Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flea Market Finds…Friends…Fun

Sunday we headed to our favorite Flea Market and are always on the lookout for Pewter…I normally can find one piece at least.

Well this time there was a table full – 18 pieces actually but I only bought 4…now that might have been a mistake because all 18 pieces WERE ONLY $10.00 total.

I took 4 – I just didn’t need the rest (well, I didn’t need these either, but it was a have to have kind of thing) and thought I’d only have to find someone to buy them…so I left them. Sorry afterwards!!!   But the girls said they have more packed away and that their mother collected it and they’d find it and send me pictures…I’m waiting anxiously.

So here’s my little 4 piece stash – A domed Butter Dish, Creamer, 2 Wine Goblets all for a dollar each.
And the gorgeous  Crock for only $8.00
Pewter and crock

I love the dark coloring on the crock and will put some Fall things in it and that will make the colors pop even more.  Later in the season I’ll change it out and use it for kitchen utensils.
Stoneware crock

And the butter dish up close
Butter Dish 

And the goblets on the Pewter table
Pewter Wine Goblets

And some nice Pineapple napkins for .25 cents!

 Pineapple Napkins

I don’t think I mentioned that the week before we went to another flea market and I found this antique crock bowl with wire bail handle – never seen one in this good of a condition and I paid just $5.00 for it

Bowl 1 

Using it for our fresh Tomatoes right nowTomatoes in blue blow 

  So last week Thursday we met our friends from Arizona for breakfast – we meet them every year while they’re back in Wisconsin visiting their children and on their way home – this year it was at the Cracker Barrel.
Emily and Joe are with us on Thursdays in the Summer so this is the 2nd year they went with us.

Joe had quite a plate full of Apple French Toast and Bacon – Emily had Oatmeal and a muffin and Apples.
Em and Joe before
Guess he was pretty hungry because there was only one slice left plus a few apples!
Joe finished

Then it was photo shoot time…Mare never gets together that she doesn’t take pictures. She wanted pictures of the kids with us to see the growth – and there was a huge spurt from last year to this.
Here’s last August
Us and kids
And this August
Us with em and joe 2

And Mare and Me.
Karen and Mare

4 of us
The 4 of us

All of us 2 

Didn’t realize I had this many pictures for this post – but sometimes words just get lost…so I guess that’s okay.

Mare had a special order for me on my Pansy/Watering Can design…she wanted Burgundy thrown in and also in an oblong so this is what I ended up doing.

Mares Pansy Runner 
I really like how the Burgundy made the other colors pop – it’s on the small Penny as well.
Mares Pansy Runner closeup


Almost forgot – I am doing the LITITZ CRAFT SHOW next August…I’m very excited but skeptical at the same time…this is a big show and I got rid of all my ‘show’ things – no displays left – NOTHING…so now I have to plan.  And buy a pop up canopy. I saw one at Sam’s Club…PERFECT with screen sides and an front awning – great for winds or rain but I think they are for a limited time – all the other ones I have seen are just the awning tent and you buy the extras separate. Not sure what to do there. If only I could rent one!
So that has my brain reeling – figuring out what to make and how much of it to make.pcdividergcg

I’m in the process of making dried Green Bean/dried Cranberry garlands – because you know I don’t have enough to do!!!!  I bought 2 lbs at the flea market last week and now it doesn’t look like enough to make several….and the farm stands around here well, they aren’t cheap. These were so I was spoiled!
I’m also going to experiment with maybe dried Green Bean/Sweet Potato garlands too. See which I like the best.  If they turn out I may sell them at the show.


Fall is in the air – I’m so happy!  I’m a cool weather person and Tuesday (right after Labor Day) we are heading up north to camp with some friends. They maintain the camp ground all summer and then stay one for a couple weeks past Labor Day so we should have a good time with pretty much the camp ground to ourselves.  They have a large motor home but they don’t hook up to electricity so the mornings and evenings will be a tad cool but hopefully we’ll take enough warm clothing and by 10 or 11 the sun has warmed up the air considerably.


Be happy and safe whatever it is you are doing this week…for me it’s sewing!  Thanks to all my wonderful followers and website followers I have had a huge sale on my Fall Mr. Jack and the Triple Pumpkin Penny Rugs…looking at all of them sitting here it looks like my pumpkin patch is becoming overgrown! 



  1. I'm a fall person too and I usually by the end of August I just can't hardly wait for it to get here. Fall is the perfect season and I love all things about it. What great photos on the post today! Have a great day!

