlie is our outdoor baby, it was rainy yesterday evening, so I went out and brought Charlie in the garage for the night, he was so happy..
    Have a great day!

  6. those pics are wonderful!! my cat is also my friend....especially since I live alone now, she goes where I go....but I love her to death. She is about 13 years old but you would never know it. Thanks for sharing the pics they were great and made me laugh. We are having a rainy Sunday too...good day to lay around and do nothing.

    Jill from NY and CS message board

  7. Quite a few years ago I had a kitty. When was really tiny he used to hide behind things like the TV or in a boot. I would call for him for what seemed like forever with no response at all. We had found him on the side of the road, and the vet judged him to be about 4 weeks old. We thought he was just scared and wanted to hide somewhere safe. At the next checkup we discovered that he was deaf...he was a beautiful white long hair with blue eyes! If he was awake, he was wherever we were even with the dogs...asleep he had no idea what was happening!

    Your Lola is so pretty, and the jeans shot is my faorite..too cute!


  8. What great pictures and a fun post! There's nothing like having an animal for your best friend - mine is my Rosie dog. Hope the sunshine reaches your neck of the woods soon, Dawn

  9. This post made me laugh..What a true friend she is!!!~~hugs,Jen

  10. Just like my to be in everything Im doing!! Your Lola is adoreable! Love the pillows too!

  11. Karen, this was so cute! I love those pictures and Lola is a beautiful kitty!

  12. It is a miserable cold, rainy and windy day today, isn't it? Your photos gave me just the warm feeling inside that I needed to get the dampness out of my bones. Your Lola is delightful. I don't get the people who say they don't like cats. They are missing out on a fulfilling and different dimension of pet owning and loving!

  13. Karen ~
    Love all the Lola pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    What a wonderful header photo. Do the pantry boxes belong to you? And what is the piece they are sitting on? It's hard to tell by the photo.
    Pug hugs :)

  14. She is just precious Karen! My feline daughter Katie brings me so much joy as well!


  15. Too cute! I just love kitties and Lola is so pretty! What a sweet face! Our son is very allergic so we won't have one anymore - but we sure do miss them!!

  16. Lola looks so sweet and happy when she is near you or what ever you are doing lol.I have 4 kitties and if I bring in something new whether it be a bag of groceries or a piece of furniture they are all over it.Even if I move something from one place to another they can't leave it alone.But then they curl all up and look so innocent you can't help but giggle alittle and love them.

  17. Miss lola certainly is photogenic. I love the one under the tree. The fence around her is just perfect!!

  18. Karen~

    Great pictures of Lola! Animals bring so much joy to our lives. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


  19. Karen,
    What great pictures of Lola!! She is just adorable!! We used to have kitties, but our youngest DD, my mother, and my FIL are all allergic to I haven't had any kitties for years now.

  20. Darling pictures. You can tell she loves you because she likes to be around things that belong to you and have your scents on them. Aren't pets the greatest thing.


  21. I became a follower, and I love the kitty pictures! I should start taking more of mine in those kinds of spots!

  22. Aw, makes me want to have a kitty inside again... =)

  23. Lola is so cute and I love all the places you found her..Funny post..It made me smile..

  24. Karen, love your kitty pics! Cats sure do get into some of the most unusual places don't they.


  25. I love Lola! What a pretty kitty! Ans she gets in the funniest places!

  26. Karen - Lola inside of the wreath is a priceless photograph and a definite Kodak moment!! ~.~

  27. Lola appears to love the camera. Looks like she loves little areas where she can snuggle in and sleep. Sounds perfect for a rainy day!!


  28. What a sweet little cat. I wish I photographed as good as she does!!
    Enjoy your week Karen.

  29. So sweet! I had a cat that loved to sleep inside an antique bird cage I had. I have photos someplace, this was pre-digital cameras! She too would hide in some of the funniest places. I loved the photos!

  30. How cute it that....We used to have one that would do the same thing as Lola...they were forever finding places to snuggle into...
    Adorable pictures for a dreary Sunday...
    Prim hugs,

  31. Lola must miss you when you go!
    I loved the picture of her sleeping inside the fence! What a hoot! Looks like she would have been squished! LOL
    Makes me want a Lola too :-D
    Enjoy your day.

  32. She's such a sweetie! I love animals....their love is so unconditonal! Thanks for sharing, I love seeing animal pics.

  33. I just found your great blog!!! I love the kitty pics! We have 6 cats around here so I can totally relate!!!! Beautiful cat!!!

  34. It's so nice to be loved! She looks so sweet and calm...Such a sweet face. Thanks for sharing!


  35. Hi Karen: I love the pics. of Lola and so glad she is better from her last bout with illness.. I have one who must be her twin! Want to do one more post before I let my blog out to the world; am still struggling but getting help this week with Windows Live Writer which seems easy but I am stuck again. Have a great week and THANKS! Joy-Redesigngal

  36. Karen, that cat is so funny. I love her devil may care attitude.Its like "let the camera roll, I am what I am!!!"

  37. Hi Karen,

    What a sweet post :)
    It's funny the things our furry little pets do.
    They bring such joy to us...


  38. Oh how I adore your sweet kitty cat pictures. My cats are the same way. Everywhere I go, there they are. Love them!


  39. Karen,
    Lola is sooooo cute! Love all of the pictures.

  40. Oh my goodness!! That is the sweetest thing! Lola is so adorable. I love how she finds the softest spots she can to sit. My favorite picture is where she is sitting with all the pillows you made... too cute!


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