Sunday, September 5, 2010

After the Sale!!! New Goodies!!

I want to say first off…THANK YOU ALL MY FOLLOWERS…I see I’m at 580…WOW.
How did I get so blessed – I so appreciate each and every one of you so much – you all are why I keep doing my blog.


I am so glad this week is almost over although the rest of the month is going to be busy as well but at least the Rummage Sale is DONE!

What a fantastic sale it was. We were surprised at what we sold – we can actually say we SOLD OUT!
We had just a tiny little box by the end of the sale on Saturday that we took to the thrift shop.

I had two guests who came from Illinois – I had met Carole at the Wilmot flea market a year ago and we found out we loved the same things and she knew also knew someone who worked at the little Prim shop by me and she was at the flea market with her  – Well Carole came and she brought a friend with her…Molly – who is a wonderful customer of mine (sent by Carole!) from the internet and she wanted to come and shop and meet me…I was thrilled to finally meet her and what a sweetie she is. And I must say she was eager to shop!

This is MOLLY on the left, me and CAROLE!
Nice backdrop huh????  Horrible garage walls!

Molly, Karen, Carol

The day started slow and we thought it was going to be a huge bust…it was a cold and windy day too – temps never reached over 65 the entire day – nothing like the 90+ days we had been having.

But I will say I’ve never had a rummage sale where the majority of the sales were $30 and over, and several sales were even 3 digits.
I think because of the kind of ad we put in the paper and the things we advertised it brought people who weren’t looking for the typical rummage.

Our business inventory went WAY DOWN…which was our goal. We’re trying to sell out what we can of the retail products and concentrate on our own products and also Hand Made products.
We sell a lot but always have too much inventory just sitting – not good business sense.
Yesterday the sale ended at noon and by 2:30 we were packed up, cleaned up and pooped!

Remember the pictures of the rummage in previous post – this is what was left Friday night – not much left for the Saturday sale.

After the sale


This last week I received my new calendar I’ve been wanting but just never can find it but I received an e-mail from Sherri Hinson that she had them and was selling them…It’s PURE AND SIMPLE…and just gorgeous.
Pure and Simple Calendar
And Sherri added a special little gift for me…a sweet ‘Harvest Blessings’ grunged towel – LOVE IT SHERRI…Thank You!
Harvest Towel

I was looking forward to today so I could just lay on the sofa and rest my horrible aching lower back and hips but instead we went to a street fair in Milwaukee (large crappy flea market)…nothing like walking miles with your back and hips hurting but I felt like he did so much here this week with the sale that I had better do something he wanted to do…So I stood it as long as I could (2+hours) and said this is what I want…a Hot Fudge Sundae, a Vicodin and the car!  I got it all!
I did buy a wonderful piece of jewelry – it’s a hand made necklace and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the stone. It measures 1 and 1/8 x 1 and 5/8 – pretty good size and is bound with Sterling Silver. I took two different pictures in different light.

Broach 1



But we had to grocery shop first before coming home because tomorrow we’re having company for afternoon lunch/supper.
I decided to serve them…BLT’s…I know it’s not company food but it sounds good and we have so many wonderful tomatoes we grew and want to use up…they’re coming on fast now and don’t want to waste a single one.
Plus I just love them…so that’s what we’re having.
I did buy Ribs to make…but changed my mind in the middle of grocery shopping. I can do that can’t I???
(this is not my sandwich…just wanted to make you hungry with a picture) 
BLT Sandwiche

I’m wishing I had more fun things to post about today but when nothing but the sale has happened this week it’s pretty hard to come up with something.


Oh, Our friends who live in St. Kitts had Hurricane ‘Earl’ hit the island this past week but they didn’t get any real damage…lots of large palms down. They came out of it quite good compared to some around them…thank the Lord no one was hurt.
Linda was to fly out of St. Kitts on Wednesday the day of the storm…she was coming to the States to her sisters place and they were going to the Adam Lambert concert in Rockford, IL.
Well she made it in spite of the storms and last night they went to the concert…we’re waiting to hear if the trip was worth it – but knowing Linda she’d find something to make it worth the trip…there’s not a negative bone in that girls body!
So Linda…we hope you had the time of your life after risking your own life just to get here!
ADAM LAMBERT last night in concert.
Adam Lambert

So what’s happening in your part of the world on this holiday weekend?
I’ll be checking in on your blogs soon!
Hugs, Karen


  1. I sure would have come if we lived much closer to you!!!LOL MY dh had to work all weekend so I went for a walk with my dd and shopping and now I am resting...I am so tired. I think I need to re-evaluated what I am eating...I am low on energy! Enjoy a little rest too. Dianntha

  2. Hi Karen, I knew you would sell out!!! You rock and you item that you make are the greatest!!!!

    I sure you are pooped out and I hope you enjoyed your time with your friends and the BLT looks YUMMY!!! Gee if I knew you were doing that today Ken and I would have come over, LOL, LOL!!!!
    PLEASE relax your back and hip this week atleast somewhat because you have a very busy month coming your way!!!
    Love and Hugs,
    Tricia xoxo

  3. So glad for you that the sale was a success. Guess that means I missed out on a lot of goodies. We've been eating lots of BLTs here, too. A great year for tomatoes. Do you use Neuske's bacon? It is fabulous and makes a BLT company food!

