Friday, September 30, 2011

Brunch – Bored – Building an Ark!


Yesterday we had our Son/MaryAnn and Aidan over for brunch for MaryAnn’s birthday.

Besides the Egg Bake we had sausage links, Sour Dough toast and fruit
It went from this…
From this

To this…
To this

To this….
Then this

End result…
Egg Bake

Aidan was preoccupied with hit little cup of Nutter Butter cookies – so nothing mattered at the moment…don’t know where his mind was but he sure was quiet.
Aidan window 1
After brunch he kept busy with his new Crayola coloring book and Magic Markers
 Aidan w Markers

Darren bought MaryAnn her Tony Romo Jersey
MaryAnn Jersey 1   MaryAnn Jersey 2

All of us 4

Grandpa Grandma Aidan 1

So on to the bored part…we had been so busy pretty much the entire month and now nothing…nothing to look forward to until the 20th of October when we go to PA for the Wholesale Show – it can’t come soon enough – I’m getting PA withdrawal. It will be one year since we made the trip and that’s just not a good thing!
Not even anything happening around here…no shows, no parties, no dinners – but I do have orders I’m working on and that’s good. Plus I really should get my mind in gear with some new ideas for next August for the Lititz show and the Artisan’s Porch Walk shows. Time does go by faster than ever it seems and it will be here before I know it.

Jump Drive    And….today I’m transferring all my files onto Flash Drives.  I have a few but they are small in storage space so today I bought one with a large enough file to hold ALL of my photos and website and other things can go on the other drives. 
I’m getting way too many photos on the computer.  Plus at the moment NOTHING is BACKED UP so it had better not crash while I’m in the process or I will have lost EVERYTHING important.  And YES, I do back up on the Flash Drives…but last night I cleaned them all off to start over and that’s when I discovered not a single one was large enough…so please say a silent prayer for me today.

Noahs_ArkAnd for the Ark…well it has been raining here since last Sunday….every single day and night…off and on, off and on…just pouring when it does come on so it makes you not to even want to leave the house. Very gloomy. I need some kind of pick me up and quick!
If I was a drinker (for pleasure that is) I’d have my husband light the fireplace and sit back, read and gulp sip on a Mimosa!
How’s that for bad behavior - and on a weekday at that!

Two leaves Two leaves Two leaves Two leaves

Where does the time go – this month just started and it will be October when we wake up tomorrow…It feels like Sept. just started. I know the older one gets the time flies by, but this is ridiculous – is it just me?  Or do you feel time is just going by way too fast ?

I had thought maybe it’s because we plan so far ahead for things, or maybe we are wishing our lives away wishing for the next ‘fun’ thing to happen.
I wish I could just sit back and not think about tomorrow and then maybe it wouldn’t get here quite so fast.  What’s the answer.

So my blogging buddies (Thank You) and all others that come visit me from time to time (I thank you too)…I hope I didn’t run on too long.
Guess for not having much to say today I did go on and on didn’t I ?

Have a great weekend and wishing you all a beautiful October!




  1. hi, Karen
    wonderful pics from Brunch~
    oh, and yes, where does time go~ slips away doesn't it~
    have a wonderful day~

  2. Hi Karen ~ I have been reminded lately (from another blogging friend)to be content and thankful for what I have. To remember that it is the little things in life that matter. Our families, I am so thankful for mine. We celebrated 31 years of marriage this week (no small task these days).Sometimes I feel my blogs are barring to others, but to me it is my life and it matters.I love that you take time to spend with family and put the extra effort into making them feel loved. The brunch looked simply yummy.It is behind the scenes that takes up life and all too soon we will be busy with the holidays and another year will be upon us. Enjoy this fall season. Wishing you a wonderful week. Blessings ~Sara

  3. Oh, Karen............I feel your pain! I have lost this whole last week of Sept. I have been sick since Monday and have probably slept 20 hours a day. I am finally up in a chair playing with my new toy (lap top). You know I am sick if I don't get on the computer. Let's hope for better weather and a good October.
    I am going to get my photos on flash drivess too......may have to wait for one of my grandkids for help!

