Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My little ones have returned

My wayward children or 'waifs' as I call them...arrived home safe and sound today.

They went on a journey all on their own a couple weeks ago...I wasn’t sure about letting them go alone but they said ‘trust us’ - we know where we’re going and the lady is so nice and sweet and she will take good care of us and besides, we need her.

Plus she has many, many other children just like us who need her too...and we also know that some of them are becoming popular really fast just because they live with her. I heard they had their pictures taken a few weeks ago for ‘PRIMS’ Magazine and we may see them in the October issue. Imagine that....and they also hang out at a place called ‘Lemon Poppy Seeds’.

My ‘waifs’ have changed considerably - I didn’t recognize them at all - what I thought were two girls or possibly 2 boys turned out to be a boy and a girl...how could a mom not have known...but she knew!

She must have fed them well too because they looked plumper - quite full. And possibly out in the sun for some time getting some good Vitamin C but at some point I think they may have gotten out of her sight and fallen into some of her morning coffee or maybe snuck into her craft room and played with her Walnut Stain...they have been known to be quite naughty at times.

I must say this lady sure does know how to dress her children because they came back home with some new duds on... and I was so thankful because when they left they had ‘naked bodies’ – but being they were all ‘wrapped up’ on their journey no one would see them.

So, my boy and girl have returned happy and dressed to the nines! Oh guess what...they even grew some hair....what does she feed them.

They had been in my craft room ‘just hanging out’ for 4 years! Not very pretty are they?
bare dolls
And this is what came home today
Dolls 1
Dolls 2
Closeup dolls


 And now for the fun….I can’t go around anymore calling them my ‘waifs’ – they need an identity!

Soooooo…please feel free to comment here and leave your ideas for names.

On July 10th (my birthday) I will put the names in a bowl and pick…the winner will receive a ‘mystery gift’.
But remember if you don’t leave a way for me to reach you I will have to choose another set of names.

Thank you so much Marie (OLD LADY MORGAN) for taking on my dolls...you have a talent and a kindness beyond words.
Please visit her blog: 
She is just the best.

Prim blessings,