  2. Good morning Karen, Nice to hear from you. Getting together with friends is always so much fun, and Cracker Barrel is one of my favoirte places for breakfast. Great pictures of all of you. Emily and Joe look so cute .I know you are proud of them. Don't kids grow so fast? They are almost as tall as you and the Mister.
    We are doing a 3 day craft show this weekend, the only one we do. It is in our hometown so we will be home at night, and then on Tuesday we are leaving for vacation in Ohio. There are NO prims in our area and I am so excited to be going. We are going to Berlin in the heart of the Amish Country. Only negative part is it is almost 800 miles of riding. We are staying overnight on Tues. night and will reach Berlin on Wed. Hoping you have a great trip. Oh I would so love cool morning temps. It is still in the 70's here in Ga upon waking and 90's during the day. Take care and be safe.
    Oh I forgot to ask. May be a dumb question, but are there markings on pewter so that you know its the real thing? How can you tell? Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Wow! Great finds Karen - and those prices can't be beat!

    Love the penny rug and colors too!

    I sure wish we had a Cracker Barrel in's my favorite place to eat in the US.

    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Karen.....loved seeing all of your great pics. Those kids are so cute and really growing, of course you and Doug never change a bit!
    Ah, my favorites, pewter and crocks.
    There are a lot of sales around here for the Labor Day weekend and I am hoping to find some treasures. I have found a few things lately and I need to make a blog post about them.

  5. Hello Karen,
    I've missed you. I haven't been around much lately myself but I'm always thinking about you.

    You got some fabulous pewter pieces and at a great price.
    I have a crock bowl just like yours only the inside color is the same as the outside. Its one of my favorite pieces.

    Have a lovely day friend.
    Hugs, ~AMY~

  6. That was a big post! LOL! Love all your finds! Especially that crock! Lucky!

    Your penny rug is awesome! I'm sure she loved it.

    THe kids grew a LOT!

    Have fun at the show!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Karen, so glad that your time with your friends was so nice. it looks like everyone had a great time. Now for your fleamarket finds.. my goodness you sure did get some great stuff. I love the crock. that is awsome. and your pennyrug is beautiful. the burgundy flowers added just the right pop of color. Great job.
    Have a great Labor day weekend.

  8. This is my first time posting, but I am a faithful reader of your blog (which I love). Your pewter is awesome. I absolutely love I am drooling over your pieces. The penny rugs are wonderful're very talented.

  9. Hi, Karen ~ great pieces you brought home. That crock is awesome, love the dark aged coloring on it. Beautiful pics of family and friends. Love the penny rug too. You are one busy gal, glad you posted. I still have my canopy from shows, never know when I might decide to use it, lol

  10. Great finds and the prices unbelievable. Looks like you had a great visit with Mare.I'm ready for fall too.I need to get some garlands strung to but never find the time.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Good luck at the craft show. I have a canopy for shows. I wish it had all the extras. Sounds like all extras included is the best way to go from the start. Your pweter is beautiful. I have a very small collection started. I have searched this summer for a goblet to match. Need just one more. The kids have gotten taller. I have some beans I would like to string. Not really sure how to do it. That cupboard in the background with toms in the crock sure is beautiful. What I can see if it. LOL. Would like to see more of it. I want to build something for my canned goods. Hint! The camping sounds fun. Wishing you a safe & happy trip. Blessings!

  12. Wow Karen! Those are great finds - LOVE the pewter and that awesome crock. How fun to spend time with friends - loved the pictures of your get together. Enjoyed the 2010 and 2011 pictures with the kids - they certainly have grown. The penny rug you did for Mare is beautiful - as are all of your designs. The dried green bean/cranberry garland sounds interesting - how do you dry them? Have fun on your camping trip!

  13. Karen, The kids sure have grown! Great flea market finds - did you go to Elkhorn? We've been to that one once and I LOVED it - there's nothing like it here in NW Ohio. Darn! Have fun next week. ~Ann

  14. Ok....spill the beans....and NO not the ones your are planning to string! WHICH flea markets are finding these wonderful goodies at at such incredible prices??? Elkhorn?? Oh....I SO miss going there! Those pewter pieces and that crock are crow-perfect!! Some of my favoritest things - and my jaw is still dropped thinking of the prices you got them for! WOW!! And shame on you for not picking up the rest!! I would have bought them from you NO PROBLEM!!! Great photos - you are so beautifully photogenic!! Wow....And beautiful penny you made for your friend - bet she was tickled purple (and burgundy!) ;o) Beautiful....Have a fun time camping! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Great Flea market finds,love everything! The penny rug is a beautiful piece.

  16. You just seem to have the best luck finding pewter for little money. I really need to do some research to make sure I am looking at pewter and not some cheap stamped stuff that passes as pewter.

    Really looking forward to fall myself. Temp is still in the upper 80's or low 90's here but the mornings are cooler than they have been and humidity a little lower.

