Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Amish Fiction – oh how I love it!

Now I’m not sure how many of you saw my post on APP forum about my ‘love’ of reading Amish Fiction…well if you didn’t read it here's my passion  -  and I’m amazed to find so many out there that love them too…I have quite a large library of the books and I keep adding to it.

Amish Fiction books are so heartwarming, a learning lesson in their culture
(because everything is researched and not published unless it's fact - except for the
story line itself...that's fiction), great characters, and just plain entertaining.

I have been a huge fan of the Amish culture for over 30 years...we visit Lancaster, PA a couple times a year (more when we can) and love our drives in the country seeing their beautifully kept home settings and just seeing them out in their buggies.

We do not stare, or think they are a spectacle to be watched, nor do we take pictures of them, we do not disrespect their lifestyle...WE SIMPLY LOVE IT AND ARE AWED by their simple (yet hard) way of life....and hard as it is...it is real and for the most part, they are a close knit community.

My favorite authors are:
Beverly Lewis
Wanda Brunstetter
Cindy Woodsmall
(you must read Sister's of the Quilt series  by Cindy -
my husband even like listening to the audios of this series)

BJ Hoff
Shelley Shepard Gray
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Beth Wiseman
Kathleen Fuller
Linda Byler
Jerry S. Eicher
Amy Clipston

I order them from:  Christian Books .com   I typed in the words ‘Amish Fiction’ when I first started searching a few years ago and all the authors books came up.
Here’s the link:  http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=amish+fiction&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCN&nav_search=1&cms=1

And here's my collection

Amish Books 2

Amish Books 1 

Christmas pie 
This one I’m reading right now from the library

All that being said...these books take me into their lives and community and I read until my eyes blur.

My first series was ABRAM'S  DAUGHTERS
a set of 5 in the series and I was hooked.
I get about 2-3 books a month and read them quickly...also I have been ordering the
audio's as well and listen to them on our travels.

Abrams Daughters

I know I've gone on here - well I just can't say enough about the Amish books...
my daughter in-law has even started getting interested in them.

I just finished listening to Indiana Cousins audios I  got from the library
 Indiana cousins audio 1  Indiana cousins audio 3  Indiana cousins audio 2

I was at Barnes & Nobles yesterday and bought 3 Amish books!

RebeccaI thought as long as I was buying Book 1, I might as well get book 2 and 3 to complete the trilogy.
It's called THE ADAMS COUNTY TRILOGY by Jerry S. Eicher
I've read his books before and they are good too...
They Trilogy has….
Rebecca's Promise
Rebecca's Return
Rebecca's Choice

Do ya think these are about REBECCA?????

It will give me something to read when we travel to Lancaster a week from today!
I have the audio’s of Abram’s Daughters on order from Christian Books but they have been on back order forever…was hoping they would be here in time to listen to on the trip.

I was hoping to have some pretties to share with you today
but I don’t so you will have to be happy with my books!



  1. WOW what a collection:) I just recently started reading Amish fiction and am loving it, I love their simple ways! I have some Amish on my roof as we speak, LOL, putting on our new metal roofing and my, the work FAST:)

  2. I too love to read Amish fiction. When I was growing up we used to take trips to Lancaster Cty, PA and my parents still go once or twice a year. At one time we lived right in the middle of Amish Country in a small town called Wakarusa, IN, often I would purchase produce and baked goods from their farms for canning. Have a great visit to Lancaster Cty.


  3. Karen, I have read and listed to a few and like you have enjoyed them very much. Enjoy your trip to Lancaster.

  4. Hi Karen....Me, too...me,too. I have always been interested in the Amish culture. I love their simple ways, but, also their hard work ethics. They say the Amish communities are rapidly growing. It is all very interesting.

    Thank you for the list of Amish authors. I am going to write them down....some I have read but some I have not.

    This was a great post, Karen. You always have something interesting going on!


  5. These books sound great! I'll have to look for them the next time I visit the library.
    Have fun on your upcoming trip!

