Saturday, November 27, 2010

Craft Show Goodies – Fun with Kids

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I  hope you all did too.
Two of the boys/family went to the in-laws so we had a small gathering but still wonderful…as usual there was enough food for an army but oh it tasted so good. We had leftovers last night but that’s the last I want to see of it. Love it but enough is enough.
Now I’m ready for something else.

We had two of our grandchildren here Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday and had lots of fun planned.

Emily made place cards for our Christmas dinner while Joe played with his Lego’s (his favorite things to do in his spare time)
I had printed out an old time Santa head on aged paper and Emily glued them onto aged tags and then wrote names on – we’ll tie them onto the napkins…all her idea!

Em Joe busy

Emily cutting

Christmas Tags 

They also made ‘snow’ – we bought the pack at a prim shop and thought they would enjoy it and they did…we also bought some Winter figurines to use with it. I think you can buy that snow most anyplace, especially at places like Walgreens, CVS and the like…it’s called ‘REAL SNOW’


Snow 1

Snow 2

This is Emily’s – two boys throwing snowballs
Emilys snow

And Joe’s is the snowman and deer
Joes Snow

Kids with snow

We also made Marshmallows! What fun that was…messy but fun!
Marshmallows 2 

Emily had a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that had shrunk up quite badly so she asked if I could make a pillow out of it so we did that too. I think it turned out adorable and she was a happy camper to be able to still have it in some form.

From sweatshirt…
Emilys sweatshirt 

To pillow
 Me Emily Pillow

Now onto my weekend…well, it just started but it started out great.

A friend and fellow blogger ANN from A Hole In The Basket Primitives, from Ohio, is in Wisconsin visiting family for the holiday and she and her husband Kevin came here for the morning.

Karen Ann 
We first exchanged gifts (her husband had made an extra blanket crane and I wanted one and she chose some of my items plus I threw in a little surprise too) then went out for breakfast and then on to a craft show…it wasn’t very good…lots of fleece, painted items and jewelry – hard to find anything fun or Prim…but I did get a PEWTER CREAMER & SUGAR SET…loved the patina on it and it was only $12.00 for the set.
but…this was on the other side…now I just think it was horrible to destroy an antique like this! I’ll display it turned around – I wouldn’t use it as a creamer and sugar anyway because of the lead content.  But isn’t the design pretty?
Pewter painted 

We left the craft show and went to the one and only Prim shop near me – Finders Keepers – and I bought a MERCURY GLASS SANTA that stands about 9 inches.
Mercury Glass Santa
Here it is next to the pewter for size
Santa pewter  Also bought one of these trees (not sure what kind it’s called though – do you know???)  I have a 3 ft. but wanted a taller one too so this is a 4 ft.

On Thanksgiving we gave Jamie a gift for always taking care of the kitties when we go away…my niece makes rag quilts and Jamie loves ours so it was the perfect gift.
 Jamie quilt 1

My goodness – we NEVER go shopping on Black Friday. Never had the desire but Friday we went to Janesville to meet my brother/wife and niece and I wanted Tina to help me pick out fabric for quilts for our two granddaughters…well let me tell you it was a zoo. CROWDED to say the least…LINES OF PEOPLE waiting to pay and even bigger lines of people waiting to have fabric cut.

We finally got to get a number to wait in line…I had F08…they were on E24 and it went to 100 and then started on the next letter.
We had a loooong wait ahead and they weren’t calling off numbers very fast. People had carts heaping (I mean HEAPING) with fleece fabric – they had a HUGE SALE and people were taking advantage of it.

It would have been at least an hour and a half before we would have gotten taken care of – people said they had been in line for over an hour (they had numbers in the E) so we put my fabric back, bought what we had of other things and away we went to lunch to Applebee’s (good choice!).
So my Niece will go back this week and get what I had picked out.

So that’s my long weekend – now I’m ready to finish orders and get the fall decorations put away and start on my Christmas decorating which will be on-going for a week or so…it’s not getting done in one day cuz I just don’t have it in me anymore.

Now getting ready to watch the Wisconsin game…wish us well so we can go to the Rose Bowl !!!

Have a great weekend


  1. Your weekend sounds so fun and busy!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi Karen! You had a nice time with your grandkids, making marshmallows sounds YUMMO!
    I don't know what drives folks out on Black Friday! LOL! I wouldn't do it, glad you didn't get stampeded. I heard some folks got into it at one of the Target stores here, fighting over some T.V. sets! Love all your finds! Those trees are called Tahoe trees. Too cute. I have been crafting today and doing laundry in between, and also putting a bit more Christmas out.
    Have a good weekend, and stay warm!

  3. Sounds like a very busy, productive holiday! I'd be bushed!
    Love the sweatshirt pillow.

  4. You sure have been busy. You grandchildren are too cute. The homemade snow and the homemade marshmallows are AWESOME!!! I alos the the Mickey Mouse sweat shirt turned into a pillow!

    I love the 4ft tree and the pewter set with that beautiful pewter Santa.

