Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Relaxing the day away

It was such a great day today….reached 82 but the breeze kept it nice and comfortable.

So I grunged some gold wool felt for my Penny Rugs so I can continue to make my Daisy and Bee Skeep Rugs which I finished another one today – it’s a 10 x 24 runner with the same design as last weeks round one.

Daisy and Beeskeep long runner

Daisy and Beeskeep long runner 1
So there you have my ‘other latest’ Penny Rug

What can I say…..I’m spoiled!
Yep….who wouldn’t be with this to lounge in – finally got the camera out to take pictures of the ‘clean’ screen room….it normally last for about a week and then the webbies start showing behind the furniture like sparkling little jewels in the sunlight….too bad I can’t cash them in – I’d make a fortune!

Here’s a little a little visit to my ‘clean’ screen room…..
Oh…the ugly cushion in the chair…that is there for Lola to sit on….that way I can just pick it up and put it away when company comes and not have to use the lint roller for her fuzzies
Screen Room 1 

Lolas chair

Screen Room 2 

Screen Room 4

Screen Room 5

Screen Room 3

Screen Room 6 

Ouside screen room 2

Ouside screen room 1


And now we’re off to our Granddaughters baseball game….See Ya!


  1. Thank you for the visit to your lovely and clean sun room, it looks so inviting and warm. We have a sun room also and it is a wonderful place to sip and sip ice tea in the summer time.

  2. Oh Karen .... What an absolutely GORGEOUS screen room! However, your wicker table seems to be missing one of your stunning penny rugs?! ~.~

  3. Your home is so inviting! I love your penny rugs! My family is very crafty and my oldest sister makes alot of penny rugs that are so neat!
    Have a great summer.

  4. Everything looks so to see pictures of your home....little Lola looks pretty comfortable on her chair...
    Another beautiful penny rug....girl you just amaze me at all your beautiful creations...
    Have a great weekend..
    Prim hugs,

  5. Karen~

    I just love your porch. Your penny rug is beautiful too. I also love to create & make penny rugs. They seem to always be a best seller at my shows. Enjoy the beautiful weather while it's here because it's looking like it's going to be hot, hot, hot later this week.


  6. Karen,
    I love your penny rug and your screen room is awesome. What a great place to sit, stitch and relax. Have a great week.

  7. Such a wonderful space Karen. I could handle a few afternoons on the porch! And Lola is a beaute,,thanks the sharing.

  8. Your room is lovely & the penny rug is great.I like this one to.

  9. what an absolutely fabulous room!!


  10. Karen ~
    What a wonderful room!!! It would be so relaxing to hook there.
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Invite me over!!! I can just picture us gabbin the day away, sippin ice tea in that beautiful room! You lucky duck!

  12. I really love your screened in living room. That is my dream one day to have a screened in porch sitting area. Your's looks so welcoming and relaxing. I think I would live there...LOL

  13. What a pretty room! No wonder you enjoy being there so much.

  14. I love the way the penny rug turned out! Did you design it?

    Your screen room is gorgeous and I love the arched ceiling! It's so spacious too! Looks wonderful w/your wicker out there!

  15. Karen, it's beautiful and I'd love to come sit with you. I know you get lots of pleasure from that wonderful room. Enjoy!

  16. Hi Karen,
    I love your screened in room! It looks so inviting and relaxing! Love the photo will all the birdhouses!!
    You had ask me what the difference is between a pet screen and a regular one. The pet screen wire is made thicker or courser so that if your pet paws at it...the screen won't get damaged or rip. They also told us that if a child pushed on is strong enough that it won't break, so the child can't fall through. I'm sure my little grandson will put it to the test when he gets old enough to start walking.

  17. Wow Karen, what a fabulous retreat! It's simply gorgeous. I love your runner too, it is so sweet!

  18. What a beautiful sun room, I hope you use it a lot this summer!

  19. love the new penny rug! now if I only had time to relax LOL we stay so busy "but good busy" LOL, I sometimes actually miss my sewing room LOL

  20. Summer is officially here! The sun room is ready. I have always loved your sun room. We have an open patio that I would love to enclose. Yours is an inspiration! What a beautiful penny rug. Love the design!


  21. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your sun room. I think I would be living in that room. :) I love the light and being able to see nature all around me.

    Love the penny rug! I wish mine were as good as yours!


  22. Love the Penny Rugs and what a great room to relax in!

  23. What a beautiful place to sit and sew! Or take a nap!!

  24. Karen, I love your new runner! Very summertime prim! Your screened room looks very relaxing! A nice place to spend the afternoon or in the evening! You certainly have a great view of your beautiful yard from it too!

  25. I love your screen porch--so cozy and inviting!
    and Ms. Lola looks FABULOUS on her tropical print cushion!!

  26. What a beautiful room to relax in. Love it!

  27. Beautiful room! You do such great work on your penny rugs!

  28. What a beautiful room..Hope you enjoy many warm summer days there..Have a great weekend..

  29. What a gorgeous sunroom! I would love one someday!

  30. Simply stunning all the furniture you have in there. Justa wonderful room to sit back and relax..*sigh*

  31. LOVELY! Looking for sunshine up here. Looking forward to a little lounging! Thanks for the visit Karen! You are so faithful in visiting new posts. I hope to get better at that now that wedding and graduation is past...Blessings~Kathy

  32. Another adorable penny rug!

    Yep! You are spoiled! Lol! Just kidding. I love that room so much. I'm pretty sure that's where I'd be spending most of my life. =]


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