  6. The books sound great. I may have to look into some for my bookclub.
    I grew up going to Lancaster Pa. I've always been fascinated by the Amish.
    My Daughter went to college at Millersville U.
    The area is so beautiful.

  7. Okay, now you've got my curiosity going. I'm going to have to try some of those books! Thanks, Dawn

  8. Oh Karen:
    You touched one of my loves with this post and that is reading Christian Fiction Amish books. I started years ago while working in a Christian Bookstore in Michigan reading a new series at that time written by author.." Janette Oke "
    She started with a seried of " Love Comes Softly" and continued with many of that series.. then onto other series.. Wonderful author.. Her husband was a professor at a nearby College and we had her as a visiting author at the bookstore... what a pleasant lady and what a thrill to meet her..
    I have read many of the book titles you listed and am always on the hunt for more and new authors ( to me ).I would love to ready through your library.. I do not have any of the books . When I was working at Bookstore in Michigan, we could read books free and what a treat that was !!
    We have a new Library Building just opened in April of this year.. Have had library here for many years and I use it, too... A local Professor here in Hornersville donated the land and all the building of a new Building for the new Library in Honor of his wife and her brother.. What a Blessing !
    I am an avid reader and these are some of my most enjoyed reads..
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us..

  9. Oh my goodness Karen! I am SO INTERESTED in picking one of those wonderful books up from our library and getting completely lost in them! I know I would love them to pieces! Karen, thank you for sharing this treasure trove of books! Karen, I just know I will enjoy so very much imagining the smells from the kitchens, the glow of the candles and the feel of the fabrics while reading them. I will be looking into finding one during our next library visit! xoxo
    (Oh, I'm excited now! The last book I bought a few months back was 'Eckhart Tolle's -A new Earth; Awakening to your life's purpose... I was curious after I heard Oprah rantin' and raving about it, (lol) but sadly I haven't started it as of yet. It just hasn't sparked my interest to pick up over the summer. But the books that you have shared sound like something I could go crazy over! I won't even mention my 'Little House on the Prairie' episode a few years back when I had to read each book in the series and couldn't get enough! Oh, Karen have you read any of those yet? I just know you would love them all!)


  10. Hi Karen, what a wonderful list of Amish books! I have one here that my daughter told me to read, it is call "Plain Truth" by Jodi Picoult about the Amish in Lancaster County. I really should get at that...good reading material for our camping trip. We had a very small taste of Amish culture when we visited Ohio last year and were really fascinated. I'll have to pick up some more on your list. Thanks for sharing this:)

  11. Karen ~ Thank you so much for sharing your love of Amish Fiction with us. I actually LOVE the Janette Oke stories. I have all of the movies that were released and can't wait for more to come out. They are just make you feel good type of stories and I enjoy them very much. Perhaps I should check these others out.

    Hope you are doing well. Hugs to you and safe travels!!


  12. Karen, What a wonderful book collection you have! I may have to get into reading those books.


  13. I love Amish fiction too and have read some of those authors but a few are new to me so I will have to be on the lookout for them - thank-you!

  14. Hi Karen, I have been reading Amish Fiction for several years and I can't get enough. I live about a 1.5 hours from Lancaster, so we get there quite often. But I just spent the weekend in Amish Country in Ohio, I LOVED it! I picked up 5 more books while I was out there. I had to smile when I saw your collection. It looks alot like mine, but almost all my Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter are in storage ( I'm trying to sell my house, so they went in storage a year ago) so the books that are left out are the ones I've read since then.
    These women can't write fast enough for me. I love the simplicity of life and there strong family values and faith.
    You've prompted me to write a post about my Amish Addiction. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Same here Karen! I love reading these type of books and have the same collection of authors that you have. I think I started with the same collection that you started out with also..lol! I got my mother into reading them also so when I'm done, they go to her. Thanks so much for sharing a post about these wonderful works of fiction!!

  16. Hi Karen... I share your love of the Amish and reading of their books!! We knew we were kindred before but there you go..LOL...
    Thanks for the wonderful idea of listening while you are travelling.. I am sure my husband would love that..I think...
    Have a great week...