    Will email you soon, I have some questions to ask you.

  17. Those kids have been drinking grow juice! They look so good, such happy sweet faces. I'm so glad you got to visit and share good times with your friends. Hope the camp out goes well, wear extra layers.

    As for the pewter, that butter dish is amazing, and the prices, wow! I might just steal that crock! Thanks so much for sharing, you will do fabulous with the upcoming show!

  18. Karen ~
    You are SO photogenic!!! Great pics of the grands. My how they've grown in a year!
    I know what you mean about passing up deals and then kicking yourself. I've been known to do it on occasion!
    Hugs :)

  19. Wow, you're getting quite a pewter collection. It's just beautiful. Sounds like you've been pretty busy lately. I'm looking forward to fall too, love this cooler weather! Almost ready to start pulling some of the goodies out! Have a great holiday weekend, Dawn

  20. Looks like you had so much fun! Handsome family pictures that you have...cherish every moment.
    You bought some great finds!
    Are you going to Simple Goods Show in November?

  21. Karen love your wonderful finds!It looks like you all had a wonderful get together,the kids are really getting big. The penny rug was beautiful as usual.Hope that you have a great time camping with your friends.Have a safe and happy weekend.Hugs,Jen

  22. Hi Karen, You have been busy....great post. Love all those goodies you've been finding at the markets.
    I can see how much Emily has grown.... has she been into the chook pellets?
    Have a great time on vacation and I'll be in touch with you when you get back. Maa

  23. Hi Karen,
    I always love reading your posts.
    What awesome finds.
    I tell ya GF, one day I am going to show up on your door step and make you go with me shopping!!
    You always find the best goodies.

    Yes, I am soooo ready for Fall!
    Been trying to start a little more decorating, but the last two days has been in the 90's.

    Kind of hard to get in the mood while youre sweating to death. :)


  24. You found some awesome treasures. I especially like the bowl with the handle.

    LOVE Cracker Barrel!

  25. Karen,

    I am right there with you and fall... though it's Sept 2nd and it might hit 98 here today, ICK! Though next week, cooler temps, can't wait!
    I've been thinking of you since you commented on more shots... I hope there are helping! This is such a pain isn't it? I had a bad spell for bit, and I hate to say it...things have been ok...but rains coming and that always throws a wrench into the back issues... Have a great weekend! OLM

  26. Hi Karen,

    We have rain today and I am loving it!!! YIPPEE! I love your blog and wanted to tell you again...How many times if this? ha! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family...

  27. Great pics! Is that show in Lititz, PA? I love my Easy up tent. It came with three sides and I bought the other one at a flea market for $10. I use it a lot even though not for shows that often any more. The kids use it also. Great thing to have! Love the penny rug also!


  28. Oh dear Karen, how I've missed you so! I've had a busy summer with my family and now they are all back to the ol' school/work routine, I finally have some time to catch up! I have missed your blog dearly.

    Wow! I can't believe you can find so much pewter and at such great prices! That can never be found around here.

    Hey! I bought a big crock bowl recently for $5 also! They run about $28 and higher around here so I was very thrilled at my find. Now I just wish mine had fresh tomatoes in it like yours, hehe.

    Can you believe how much growing kids do over a year? Emily and Joe have both grown so much! That's a very good picture of you & Mare and the whole gang.

    Teresa from Teresa's Primitive Treasures does the Lititz show. My, how I would love to attend it. I hope you are able to secure all you need for your show, good thing you have some time to gather it. When I first started setting up at the flea market, I only had tables. It's been fun to collect pieces to use for display.

    I've not seen dried green beans in any kind of garland. I would love to see what that looks like. I hope you post it when you are done. I bet it is beautiful for Christmas with the red of the cranberries.

    I'm a cool weather person too and SO very excited about the fall-like weather we are receiving! Sounds like a fabulous time at the campground. Enjoy that quiet!

  29. (and the family) look simply beautiful ! I love all your creations and love, love love the burgundy accents to your newest penny rug (Mare has excellent taste). But now that I have said such nice things (hehe) I have to talk a little smack...What on earth were you thinking ? You left pewter on that table that was $10...for all of it? All 18 pieces ????? My dear, should you ever be in that predictament again, have no fear BUY IT and simply add a few dollars and sell it to me !!! See, so very simple...dilema solved...hahahaha Just teasing. Wow, what a terrific deal though. ! You showed tremendous resolve not to cave to the pressure and take it all home (Obviously you are a better woman that I).

    With warmest regards,

  30. I think we have a lot in common, first my name is Karen and I live in a 1730 home. This is the first time I have visited your site and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Your butter dish with the pewter cover is lovely. You would never find things like that at a flea market in New Hampshire and if you did you would pay much more.


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