    The rag quilt LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I need to learn how to make those!!!!! She looks so happy and cozy with it on her and I love the colors!!!
    Get some rest, you feet must be hurting, you have done circles around Ken and I for sure!
    Prim Blessings,

  5. What a delightful post! It is nice seeing the grandkids again. Glad you could do some crafts together. My grand daughter loves that kind of thing. I love the MERCURY SANTA! He is a wonderful find! Good for you. The quilt is great, too.

    May you have a fun week getting all of your decorations out. Get a little rest.


  6. Karen ~
    What fun with the grandkids. They are lucky to have such a creative Grandma!
    I haven't been near a store and that's just fine with me!!!
    I do love your new Santa & tree.
    I, too, will start decorating in a day or two. I'm just not in the spirit yet.
    Hugs :)

  7. awww what fun times!! Love the new tree!!
    only time i go shopping is the day after christmas....i dont see much i need for a few bucks less to get run over for LOL Especially since my kids are older...

  8. Karen,
    What a lot of variety in your post today. Love it! Fake snow in Wisconsin? Hmmmm. Where can I get that tree? I have a small one, but that shop has closed. Can you share that marshmallow recipe sometime before Christmas? Looks as though we'll be in Pasadena for New Years. ON WISCONSIN!

  9. Hi Karen,
    Your weekend looks like so much fun!!
    I bet your Grandkids get so excited when coming over to see you.
    Youre one fabulous Grandma!!

    Love your new goodies.
    That little tree is amazing!!

  10. I always so enjoy your posts! Love the crafting time with the grand kids...we will be starting some of that next weekend..can't wait. Love your pewter too..beautiful!

  11. great idea with the sweat shirt! I spent most of the week at my daughters helping make elf stockings(our own pattern) & matching pj's,for all the girls even made me a set lol

  12. Your weekend sounded wonderful! Loved seeing all that you did with your grand kids I bet they love coming to your house :0) I can't wait to see all your Christmas decorating!!

  13. What fun having that time with the grands. I look forward to Lili being old enough to do some crafting and baking with me. I LOVE marshmallows but have never made them. Do you have a link for the recipe?

    Sounds like a fun day with Ann and hubby and what a great swap! Looking forward to seeing where you put the crane in your lovely home.

    Decorating for Christmas takes me longer every year now. This year, I am going for a less is more look and using only my favorite things. I might even save all my snowmen for January! Looking forward to seeing your home all decked out! Have fun decorating!

  14. No wonder your back hurts, you are always on the Go! Love the crafts, what a nice Grandmother.
    The Santa tags are ADORABLE, she did a great job writing all the names.
    I love the lap desk they are sitting on great color!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. Sounds like you had a busy, fun week. Spending time with grandchildren is always a joy. I love the Mercury glass Santa. Can't wait to see your home decorated for Christmas.
    Christmas Blessings,

  16. Wow! You did have a busy weekend! Love the pillow you made. Very cute! I've never heard of making homemade marshmellows. Sounds interesting. Would love to have the recipe if you don't mind sharing. I am in love with that rag quilt! Does your niece sell them? I know exactly what you mean about leftovers! I love them the next day but after that, I'm ready for some pizza! So that's what we had last night! LOL! Hope you have a great day!

  17. Looks like you had fun with the grandkids! I am always amazed at the fun crafts you come up with for them to do! I love your cream & sugar but that mercury Santa is beautiful! Have fun with your blanket crane! How nice to have one!

  18. It looks like the grandkids had a wonderful time! I cannot wait for Jaygen to get old enough to do projects with me. I love the tree!

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!


  19. My goodness, that is a hectic few days! Love all the projects with your grandchildren. I am going to LOVE those ages also. Crafting with them will be more neat/fun then. Great finds. So glad that you got to meet Ann. Fun to meet fellow bloggers!


  20. Karen, you never cease to amaze me with all you get accomplished. Love the crafts with the kids. Such a lovely Grandma...
    I think I caught your bad back... LOL..

  21. Oh how wonderful to make those precious memories with your grandchildren! Can I send my kids to you for a day?? They would love to spend time with you! I already know I'm gonna have to make some of those pillows. I actually need to go look through their clothes to go to a garage sale, bet I could find a few things to make pillows out of. My daughter is horrible about getting rid of shirts because they are all so special to her, silly thing! She will LOVE this idea, can't wait to show her! How sweet of Emily to come up with the idea for place cards, she did a wonderful job on them!

    The patchwork quilt is beautiful! Your niece did a wonderful job on it too, so much talent in your family isn't there? I'm sure they all get it from you.

    Black Friday... ick! Actually this was my first year in 19 years to not have to work it! Working at Hobby Lobby, it was mandatory that everyone work both days. Since I quit in June, I kept thinking about how nice it was that I would be home for the first time in many, many years. Since way before my kids were born. I didn't even want to go shopping. I just chilled all weekend, hanging out with my family. It was SO wonderful! But I think I might venture out a little next year, hehe!

    I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We did too. We are so blessed, aren't we?


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