  17. Hi Karen, Thank you for sharing your love of Amish fiction. Your post has inspired me to go to my local library and check these books out. I am an avid reader and always looking for a good read. I was just down in Lancaster PA last week visiting my sister. She lives only aprox. 1/2 hour from that area. It is beautiful country there. I'm not sure if you saw the lifetime movie Amiss Grace or not. It was about the children that were killed in one of the schools in that area. It was a very heartwarming story. They have so much courage and faith....Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to see what your write about it. Maureen...

  18. I live in Amish Country Ohio.
    Hubby and I are from WV.
    Also have lived in Michigan.
    Its beautiful here and very clean
    Many benefits from living in Amish Country!


  19. I have the white christmas pie book as well..haven't read it..but will soon..I too am intriqued by the amish and would love to visit it someday.:) have a great evening.:)

  20. Karen ~
    I have not read any of the books. To be honest, I had never heard of Amish fiction.
    Unfortunately, I have a different view of the Amish. In Ohio, they are notorious for puppy mills. My current foster is a former puppy mill momma. I don't know if she came from one of their mills or not, but these poor animals have horrible lives! Puppy mills should be outlawed!
    OK. Off my soapbox.
    Pug hugs :)

  21. Karen: Thanks for sharing your passion complete with authors. You write the best posts ever! As soon as I finish A PRIMITIVE PLACE Magazine that came yesterday, and stop drooling over the articles, pictures, tutorials I will try to locate some of your favorites. I, too, love the Amish way. Hugs, Joy

  22. Karen,
    Thanks for sharing your passion for these books. I have a few, but will now be checking out some of the ones you mentioned.
    I haven't been up to Amish Country here in Ohio for several years. Hubby and I are hoping to make a trip there this Fall.

  23. We used to live in Northern WI and there was a lot of Amish up there and their life style was amazing. I had a garage sale once and here they came in their horse and Buggy...my daughter (5 at that time) was in awe to see them and their horse and buggy.
    I have never read any of their books but you have convinced me to give it a try when I can go to a real library when we get moved :)
    Thank you for sharing

  24. I, too, have a quite a collection of Amish fiction and have read many of the same ones you have for several yrs. now.
    It's nice to know there are so many gals out there who read them and appreciate them like you do.
    We have taken many trips to Amish country and always enjoy them immensely.
    Maybe you will find a new one that you don't already have! Enjoy your trip!


  25. Karen thank you for posting about these books and all the advice over at APP. It has really sparked my interest to read some of these books. I can't wait to get started!!


  26. I'm with you, Karen! I can't get enough of Amish literature and read a couple on the plane flight to the U.S. last month. We truly loved our time -all too short - in Lancaster County and admired such people as the Amish for their faith and commitment to family.
    I've just finished Suzanne Fisher Woods' 'Amish Peace' which is full of short insights into the Amish way of thinking and is very good.
    Thanks for sharing your love of Amish fiction and giving me new authors and titles to delve into...
    Best wishes

  27. Quite the collection of books! I have read a few of them, but live in the middle of it daily. Buggies are as frequent as cars past my house and you don't think of it until I have guests and they comment on how much they like to hear the clip clop past the house. We live in the middle of an old order Amish community, not near as "modern" as the ones on Lancaster. Hope that you have a great trip!

  28. Hi Karen, I am going to order some of these books today. I didn't know anything about them. You make me want to run out and get one right now which I might just do and then have Ken order the rest that I want on the computer!!!!!

    You have a wonderful collection, thank you so much for letting some of us girls that didn't know about them which I think I am the ONLY ONE!!!!!LOL, LOL!!! NO I DON"T LIVE under a ROCK,LOL, LOL!!!

