Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where have I been!!!!

Well let me tell ya!

The past couple weeks have been very busy
and hectic and I haven’t been around much…..let alone on the computer catching up on everything
you all are doing and I miss you guys – sorry
I haven’t posted or commented.

My last surviving aunt is ill and I’ve been helping my brother and sister in-law with her….I won’t go into detail but I haven’t been home.

My last day there this week was Sunday and it was soooo hot – and when I had left to go down there (it’s an hour away) I had all the windows open and didn’t get home till around 7 pm and it was like an oven in here – so I closed up the house, turned on the air and it ran and ran but not much change…it was 87 in here when I got home and after it ran all that night it still was only 78 by morning.
Needless to say the Freon is gone and needs a charge…pray I don’t need a new air conditioner. We’ve been babying this one for so long now
I think our luck has run out….but still hoping
that’s all it needs.

So yesterday I ran the air but no change in the inside temp…registered 77 all day then I realized the air con wasn’t running, just the fan…yikes! What now. So I turned it off and let it rest and then before I went to bed I turned it back on….sounded like it was running but this morning it was still 77-78!
So now it’s off and just the fan is running…I’ll just wear less clothes….ya right!

Here’s the temp yesterday at noon….still reading 77 indoors! It’s not unbearable by any means, but with the house closed up and the fans on to keep the air moving and the humidity out…it’s darned stuffy.
So today I’m sitting in the screen room with
the fans on and it’s kind of okay…but the temp
right now outside is 84 so I guess it’s going to
be one hot day here.

I just took these pictures of what I’m seeing while sitting here doing nothing for a change!

They’re through the screens so won’t be clear

Not a breeze at all….my new flag is sadly hanging
I love hearing a flag flap in the breeze don’t you?
New Flag

My Pineapple water fountain in the side garden…one of my favorite spots to look at.

The view whenever I’m in the screen room.
Still no flowers on my plants but soon I hope!
View 2

And look who’s totally enjoying all this heat! 
Lola sleeps here from the time we let her
out there till bedtime
Lola sleeping

View 1

Guess I don’t have a lot to say today but wanted
you all to know why I haven’t been around.
I’m going to be checking in on your blogs today
and tomorrow when I get the chance…..so be watching for me to pop in on ya!

Oh, Darren sent me a picture he took with his phone yesterday of Aidan….the green pool is giving a green reflection so it doesn’t look too clear
He has wet head from dunking!
Aidan in pool


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See you later everyone – stay cool!



  1. oh here you are...I was getting worried about ya, just assumed you have have been busy and I see that you have been..and I toooo dread having to spend 1000's of dollars replacing our ac units...ours will will need to be replaced in a couple of yrs our AC guy said..UGH! and why do they tear up on the hottest dang day?

  2. Your grandson is a cutie!!! I'm loving this weather! It's a true motivation for me which is good for the craft show inventory!

    Love your towels!! It's funny because I made some up last week with pockets!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the a/c. We had the same issue several years ago but with the heat. The heat pump went out the first of January and it was about 20 degrees out. But we have a fireplace and lots of quilts. You can always put on more clothes but only take off so many !! Sorry, just had to throw that in!

    Bet the garden is loving the heat!!

  4. Karen,

    Your screened~in porch looks wonderful, but the heat is no fun! Thank goodness for fans! LOL

    Enjoyed your pics~adorable grandson too!

    Come check out my very first Americana give~away when you get a chance.


  5. I'm very sorry to hear about your Aunts failing health. I will be praying for her. I hear you sister on the A/C issue. We have a furnace guy coming next week as a matter of fact. My son has taken to sleeping in the familyroom downstairs because its the coolest place in the house. I think your outside pictures are beautiful Karen even thru your screen. What a sweet heart that Aidan is. He makes me miss the days when my little man was small like him.
    Enjoy your week and try and stay cool. Remember ice cream always seems to help cool you down!

  6. My gosh it has been hot where you are!!! It was 16 this morning when I woke up but nice and warm in the mid 50's now. I'm sorry to hear about your a/c. You have posted some amazing pics!! I love your things!
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. Welcome back! I hope you get your ac fixed. I know all about being busy. I think it is the time of year. I am praying for your aunt. Glad to see you back here in blog land.

  8. Sorry about your Aunt, and your A/C. Did you check to see if the blower switch is off? Or the fuse blown? Just trying to help with out cost you a lot of money. We have a switch on the side of ours, and it was off? Easy fix!

  9. Karen:
    I"m so sorry your aunt isn't well but I know you've been taking care of her.. Bless you for your love for her.
    I have missed you but I knew she was sick..
    It's hot here too.. gotta haave my air conditioner checked out and see if it needs some maintainance ( how the heck do ya spell that word )I'll just say I may have to get the doctor in to check it out. LOL
    Blessings to ya....

