Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Had fun Shopping

We took a little get-away for ourselves before all the holiday preparations start here. We went up north to my brother/sil’s house for 3 days and had a good ole time driving all over going to some wonderful Prim shops and eating at some out of the way places – a fun adventure.
Unfortunately my camera battery died and the other one wasn’t charged.

We headed out to ‘Market Place’ in Tomah, WI to this wonderful Prim shop in a ‘house’ and both floors are packed with goodies. She has reproductions but also buys from local crafters and that’s what we mostly go there for.

I bought a few treasures there and as you can see they all have the same theme going on – I like snowmen and the designer did a great job on them – it’s very dark green grunged wool (might be army blankets).
Not sure where it’s all going until I do my Christmas decorating.

snowman pillow

I know these mitten are rather sad looking but I liked them!


And this dress is a grunged muslin or oxford cloth of some kind

Snowman dress

We went to a couple other shops in the area but they just don’t compare to Market Place – all reproductions and not as homey and cozy looking merchandise. It was stuff you see everywhere.
Then it was off to have a light dinner and head for home – as you know my hips/legs are killing me right now so I sure didn’t argue to call it a day!

The next day it was up early and off to Ripon, WI to  ‘A Simpler Time’ and as usual we weren’t disappointed. Her shop is packed with lots of beautiful holiday treasures.

I didn’t buy anything large there like the last time I was there but did find some Mercury Glass ornaments and Garland for my new 4 ft. Tahoe tree.

Three Mercury Glass Ornaments

3 mercury glass ornaments

3 Garland sets

Ball Garland

And after I checked out my SIL found this cute little basket filled with a Belsnickle Santa mold and beads so I had to go back and buy it too.

Basket ornament

At the Tomah Cranberry Mall I only found this cute Snowman head pick which was 25% off.
I’m going to put him in  a crock filled with greens/berries.
snowman pick

We also went to a couple Antique shops and I found some more Melon shaped pudding molds. I got a large and a small.

Acorn molds
And a couple weeks ago I received one from Lori (
http://loritheblackcrow.blogspot.com/) in my Christmas swap package (the one on the far right)  and lots of other goodies as well.  THANK YOU LORI.
Mellon Molds

And at one of the other antique shops I found this cute screen. It might go outside on the house by the back entry.
Screen with candycane

So that was my shopping for two days!
We were heading back home on Saturday morning and woke up to this – SNOW …my brother lives on 5 acres of woods and beauty!
I took this picture through the bedroom window at 6:00 a.m. and I’m thinking the windows are tinted because it’s coming up blue, but it was still a wee dark out.  Peaceful isn’t it?
Snow this morning

snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1 snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1

Yesterday I ordered a chandelier for our den – the light we have now isn’t very stylish to the house – we need something more in line with our decorations. I ordered it from Carriage House Lighting and Tin Ware.  http://carriagehouselightingandtinware.com/
4 Arm Whaler

And a reflector table lamp for ‘I don’t know where’.
Reflector Lamp 
I think Carriage House has the best and most authentic lighting anywhere.

snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1 snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1

And….yesterday in the mail came my floorcloths from Anne of http://www.humbleheartsandhomes.com/
They still need to lay flat for awhile to let the roll marks smooth out. She got the colors just perfect – it’s just a bit more brick red than it’s showing here – it matches colors in the floor beautifully as well as the wallpaper brick red.

Large floorcloth 
Large floorcloth closeup
The entry floorcloth is a 3 x 2-1/2 – a bit more square for the area otherwise it does no good – one step in the door and you are off the rug so this size works beautifully.

Entry floorcloth
Entry floorcloth closeup

snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1 snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1

I’m finishing up all orders today and after that it’s free time. (oh, I still have a gift for a friend to do yet…It’s coming Grace…lol)
I set my goal to have them all in the mail by Wednesday and i know I’m reaching it and tonight we’re going with our son and daughter in-law shopping for Alexandra – she made a Christmas list that is very specific – stores, which mall – the list goes on!  (I think she’s an organizer like her Grandma!) but I think I blame it on being 17-1/2 – they know just what they want.

snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1 snowie-av1  goodiesnowman-av1  burrrr1

Tomorrow my house cleaning lady is coming for the first time…I’m anxious to see how it goes – but even if she doesn’t clean like I would I just can’t do it right now if I don’t want to make things worse.

