Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My little ones have returned

My wayward children or 'waifs' as I call them...arrived home safe and sound today.

They went on a journey all on their own a couple weeks ago...I wasn’t sure about letting them go alone but they said ‘trust us’ - we know where we’re going and the lady is so nice and sweet and she will take good care of us and besides, we need her.

Plus she has many, many other children just like us who need her too...and we also know that some of them are becoming popular really fast just because they live with her. I heard they had their pictures taken a few weeks ago for ‘PRIMS’ Magazine and we may see them in the October issue. Imagine that....and they also hang out at a place called ‘Lemon Poppy Seeds’.

My ‘waifs’ have changed considerably - I didn’t recognize them at all - what I thought were two girls or possibly 2 boys turned out to be a boy and a girl...how could a mom not have known...but she knew!

She must have fed them well too because they looked plumper - quite full. And possibly out in the sun for some time getting some good Vitamin C but at some point I think they may have gotten out of her sight and fallen into some of her morning coffee or maybe snuck into her craft room and played with her Walnut Stain...they have been known to be quite naughty at times.

I must say this lady sure does know how to dress her children because they came back home with some new duds on... and I was so thankful because when they left they had ‘naked bodies’ – but being they were all ‘wrapped up’ on their journey no one would see them.

So, my boy and girl have returned happy and dressed to the nines! Oh guess what...they even grew some hair....what does she feed them.

They had been in my craft room ‘just hanging out’ for 4 years! Not very pretty are they?
bare dolls
And this is what came home today
Dolls 1
Dolls 2
Closeup dolls


 And now for the fun….I can’t go around anymore calling them my ‘waifs’ – they need an identity!

Soooooo…please feel free to comment here and leave your ideas for names.

On July 10th (my birthday) I will put the names in a bowl and pick…the winner will receive a ‘mystery gift’.
But remember if you don’t leave a way for me to reach you I will have to choose another set of names.

Thank you so much Marie (OLD LADY MORGAN) for taking on my dolls...you have a talent and a kindness beyond words.
Please visit her blog: 
She is just the best.

Prim blessings,


  1. how about Gabe and Grace? denise

  2. Personally, I like Frick and Frack for them, but since you are trying to get them out of their "waif" lifestyle, I suppose I should come up with something better than that!!
    Perhaps Bess and Bernie??

  3. Karen
    They are so stickin~ cute~ Great job by OLM!!! Love her creativity~
    I say~
    Mr & Mrs Pieren~Fred & Pearl~ the Olde Hicks from the Sticks~
    ( just like my family!!!LOL)

    Great giveaway!!! Generous & kind~ and a mystery!!! love that!!!

  4. They are so adorable, I love them!! How about Hans and Martha!! Any name will begreat for them though!!:0)

  5. oh Karen:
    I was going to suggest that I would dress your dolls and put face and hair on them but I got cold feet.I was afraid I couldn't do a good enoough job to please you.. but I'm glad someone did it.

    For names... how about.

    "Flossy Fay and Freddy Fillibuster"

    I know that's a mouthful but it's catchy...


  6. oh, how about Ruthy and Pops... he looks like a pops...
    They turned out great.

  7. Oh Karen, This couple is too cute. Love their facial features. OLM did a great job. In honor of your birthday and our 38th anniversary on the 13th, they look like such a sweet old couple. I think Dumas and Dodie would fit them perfectly. Can't wait to see their names. Have a great day..
    Thru Nanas Window

  8. Perfecly prim dolls. Billy Bob & Ruthie May. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your sheep header. Blessings!

  9. Oh my goodness first Hats of OLM what a great job. They are just precious little children now Karen

    I think Berta and Ammos sound good?
    How fun
    I just keep relooking at the pictures.


  10. Oh the girl looks exhausted..smile..OLM did a prim perfect job! I would call them Hetty and Dudley.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Karen, I am so glad you are happy with them! I had a blast fixing them up! I am always a little nervous when I create my dolls.. one either loves them or hates them....LOL.... mostly the guys, they just don't get it! OLM

  12. Ps...Names....well... I should of sent tags.... Just popped into my head...jack and diane??? OLM

  13. What a cute way to have a giveawy!! I couldn't help but smile when I was looking at them! OLM did a great job! She's right most guys don't get the prim and grubby thing!! LOL I was kinda thinkin about Maxi(short for Maxine and Ollie (short for Oliver) just a thought!! I would feel so blessed to win!! XO Fran.