  10. Prayers are being sent your way. I hope your aunt will be well soon. It was blazing hot here in IL yesterday also. I hope the ac will start working soon and on the easy money side too! I am thankful my husband decided to check ours 3 weeks ago....just in case. LOVE the picture. You did a mighty fine job on it.
    Many blessings......

  11. Sorry, it's so hot at your house. Your porch views are really nice. Good luck with your AC!


  12. Karen~

    I am sorry about your aunt! I hope that she gets better really soon!

    It has been warm here too! I hope your air conditioner starts working correctly!

    I loved seeing all the pictures your yard! Everything looks great!


  13. Karen,
    I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

    It's warm here too. I know how you feel about the air-conditioner...we babied ours all last year and finally gave in and just got a new one.

    Aidan sure is a cutie!! And your yard looks wonderful!!

  14. ohhhh, I hate the heat! I absolutely hate sleeping in a hot room! I feel for you, Karen. Hope your AC gets fixed soon. I hope your Auntie pulls through, saying a prayer for her. The grandbaby is too cute!

  15. Aiden's got the right idea for sure!!

    I hope your Aunt is feeling better very soon!


  16. Many blessings extended to you and your family. Your pictures are beautiful...good luck with the a.c. (millstonemercantile)

  17. It has been near 100 degrees here for the past few days and we have to keep the air on mostly for our 6 yr old American Eskimo that has epilepsy and I can't take the AC if it is to cold because of my Fibro...I just want to get out of here and go back home to IL but south central and not way up where it gets so cold..Hoping to get out of here by end of Oct...fingers crossed and in my prayers


  19. Karen, sorry about your aunt. Hope she is feeling better today. I sure wish I had a screened in porch. That and a front porch would be nice! Hope you get your AC fixed. Maybe I could send my hubby to help. That's what he does for a living. He has been very busy lately with the same weather you are having.


  20. Welcome back! I think Aidan wants his Grandma to take a dip with him. It's going to be close to 90 degrees today. We don't have Central Air, just one thru the wall air conditioner in the family room. So upstairs is like a sauna and trying to sleep is impossible. Thanks for the pics. Your yard looks beautiful. Hope your aunt is feeling better.


    5/26/2010 6:31 AM

  21. I think if I was you I would share that little pool for you to cool off in!!!
    Love your new treats...looks like you have been busy! Dianntha

  22. I hope the air is an easy fix. I love the picture of Lola it's my favorite. :)


  23. I am just amazed by your temps! Every morning this week as I have walked it has been 38! Yesterday morning there was ice under the wheel lines again! The fruit trees frooze a few weeks ago, and we have had a hard time getting a garden planted. In fact, strawberry valley, which is west of us about 40 miles, has gotten snow for the past three days! Yikes! We need some of your weather and you need some of ours! :-D
    I love your screen room.
    Pray everything is well at home.
    Aidan is a doll.
    Enjoy your day.

  24. Glad to see you out there again. I'd love to send some cool weather your way and you send me some warmer! Maybe we can do a swap?!?!? If it were only that simple. We aren't expected to have a very nice holiday weekend weather wise so will be staying home and trying to plant our garden!
    I will keep your aunt in my prayers, Karen and you too. Take care and maybe take a dip in the kiddie pool!
    Country Impressions (selling) blog and
    Seasons of Thy Heart blog spot

  25. I have missed you. Hope everything goes well. My prayers are going out.

    I hope the air conditioner isn't an expensive fix. We don't have air here in this old farmhouse but thank goodness its flat and a good breeze, even if its warm, blows through.

    Hope to see you at chat tonight if you get a chance!


  26. Glad you are back but family comes first. Hope your aunt is doing better. Hazy, Hot, Humid weather arrived yesterday and is supposed to depart tommorrow.

    If you get a chance feel free to check out my blog, I just started it this month thanks to great bloggers like you.

  27. I have been wondering about you!!! I'm glad all is well!!! I'm dreading the hot weather that's coming--- because I seem to "flash" when i don't need the heat!!!!

  28. Hi Karen.. it is very hot there but you have such nice cool views... your grandson is a darling!

  29. Hi Karen,
    It's been really hot here in MN too! Monday it was so incredibly humid, the toilets were sweating! ha,ha! I had the air cranked too and it was just not cutting it! So sorry to hear about your Aunt. I hope things get better (and cooler) for you soon! Great photos too!

  30. Hope your Aunt is feeling better soon. Hugs to your family.
    We are having some really hot and humid weather here also (canada) Had to turn on the ac already....and it's only May. With our thermostat you have to change the setting from heat to cool or else just the fan comes on. Maybe that's the problem Karen


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