  4. Oh that egg bake looks so yummy - those are one of my favorite foods....And, no, it's not you - I don't know what happened, but just in the past two years or so, I feel like I fell off the spinning wheel - just can't keep up. I don't even have my fall decorations up yet - and that's SO not me. How did I do it all when I worked full time is beyond me. And, yup, I've been working on an ark too - truly nasty weather - and now the gale-force winds....We likely won't have much left for fall color....Well, snuggle up and keep cozy....Wishing you a warm and blessing-filled weekend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby! That's something truly special....) :o)

  5. Brunch sure looks yummy!
    Precious moments indeed, just look at that adorable little Aidan!
    Blessed Be * A beautiful Autumn to you

  6. Karen, your brunch casserole looks wonderful. I am bored also, it seems that everything happens at once and then there is a long dry spell. You need to get yourself a Western Digital Portable Backup. You connect it to your computer and it automatically backs up everything you choose to back up.
    Have a good weekend!

  7. are just the sweetest person ...and it shows in your writing. I love to come here and see what you have been up to. Yes, time does fly by...we are all getting older but maybe it is because we ARE very busy. That is better than loafing around and being bored for me.

    And that Mimosa....go for it! It sounds good to me......maybe right now would be a good time to "sip" one!!!!! MMMMMM... they are so good!

    The boys are Dallas fans here, too. Have been for years and years.

    Okay...take care... and thank you for letting me peek into your blog, Karen.


  8. Karen, yummy! now I am hungry!!!!
    I am right there with you and this rain! We have been getting it everyday too! UGH! Gloomy! ICKY! FINALLY a bit of sun today... well...sometimes... OLM

  9. It's funny Karen,if you were in PA you'd think nothing fun or exciting ever happens here.I used to love going to the gettysburg cash & carry show when I had the shop.I agree time slips by soooo fast.Fall is my favorite time hoping it hangs around a

  10. Gosh Karen, your brunch photos are making me hungry!!! What a great looking family you all are!

  11. Brunch looks so yummy!
    Yes time for me is flying by too as I get older. I guess it is what it is and I count my blessings every day.
    I am going to a really good show tomorrow close to my house. wish you could go. Simple Goods will be here before long. that one is a ton a fun!
    Gotta is here.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Karen ~
    You are the most photogenic person. I don't think you ever have a bad picture!!!
    I'm with you and the time flying by. Here it is October and what in the heck happened to September...August for that matter?
    It is absolutely miserable in Ohio tonight. And to think it will get a lot worse in the months to come. YUCK :(
    Pug hugs :)

  13. Your brunch looks so yummy!! Breakfast is my favorite meal and anything with eggs is good with me!

    You have such a lovely family -- little Aidan is a real cutie pie and must be so much fun to have around.....

    Enjoy your weekend -- before you know it the holidays will be upon us and you'll be busy again!! Can you believe it?!

  14. Your casserole looks great! And you are so right. Time flies by! Amazing.

  15. Karen,

    Oh, that casserole looks so yummy !

    When you come to PA.. if you get a chance..take a ride on Route 45 from Boalsburg to Lewisburg. A wonderful road with olde log homes, a round barn, etc. There is a wonderful old tavern in Boalsburg.

    It has been so rainy here and now getting colder, too.

    Time does fly !


  16. It looks so yummy! I have missed so much the last month, I think I walk around in a daze most of the time. I know that will improve at some point but for now I am doing some blog visiting and trying to just hold it together. Dianntha

  17. Good evening Karen, Mary Ann should really love her mother in law. That food looks wonderful. And that little Aidan is so handsome. Don't you just wonder what is going thru their little minds when they are quite and content? Time does seem to fly by the older we get. And I will be another year older next week. But I am so blessed and thankful for a wonderful life and family. Hope you and hubby had a great anniversary. Sure wish you could share the rain with us here in Ga. We need it so bad. Suppose to be chilly in the morning and I can't wait to have a big pot of coffee and relax with Hubby on the porch. Hope you have a great weekend as well.

