Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I won….and a new Shower Enclosure

First I want to say thank you to Jacki for picking my name in her wonderful give-away…I won some beautiful hand made/hand painted salt dough Quilt Tiles. I love the colors in them…beautiful work.  Visit her wonderful blog:  The Olde Primitive Barn

She also included some sweet little salt dough hearts and some wonderfully scented heart melts. I’m leaving them in my kitchen because any movement sends off a beautiful aroma…they are just great. What is the scent called?

Saltdough quilt tiles


Heart Melts

And now onto our new tub/shower enclosure…I had posted a bit back that we used to have textured/gold rimed shower enclosure several years ago and had it removed when they re-surfaced the tub/sinks/walls…and didn’t want those old grungy things back on.

So now that we are getting ‘old’ we decided rather than always going up stairs when we wanted a shower (in place of a bath now and then) we’d have a new enclosure installed….to the tune of $$$$ it’s in and what a huge difference it makes in the room.  We went the extra $$ to get the frameless and I’m so happy we did.

Now we just need to get those new doors/drawer fronts and then paint the cabinets and we’re good to go again for a few years – saving us many $$$$’s on a remodel.  Well, maybe a new floor too but it’s really very nice yet.

Here’s the before:
Tub no surround

And the after:
Tub with surround

Old View from the mirror:  I think maybe new paper too! lol
Bathroom cabinets 3

New view from mirror:
Full bathroom

Oh my gosh…I can’t wait for the 4 & 5th of March – we’re going to IL for an Primitive/Antique Show.
Country Spirit in Arcola, IL where you will see the editors of the newest Prim magazine…A PRIMITIVE PLACE

Country Spirit
And also in Arthur, IL is Homesteaders on the Prairie Show
 Homesteaders on the Prairie show

Have any of you been to Yore Country Store in Gotham/Lone Rock, WI????
I have been told about it but never gone and we are only about 1-3/4 hours away so Thursday we are taking the day trip – how fun….I know I will find lots of goodies.
They also have a blog:  http://www.yorecountryhome.blogspot.com/
Yore Country Home Store

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day…our day was just the norm – but that’s okay!

Oh, before I sign off – THANK YOU EVERYONE who took advantage of my Inventory Reduction Sale.
It really surprises me how things sell when you put them on sale…there are still a few items left and there will be more things a bit later. I have boxes of inventory to go through so be watching.

Thanks for visiting today



  1. Such a neat idea painting the salt dough like quilt blocks. I would have never thought of that. Some people are so creative and talented. Your shower is fabulous Karen. I think you should keep the wall paper that's on the walls. It works in the room.
    I hope the rest of your week is a good one.

  2. Karen~

    The new bath looks wonderful.

    I sure wish I was able to go to those antique shows, but I already have other plans~so have a great time.

    You are going to LOVE Yore Country Store!! I almost wish I hadn't gone because I keep wanting to go back. It's wonderful to visit, but not good for the pocket book.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky

  3. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and yours is AWESOME. I love colonial decor and we live in a Dutch colonial home, and always always working on it a little at the time.

    Love your gifties you got! So pretty!
    My next project is taking the lower doors off my kitchen cabinets and putting in Lover's Knot towels for "curtains" on tension rods. I already took off the top 2 on one side to make a open cupboard. hubbie was like WHA? LOL

    Take care,
    Jennifer Dalenberg
    Feathers in the Nest

  4. Hi Karen, I am looking forward to your visit this Thursday. I am so excited that you found us. Thank you for the kind words about our store. After reading your email to me I feel like I should go to the store (today is my day off) and tidy up because company is a comming! LOL. Oh I love your wallpaper. Im hooked on blue and whites together. Its just refreshing colors together. I collect blue and white quilts. Take care, Theresa, Yore country store

  5. Karen:
    Give me a " head's up" before you do your next sale.. Love my litle candle holder I got from you.. It's so cute...

  6. Karen, Bathroom turned out great! Love the quilt squares too!
    YORE country home... LOVED IT!!! I got to stop after my girls trip this fall.... YIKES she has stuff and bigger then it looks on the outside! Enjoy! OLM

  7. Love the new shower - it looks great!

    Wishing I could go to IL too! How nice you will meet Kristine and Kimberlee! Have a wonderful time!!

  8. Congrats on winning her giveaway and the new shower! Looks great!

  9. Karen~

    The shower looks wonderful! I am cannot wait for March 4th and 5th to get here. I will be there and it will be so nice to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful week!


  10. Karen, The bath looks great! I knew you were a kindred spirit...and to now know you like Elton too..the best..lol ;)

  11. Love the shower! Have fun in Illinois! And I wish I was going to Yore Country store!!!

  12. Your bathroom looks wonderful!!! I love it!!!

  13. Wonderful goodies, Karen.
    Thanks for letting me know about the show in Arcola.
    I've been wanting to head there for some shopping.

  14. Thanks Karen. Glad you liked everything. The melts are Apple Spice... HUGS xoxox

  15. Love the shower! Lucky you to be able to go to the prim/antique events and prim store! I would be so excited.. wish I wasn't so far away from the fun!

  16. Congrats on your winnings and your shower looks awesome! Have fun on your shopping trip!

  17. What wonderful goodies you won! I love them all and your displays too! Your new shower enclosure looks great - I know you will enjoy it.


  18. Love the shower Karen...you will enjoy it much better I'm sure. Love all of your gifts...just gorgeous.

    I'm sure you are going to have much at the shows in March. I've not been to YORE's, but would love to...It all looks so grand in this shop; I've been viewing pictures of their goodies for a while now. I'm sure it would be awesome to see.

    Safe travels on your shopping trip. Enjoy!


  19. Jacki's salt dough quilt blocks are a wonderful idea, very creative! Congratulations on winning them, what fun!

    Your new shower enclosure is very nice! Amazing how much it changes the look of the bathroom.


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