  14. Oh, I love them!! What a great job, OLM. Surprise give-away! I've never won anything on the blogs. Just keep trying. Lets see--names----Amos and Mrytle?
    thanks--Susann shoskins@stny.rr.com

  15. They are just too cute. How about Bubba and Trixiebelle.

    Prim Blessings,

  16. oh they are wonderful..OLM did a fantastic job..the first two names to pop in my head were Ed and Maude.;)

  17. Well, Karen, when I look at them I see Effie Mae and Ezra.
    they are so cute. OLM did a great job on them.

  18. What a darling post, Karen!! Loved it!! And your chil'ren are cute as the dickens!!! How dang sweet!! That OLM treated them well I can see!! And, oh my heck....your little naming contest is going to put me in fits....I could come up with names all night LONG....And I will be in my head (thank you very much!)....So, I have to put my choices out here now...if I have any hope of getting my brain to stop thinking up stuff (and even then, it'll be a while....wish I could find a job just naming things!!) My choice (of the moment) is...IRA and IMOGENE....(runner up to Hiram and Hester, Percival and Pearl, Stan and Stella...JUST KIDDING!!! But you see what you started, don't you???) Oh my poor, poor family - they're going to have to live with me for the next several hours!! Have a great week Sweetie....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. They look happy to be home.

    I like Wilber (will and defend)
    and Mable (my beautiful girl)


  20. Oh, Marie did such a great job! I really love them! My choice for names are Oliver and Olivia. What cuties!

  21. They are wonderful Karen! Marie DOES a wonderful job!
    How about Lola Bell and Charlie?
    I don't know why, but that's what I saw! LOL!
    Have a great night!

  22. Back to leave contact information. I left name suggestions without adding it (A Primitive Homestead Billy Bob & Ruthie May) colonialhomestead@yahoo.com

    Karen your post is cute. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Blessings!

  23. Karen, they are just so cute! Look tired, but very well loved!
    How about:

    ToThe Woodshed and

    BrangThe Switch

    Smiling at all the cute names, great fun indeed!

  24. The first thing that came to mind was Oliver and Olivia and wouldn't you know it but when I scrolled down your comment list, someone else had picked the same names. How funny?! The boy and the word "waif" reminded me of 'Oliver Twist'. Still like my names so I'm sticking with them.

  25. How about Max and Sarah Jane.


  26. Karen they are darling!OLM sure did a wonderful job caring for them! I am thinking Gilbert and Gertie. Happy Birthday Karen. Hugs,Jen

  27. Hi Karen.
    They are adorable!How about Myrtle & Gilbert?
    BTW,I love your new header.
    I have sheep in one of my bathrooms.
    You can reach me at beckyp47@roadrunner.com

  28. Shucks Karen that was one cute story.. I loved it!!
    sometimes its good to send the kids away for a week or so they always come back fresh and new!! Hehe!!

    Let me see I think maybe Thelma Jayne & Homer would be fitting for such a fine pair..

    Have a great week & have fun reading all the suggestions!!


  29. Love their story!! I vote for Lucy & Ricky :o) ~Kriss~

  30. Hi Karen,
    It's been awhile since I posted on your blog. I hope you are doing well. Your birthday is the day before my hubby's. I hope you have a great day that is as sweet as you!

    About your waifs, they are darling! I'm not much help with names as I like all the ones suggested so far. LOL! How about Lady-Still-Waiting & Sir-Battle-Scarred? I'm cheating a bit as these are the names of two new LaLaLoopsy dolls. But they sure seem to fit your dollies better. :o)

    Take care!

  31. Hi Karen,

    They are adorable...love her work! Great story to go along with it too!
    As for names...how about Pearl & Earl?

    Have a great week :)

  32. I would name them after my granddaddy and grandmomma...General Lee and Mallie Guynell. Love your blog, and whatever their names turn out to be...they are Prim to the core.

  33. Elijah and Eliza Jane!

  34. Karen, I love them and what a cute story. OLM did a great job. I think they look like Sadie Mae and Hezekiah.

  35. Well how about Willy and Lily! There story is terrific!
    take care

  36. Wow, so many good suggestions. Cute story! I am going with Waldo and Gwendolyn, Wally and Gwennie for short.
    Just seems to fit!


  37. :D Love the story Karen...and they are just adorable.

    This is fun too. Well, I'm thinking...BUCK and BLANCHE.

    Enjoy them.

    Marlene (Y1M-APP)

  38. How's about Johanna and Jezebel?
    Hugs :)

  39. Love your prim babes...
    How about Zeb and Lula Mae?
    Thanks for the fun...

  40. Love the story, Karen. OLM did a great job...Those two 'kids' look like Herman & Beulah! Hope they're behaving...LOL Blessings from N.C. Cabin In The Woods

  41. I thought I was reading a book. Love the story. I am late posting and wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  42. Hi Karen~

    I sure don't know how I missed this post. Read today's & had to backtrack a little. Love your dolls from Marie!! She makes the greatest prims!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had a good one!!

    Enjoy your day & stay cool~Becky


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