    So off I go I am going to get one and start reading later tonight!
    Thanks again,

  29. Karen.
    I am right there with you. My hubby and I lived in cortland Ohio and it was 15 minutes from the PA line..When I use to talk to the Amish they would laugh when I would say that " I just wanted to breath them in"..On the account that they dont wear deodorant they thought it was hillarious. I loved the movie Amish Grace and have been wanting to buy it and keep forgetting. Please tell me that you have seen it :)
    Thanks for sharing the authors..
    ~♥~Prim Blessings~♥~

  30. What a collection you have Karen! I can tell I would love those books! I see a trip to my Barnes and Nobles this weekend. Thank you for sharing, can't wait to get reading!


  31. You do have quite a collection! I love them, too. Have you read Jan Caron's Mitford series of books? Another awesome collection of Christian (but not preachy) books that I love. I listened to the whole series and they are well worth a lesson. GREAT characters - get 'em from the library! In fact, I've listened to them twice.

  32. I love them all too, and I am so excited to be getting to go to Holmes County Ohio, I have read so much about Berlin OH and Holmes County and the Farmstead Restaurant which is where we are eating.... so excited ... I leave tommorrow driving up for the gathering.

  33. I have a friend who reads the Amish books. That is my present to her whenever a special time comes up. I have read some of them and you can't put them down once you start.

    Great Post!


  34. I found this post interesting as I live right in the heart of Lancaster County Pa Amish Country and do have a lot of Amish friends. I also have read a few of the Amish fiction books. I do want to mention though that the movie some of you spoke about did upset many in the community as it was not an accurate account of what happened. The day of the incident, I was in an Amish home. A child that was killed that day was the niece of the Amish woman whose home I was in. A few weeks afterward I was with her again and she shared with me more of the details of what happened and what the rest of the world did not know. On a different note, she was so surprised that people all over world knew about it and asked me how they knew and that she didn't realize how many caring people there were out there from around the world that sent gifts and monetary donations. I explained to her the internet and the national and international tv news. I also explained to her that people from all around are very interested in the Amish and the way of life. Anyway....I could go on all day....I shall end it here....

  35. I had no clue that there was that many out there. I know I love the ones you have let me borrow. I actually started one again the other day while riding in the car. Thanks for the link and the idea of the audio books. I love it!

  36. Nice collection Karen! My first Amish books were the same as yours-- Abram's daughters. I have three in that series yet I hate to say that I've not read a single one. Something about three kids keeping me hopping, then crafting and decorating in my down time which doesn't leave any time for reading any more. One of these days I shall get back to it and these will be my first books to read! Then I will get addicted like you and add more to my collection. I wonder if I can ever reach you? Hehe! I do love Beverly Lewis. She has such a sweet spirit!

  37. Hi Karen, you have a wonderful collection!! I wish I had the time to read, hopefully soon once my youngest starts school in September. My mom reads alot of the books that you have listed so I hope that I can borrow some of hers :)Thank you so much for peaking my interest, I can't wait til I can read some of those lovely books!

  38. I had seen these books in the stores but never picked them up or read the back cover. Because of this post, I went out and bought the first two in a series by BJ Hoff. I could NOT put them down and read them both cover to cover in two days! Thanks so much for this wonderful post. It has opened my eyes to another avenue of literature. I can not wait to go to the library!


  39. I just love visiting Lancaster too! We go at least once a year in the early spring. Try to go in the fall as well. M-i-L and I used to go up every fall. DH, DD and I go every spring and whenever her husband is off to keep the three under now four. Last spring we took the one who just turned four...she loved the "horses with wheels". Thanks for telling of your favorite places...more added to my list of must sees. We always go back to favorites, and catch new places. I too LOVE Amish fiction and learned about several new authors to check out from you...Thanks so much!

  40. 8-19-10
    I loved your story of all your "AMISH" books. When we lived in OH - I could have cared less about them and now in FL - I want to read everything I can get my hands on.
    I love reading your blogs, I feel like I am right there along with you.
    I just finished the first 3 of Shelley Gray's and bought her next 3. Not enough hours in the day. I volunteer at our local hospital and have been real busy.
    Keep up the good 'blog' writing. Now to read your story about your Lancaster trip.
    Linda in FL

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