Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time for myself!

Good morning everyone....well it's darned cold here and I know it won't get much better now that basically WINTER IS HERE - at least temperature wise that is.

I have been keeping up with my website orders and decided that in order to have time for my own decorating, shopping and family needs I am not taking any more Christmas orders.
Orders can be placed but they won't be made or shipped until after January 1st.
I have made up my mind not to push myself so hard anymore - life isn't worth the stress of trying to do ALL THINGS.  I know me, and that's going to be difficult...I am a doer and a mover so changes are hard for me.

I finally ordered a Hooked Rug kit and it should be here by weeks end - I'm really excited because in my free time now I can relax and work on it....then after that I will try my hand at designing one from the wonderful supplies my friend sent me....I just needed something that was complete to start with.

Here's the kit I ordered:

I need a stool to get in because it's so high so It's going to be a cover for the stool at my bed.

We are going up north to my brother/sil's today and will hopefully go to a couple shops - I'll post what I find at the beginning of the week.

So nothing else is happening here that's fun or exciting but wanted to let you all know that I'm not taking any more Christmas orders.

I still have my Christmas decorating to do and start my shopping so that's going to be next week and I'm looking forward to it!

Enjoy your week/weekend everyone



  1. You are going to love it!! Have fun.


  2. Merry Christmas Karen..enjoy your me time..:)

  3. Down time, or "me time" is so important, I get very cranky if I don't have some time to myself. Enjoy preparing for Christmas.


  4. Great idea, Karen. That's what I'm doing today.

  5. Yeah for you, Karen! I am finished except for baking and I am enjoying it. You will too.

  6. It's hard enough to get the things done we want done for ourselves let alone for everyone else. Your customers will totally understand Karen. Please be sure and post pictures of your decorating. I look forward to seeing the changes you make.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas present you gave yourself..time! Blessings, Dianntha

  8. With Lili here 3 days a week and the magazine work, I am finding it hard to have time for me. Even though I love my work, each event takes a full day away from home and my free time is almost gone now. I understand fully about making time for yourself. You are wise to to it now!

    LOVE that pattern - what a gorgeous gift you will have when done! Have a great trip!!

  9. Hi Karen, Good for you for taking time for yourself! You deserve it!

    Love that rug! And I can't wait to see your Christmas home. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  10. God bless you with the much needed "me" time! Enjoy it and relax. Have a blessed and joyous day! by the way, the rug looks great and challenging and excited to see pics of your visits to the shops.

  11. Oh my goodness I haven't done hooking in years!
    Wait.... that doesn't sound quite right, but no matter -- that mat is beautiful, and I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy working on it.

    And how lovely to have too MANY orders!

  12. Hi Karen, I hope you truly enjoy your "down" time.! You deserve it! I think your rug hooking kit is so perfect. Enjoy ....and relax.


  13. Hooray! Welcome to the world of rug hooking - you'll be great at it I'm sure!

  14. Don't blame you a bit. I haven't blogged on my primitive blog in two weeks or been on the Primitive Place forum in a month. Trying to limit computer time so I finish the things I need /want to.

    I have half a rug that I started on 7 years ago in a class. Never got around to buying the frame to finish! LOL

  15. Good for you Karen! I hope you enjoy your time! Happy Holidays!

  16. I hope you enjoy your down time! You sure do deserve it!! Hope you have a great time with your brother and SIL.

  17. Good for you Karen!
    We all need to take a little me time.
    Have fun with your new hooking pattern. I love it!

    Merry Season to you!

  18. Karen, I am new to your blog and enjoy your adventures, so hope you enjoy your down time, it is well deserved with all I have seen of your work. I am also a rughooker and have hooked a few of Sally's patterns, she is also a friend, so have fun with the rug and show pics. when you are finished.

  19. Karen,
    The rug is going to be beautiful!

    I have Christmas shopping still to do! I feel like I am behind>>

    I hope you go to some good shops to post!
    enjoy the day, keep warm!

  20. Karen,
    Wish I'd known your plans earlier. I would have loved to have you stop by for lunch. I'll bet you'll stop in Ripon to shop. Funny thing, I plan to shop there tomorrow! Maybe we can compare purchases next week.

  21. Welcome to the rug hooking world you are going to love it. cute pattern too.

  22. That will be beautiful when it's finished! You should have no trouble at all, it's REALLY addicting once you start! LOL!
    I know it's COLD here too, I am already over that! Nearly froze our tushies going to the grocery tonight!
    Have a good weekend!

  23. Karen I agree..You deserve to get your home in order for the holidays..Lovin that rug and can't wait to see it finished on your stool..Have a great trip..

  24. I know what you mean Karen..I have a craft show on Sunday and am going to take some time for myself once it is over also. Still havn't even got everything organized from the big move and this house is a lot smaller so it is difficult and having to pack some things away and decide what I can live without. Looking forward to seeing your finds next week :)

  25. I always enjoy your posts. I went to a quilt retreat in November and bought my first rug hooking kit (a mug mat) so I can give it a try. I have a nice collection of wool also and I going to make some wool applique projects eventually. Merry Christmas, Karen.

  26. Hi Karen..
    Good for you on taking time for yourself...We all push ourselves to the limits around this time of the year..Christmas is here and gone before we know it..Enjoy everyday as if it was your last and anything else will take care of itself..
    Have a safe trip and we're all looking forward to seeing some pictures when you get home...
    Prim hugs,

  27. Good for you. I am doing the same thing. Taking some time for me. I placed a little order but I am not in any hurry for mine. It is for me!!! Love ya!

  28. Trust me girl! I know how you feel! I'm finally working on my decorating. Want to get it out of the way before next week gets here because it is full of parties, parties, and more parties! But it's a wonderful reminder of how loved we are... as long as we don't stress out too much then it'll be fun. Haha! I think you made a very good call on holding off on orders. The holidays need to be enjoyable and not stressful but we are the ones that have to make them that way!

    I love that hooked rug design! It'll look wonderful on your little stool.

    Now to spend some time catching up on what all you've been up to! =]


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