I know this is a broken record but I’m still hurting – worse than ever in my legs so in on the 17th I start another series of shots – this time it’s going to be for the Sciatic nerve. Pray it works this time. If not there’s nothing else to do except surgery but that’s out of the question.
A blogging friend sent me some information on ‘Nerve Ablation’ which in short is ‘deadening the nerves’ so that is going to be brought up to my neurologist next week.

Okay on that note…it’s off to sewing – see ya!



  1. I just love all the adventures you go on Karen. One day I would love to go with you! Snowmen are just so wonderful. I love everyone of yours. Your new light is going to look great. Can't wait to see it when its up. I have the perfect spot for your reflector lamp too. My livingroom!!
    I will continue to pray for a healing in your body Karen. I know first hand how bad this can be but I did have surgery and am left with so much nerve damage that was done because I had to wait so long for my surgery. Even though I have no feeling in my leg or foot, my pain is gone and everything still works for me. I pray for only good things for you.

  2. Karen~

    Everything looks wonderful! You really found a lot of wonderful things. I sure hope you feel better really soon! I hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. Oh my! You sure got some wonderful new goodies this year! I LOVE the handmades you got at the first shop - and the lighting will be spectacular. Hope your shots work for you, you'll sure be in my thoughts. Have fun decorating and be sure to share some pictures. Enjoy, Dawn

  4. Karen, I love all your new goodies! The snowman pillow and mittens are wonderful! I am really loving the mercury glass ornaments! I have one that has been handed down in the family but it is just a round ball. Still love it! Love the old molds! I wouldn't know what to do if I had prim shops close by! LOL! I really hope the shots start to help or that you can find something that does!!! No fun being in pain! Have fun shopping for your granddaughter!
    Hugs! Jayne

  5. Oh Karen,
    Your new goodies are wonderful!
    I loved them all.
    And the lights....WOW!! Those are amazing!!
    Take Care,

  6. Karen, what a bunch of marvalous goodies you got there! Looks like I need to come to WI and visit your prim shops!

    Your floor cloths are amazing! She did a great job! And those lights... so nice!

    I'm sorry you are still hurting so bad. :( From my lips to Gods ears ~ Lord, Please help Karen heal. ~Amen

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Oh Karen, I'm so sorry you are still hurting so much! I hope you are able to find something soon that gives you relief before surgery. What about massages? Do they not help? My sister is a massage therapist and she says they can do certain massages for nerve pain in certain areas.

    You got lots of neat things! I love the old glass ornaments and garland, so vintage looking. I'm surprised that garland is in such good shape.

    I really like your collection of melon shaped pudding bowls. I've never seen those before, very neat.

    That is a beautiful picture you took, very peaceful! I am looking forward to snowfalls this year. My first year not working in many, many years so I will be able to enjoy it more this year since I won't have to get out and drive in it.

    I love your new lighting and floorcloths. You are always finding and buying the neatest things!

  8. you could shop for me! i love everything! especially the torn & tattered mittens! :)

  9. love all the goodies you shared..and I hope you get better soon..;)

  10. Karen, sorry you are having so much trouble with your hip and legs. You should be cheered up with all your new goodies. Love your new chandelier and floor cloths. I am waiting on one to come , that will go in front of m sofa. Can't wait to get it. Yours are beautiful.

  11. Hi Karen, you find the best goodies!! No prim shops in my area of Texas, but I'm glad all my prim blog friends share their finds and I get to enjoy looking.8-)
    Hope your back pain gets better, bless your heart!!