  18. Hello Karen.. Enjoyed looking at your photos of you and your dear family.. All so gorgeous.. smile..
    Time does fly especially as we get older and wish it would slow down..
    My Mom says time stops for no man.. grin.. I guess she is right..

  19. Oh My your casserole looked so yummy! Made me want to go fix one. ha! I agree with you on the time flying by. I was just talking about this and said it is scary AND as we get older(not that we are) time zooms by..WOW! You posted some very nice photos by the way..Guess I better wuit "going on" as they say..Have a nice Sunday...

  20. What a wonderful brunch and even better that it was spent with family. I hate not having anything to look forward to. Have fun with your flash drives. That's something I need to do before one of my kids crashes the computer again. Keep dry in the rain. -Steph-

  21. Hey Karen, if I may ask where is the wholesale show in Pa that you are going to?


  22. Your dish looked so good! Sweet smiles all around, family near by, and yes, time speeds up as we get older. Not much fun, but at least we do appreciate the good times when we get them!

  23. Such nice photos, the breakfast looks heavenly yummy. I agree, time speeds up all the time.....never enough time to go around and it slips by way too fast.

  24. Hi Karen~

    Brunch looks wonderful!! Little Aidan is growing so fast~such a cutie!! Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend~we deserved it after all that rain.

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  25. Oh so YUMMY! Looks like you all had a great time.

    I'd also like to know where the show on the 20th is in PA.

  26. Great pics of the family. Your little Aiden is always so adorable and seems so well behaved! Wish I could send my little hoodlums out for a lesson or two. Time does go by way too fast. It was a nasty weekend weather wise here also. Had to be out in it all weekend. Love the fire idea, we do it nightly, beverage of choice, a nice sipping glass of red wine.


  27. Hi Karen, as you know I've been missing in action a fair bit too. Where does the time go? I've been making myself slow down and just try to enjoy the moment. Too soon it can be snatched away from you. Lovely to see you always make time for your family.


  28. Hi Karen: What a beautiful family picture. You are all so photogenic! And, yes time does go by so fast for all of us. I can't believe it is Oct. already and finally cooled down here in CA. Was hard to put "Fall" stuff out when it was 100 degrees! LOL I seem to go "on and on" when I have "nothing to say" too, but I love your posts more!
    Hugs, Joy
    Hugs, Joy

  29. Love the top three widgets in your column on the right......

    can you guess I live in Wisconsin....

  30. YUM!! Looks so delicious! Is this a Pinterest recipe? Hehe. I have so many recipes pinned that I just don't know where to start.

    Adorable family pictures, especially love the one of you and Doug with the little guy.

    Yikes! Nothing backed up? That's when my computer would crash on me, I just know it lol. I hope it held out for you and you were able to get everything on your drives.

    I'd probably get shoes thrown at me for saying this, but I honestly love that rainy weather. That's when I get the scrapbook table out and fill it up with supplies to scrapbook the days away. Taking short breaks here and there to clean, laundry, and cook. I don't get to do that very often, so I really look forward to a few rainy days in a row.

    I just realized that we were in October already and needed to change my calendar over, lol. It does go by so very fast. My two boys have birthdays this month... 6 and 16 so we will have a busy month and it'll be time to change the calendar again before we know it.

    Your PA trip sounds fantastic! I know how much you love it there. I'm sure it's been a long wait to get back there again since it's been a year. So enjoy that time and savor every day! =]

  31. Just catching up with my blogging buddies...Oh Karen, what a beautiful family you have ! Oh, and thank you for making me literally CRAVE a good old fashioned apple dumplin ...Looks just like my favorite place to get them at Das Dutch Haus in Columbiana Ohio...too bad its such a long drive...guess I could try to make them myself. Mmmmmmmm, I can almost taste that yummy vanilla sauce !

    Grace to you,


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