  4. Karen,
    "CONGRATULATIONS" on a great sale, to bad FL is so far away or I would have been there. Maybe you wouldn't have had to pack anything away. LOL.
    Sure hope you are feeling better. Take some time (???) don't know when to rest. When I read your blog about your month of September I had to go take a nap.
    Will have dh take pictures of my candle sconces, love them.
    Have a nice labor day and relax!
    Linda in FL

  5. Glad to hear your sale went so well! Thank you for your kind words you left on my blog. I feel for you as far as your aches and pains go. I have done something to my right foot and haven't been able to shop any of the wonderful yard sales that go on in surrounding neighborhoods during this long holiday weekend. :( I hope you feel better soon and your BLT pic has succeeded in making my mouth water!

  6. Take care of that back and hip, Karen. I feel for you. It is the story of my life. If I do tooo much then I really pay for it. Get well.

  7. Karen, I am so glad you had such a great sale - I knew you would. I hope you got a chance to get some rest this evening. Enjoy your company tomorrow - BLTs sound yummy!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  8. I had a garage sale this weekend, too. I also hurt my back moving a picnic table for someone else. I guess no good deed goes unpunished! Glad yours went well. Mine did, as well. Lots of people out on the holiday weekend!

    Hope your back feels better soon!

  9. Your sale was amazing. Congrats! I am happy for you. Would have loved to have come. Sure there would have been many wonderful items I would have just loved. BLTs sound yummy to me. I always enjoy your posts. I pray your feeling much better very soon. Get some rest & take care.

  10. You could serve me BLTs all day long...bacon?? Oh yeah! Your pendant is so pretty. I love silver and that stone, whatever it is, is so unique. Glad your sale was such a success, and now it's time to rest...maybe just a little?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  11. Glad your sale went well Karen! I can say I am somwhat disappointed as I was hoping for the left overs on-line sale! LOL! It is great for you that you don't have to deal with that! Glad you had a great time at the street fair. Very pretty necklace! Hope you enjoy your rest of the weekend!
    Hugs, Jayne

  12. Sounds and looks like your sale was a big hit!! Now you can rest!! Hope you feel better soon!!

  13. Karen I'm so glad your sale went so well!! I knew it would. Oh my...your friend is so lucky to see Adam Lambert in concert!!! I LOVE HIM!! He's got a wonderful voice.


  14. Congratulations, Karen! And Wow! So glad your sale went well and that you lowered your inventory, meeting your goal! Wish I could have come!

    And I'd love to be a guest eating BLTs! It's something I order often when I'm out....I guess I am really just a simple girl!

    Enjoy your company and dinner! Have a great Labor Day!


  15. Congrats on such a great sale! I know the feeling...clear it OUT!
    So funny you are....Sundae and a vicodin!
    Hope it lets up.

  16. Hello Karen~Congratulations on such a successful sale! Those are a lot of work and I'm happy that you were able to sell so much!Hope your Labor Day was fun!

  17. Hi Karen! I'm so glad your sale did so well, even though we all knew it would! We also know how much work it is.

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend, even if it was busy. I'm so sorry that your hips & back are still bothering you. Did the Excedrin help even a little bit? I hope it did. I know people who have had knee surgery that it helped. I just hate to think about you being in pain, because I know all too well what's that's like.

    Your friend Sherry & I have the same last name! Now I need to figure out who she is and see if she is related to my hubby. LOL!

    I hope you can rest and enjoy the week. Hugs!


  18. Hi Karen.. That sandwich looks delicious! I think that is probably one of our favorite lunches or even breakfast...
    You did a lot of work this past week and deserve a break...
    Take care...

  19. Hi Karen,
    I'm so glad that your rummage sale was a huge success. Wish I lived closer so I could have come. It looks like it was fun and definitely worth all your effort.
    I hope you get some much deserved rest during your busy month of September.
    Blessings~ Birgit

  20. Congrats on your sale being so great. Wish that I could have been at that one! Love that stone, so pretty!



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