  12. Karen, Love all your goodies! I love the Marketplace in Tomah, I was just there in the fall on a girls trip. Your right, they are the best shop there!
    Hope you fell better soon, worse then beenin in pain! OLM

  13. Karen, I am sorry that you are continuing to have so much pain. I am sure that is hard to deal with. I hope that you will get some relief.
    I love all your finds by the way!
    I have been to that prim shop in Tomah, it's a nice little store. We didn't get to do much else there, but I enjoyed it.
    Hope you are staying warm.
    I just loaded some pellets in the stove and fired it up before I logged on, it's chilly!
    Have a good night.

  14. I love the new painted mats! Again, you got some really great things on your shopping trip. I think the new lighting will be terrific in your home. I am so sorry you are stil suffering with so much pain. Praying you will find an answer to the problem soon. Blessings!

  15. Karen ~
    I hope you start to feel better soon!
    I love the mercury glass ornaments. The red floor cloth is exquisite and those lights are the best. Please show us pictures when the lighting and floor cloths are in place.
    Hugs :)

  16. Hi Karen:
    Love all new items you bought on your last trip..You have such great decorating ideas..
    My oldest daughter ( in Michigan ) has sciatic nerve damage in her backside and she is in pain almsost constantly.. What do you do for yours. I know you take shots.. anything else..Thanks for any info..
    Hope you and family have a wonderful Chrismas ..
    Maurine.. ( I just had bad strain of flu the past 6 days.. went to Doc today and got a shot and z-pack antiobotics..)

  17. Karen,

    I have very similiar mittens to yours except mine are burgandy. I love the new finds! I will pray for healing for you. I have known a lot of people that have had this condition.

  18. Karen, it sounds like you had a wonderful getaway. Those are the perfect kind. I love your new floorcloths and your lamps will look wonderful in your home. Can't wait to see the new pictures.
    Have a great week!

  19. You always seem to take the best trips and find the most interesting items..Hope you feel better soon..Love all of the photos as always..Merry Christmas..

  20. Karen, you sure got some wonderful treasures. I love your new chandelier - can't wait to see it in place. I'm so sorry that you are still in so much pain - I will continue to keep you in my prayers.


  21. That Whaler light fixture is just about the exact one I have been planning to order! What a coincidence. I love that shop "A Simpler Time" and had a good time there recently. I will share what I got when I can get a few extra minutes. Have you tried accupuncture or hypnosis for that back/leg pain? Just a thought. I don't want you in such discomfort, and want to help if I can.

  22. Oh Karen, I feel for you with the pain. It must take the edge off everything you do. Yet you are always on the go and cheerful.
    Do they have any pain centers near you?, or I guess that is what you are trying to do.
    I hope it lifts for you!!!!
    Hugs, Dale

  23. Love, love, love those floor cloths!!! They are awesome!

  24. Wow Lady, wonderful post. You have many awesome things here...how did you manage to get Santa to come so early? Great gift you purchase for yourself. Love the lighting and Mercury pieces, and your flooring is amazing...wonderfully done.

    Hope and pray all goes well with you treatments. I am oh so familiar with the feeling of pain. Gotta get this done, can't let anything stop that shopping girl. ;)

    Wishing you the very best.
    Marlene :)

  25. I love all of your goodies! They are beautiful. I especially love what I got in the mail yesterday!!! Thank you. I am actually using the little towels in my guest bathroom. They match perfectly. I hope you feel better soon.

  26. Glad you and your hubby got away for a few days before all the busy time. Is your pain from a slipped disk or disks in your back? My husband had back surgery for disk problems almost 30 years ago and it came out very well. Just a few words of encouragement. Have a Wonderful Christmas!

  27. I Love all the snowmen. I'm a collector of them and love prim guys the best. Your snow scene is just gorgeous. A Christmas card.

  28. I'm sorry to hear that you're still dealing with your pain. I hope you can find something to relieve it soon.
    All your new goodies are simply wonderful! Great finds!
    Merry Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  29. you have such a beautiful home! And I'm a bit jealous of the snow yo've had! Hope you have a merry christmas!~


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