Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home - Rich – Warm – Aromatic - Cozy

These are a few of my favorite words that describe FALL.

I don’t like pushing the year along but Spring and Summer even with their awaking of life with new baby animals, buds on trees/bushes and the bright flowers that make us smile…I still like the warm, rich warm colors of Fall.

it’s a secure feeling and I’m sure you all get that feeling too – like a cocoon to hold us in for the long haul of Winter – such rich soothing colors and aromas.

This past weekend I packed away all the bright pastel fru-fru colors of Spring and Summer and brought out my favorites.
It may look like a lot of decor because of the amount of pictures here, but seriously it’s just placed here and there…if you aren’t looking you may not even notice I put Fall out in some areas of the house…but I don’t want clutter.

I first want to tell you about our fantastic camping get-away with (almost) life long friends, Paula and Rick Anderson. I met Paula just after starting 10th grade (15 years old???) and we first met in Home Economics class – she was this adorable naturally curly headed cutie…and you just wanted to be friends with her and we have been ever since.  I spent many of over nights at her house and I think I fell in love with her parents too – I guess because my parents were freshly divorced it felt good and warm to be in a whole family situation…but anyway – we have been friends since 1959!

They have a beautiful motor home and spend the summers in Woodfuff, WI as hosts of one of the State Campgrounds.
We have been invited up there many times but this is the first it has worked into our schedule.

Camping 1

We just arrived….
Karen and Paula

We had a fantastic dinner of Blue Gill and Crappies and campfire potatoes!
Camping 2

Camping 5 

Friends camping at a different park joined us for dinner and a great evening
Camping 3

The next evening Rick took us for a boat ride to check for Eagles…we saw two.
Eagle 1

Eagle 2

The next day, Paula took me into Minocqua to a fantastic shop I’ve heard so much about and always wanted to go to but a 5 hour drive is just too far for a shopping day. THE 13TH COLONY.

I must say I was not disappointed – it lived up to everyone’s description.
I’ll post a photo of it here but then you will have to click on the tab at the top to see the wonderful shop.
I asked to take pictures and was graciously given permission – even so, I felt guilty snapping away.

I did buy a few goodies there.
Three different bunches of drieds to hang on my beams, and a bunch of Sunflowers for my daughter in-law, and some really neat gourds that look like pumpkins – called GOURDKINS. Never heard of them but I liked them.
And I got a string of Pumpkin rinds and a wax pumpkin.

A customer of mine wanted my Pumpkin Basket Penny Rug in black and I love how it turned out.
Some of my best designs are from customer suggestions…Thanks Linda! Hope you like it!!!


So on with the Fall decor!
Photos may look like I put out a lot but seriously it’s only here and there. I have about as many totes of Fall as I do Christmas so I packed a lot of it away and probably will take it to Goodwill.

I have to show you these pumpkins side by side…left one is as it was and the right one I rubbed with Brown paste shoe polish to make it a bit more Prim and it turned out nicely.
Pumpkins before after

Another one only half done
Pumpkins before after small

Both are done and are in my large trencher on my family room coffee table.
Trencher with pumpkins 1

On fireplace mantle

Looking from family room into screen room – I put a berry wreath around each of the mirrored sconces
FR into SR

On coffee table in screen room
Pumpkin basket

In screen room
Fall leaves screen room

Table in kitchen at entry
Kitchen table Fall

On top of pantry
Above pantry

Noodle board in kitchen
Noodle Board

Above the cabinets, the only space we left open – the rest have soffits
Above cabinets 2 

Grain box on dining room table
Grainery Box and Goose 

On hutch in den

Our room – not fond of Sunflowers but ran out of flowers
Bedroom Sunflowers

Today I went out and bought some real Pumpkins and large potted Mums for the porch benches – still need more outside so no pictures yet.

Saturday we had our family/cousins golf outing. Now this has been going on beginning with Doug’s mother and her sisters. They are all gone now and it is being carried on with the next generation.  We didn’t go to the first ones – had little ones and couldn’t afford to go for a weekend and you had to be 18 years old to join – no kids!
We have been going for approx. 30 years now – and for me the last 3 years. I had no interest in golf but it is growing on me and they are a great fun bunch to be with so even if you don’t golf you can still go.
This year there weren’t as many as normal – but there were 36 of us. Afterwards one of the cousins owns a golf driving range/pro shop and restaurant so that’s where we ended up for dinner and presentation of prizes.

Our team came in 2nd…they play ‘best ball’ so there was no help from me!!!
Second Place
But I did score a towel by default because someone didn’t claim it….

Dan and Jamie came this year too – I was glad they could – Jamie golfed and Dan had to work and came in time for dinner
Dan and Jamie 1 

We had a great grilled pork chop, cheesy potatoes and corn

It looks like I save up all my posts and pictures and put them all in one but really I don’t…You all know by now I’m just a chatty one, and have lots of pictures.
I know this one is long but I have one more thing to show you….one of my customers bought one of my patterns for this Mitten Penny Rug and she sent me a picture of her version of it…isn’t it adorable. I love how she changed it up with colors she had and I love the Prim stitching here and there.
Thanks Lecia…you did a great job.
Here’s the original design

Well folks that’s about it for me…thanks for sticking with me and I will be around to visit you – Google has not been my friend this past week.
It loads very slow and when I open your blogs it just sits there…can’t even comment….and I had to do this post 3 different times…my pictures are pixilating on me…what’s up with that!



  1. Lovely pictures. I can't wait for cooler weather. We've broken a record for the highest number of days over 100. Here in Texas it was 107 today.

  2. I love all your fall touches Karen, especially the tip about brushing the pumpkins. It looked like you had a good time with your friends and family too.

  3. Love your grungy lil' pumpkins Karen! I prim everything with the brown shoe polish! Love the look! Kim

  4. Karen, I love all of your fall decorating. In fact it makes me home sick for Michigan. Texas fall just isn't the same. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! love all the pictures!! You sure have been busy!
    I love all the fall pictures..those pumpkins turned out great...I found some great white punkins a few years back and tried toning them down...guess i need to try again and get them back out!! LOL
    You are making me want to get my fall stuff out now!!

  6. What a nice relaxing time you all had at the campground, that's wonderful. I've always wanted to see eagles other than at the zoo. They are beautiful creatures. I think it's wonderful that you and Paula have been friends for that long!

    Your primmed up pumpkins look wonderful Karen! I always have to "tone down" things when I buy them. You can really tell a big difference in the pumpkins. They look wonderful with the bittersweet sitting in your trencher. All your fall decor is wonderfully prim!

    How fun to have a family golf outing!! I love that picture of you standing with the men, holding on to the $$, lol. Way to go, girl!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, sweet friend~

  7. Great post, Karen! So glad you had such good times. I love your decorating, lovely, pretty colors and the pumpkins are wonderful! I like the polish idea! Your mats are beautiful, always!

  8. Karen, when I opened your blog I just knew I'd better get a cuppa so I could sit and read at my leisure. Very 'newsy'. You camping holiday looks like a lot of fun.

    I'm finding google very slow as well.Makes me frustrated and I find I end up switching off to come back later to find it still does it anyway.

  9. Love all your fall touches! Great idea to tone down the pumpkins! Everything looks so warm!! Great job!!

  10. Camping with friends is always fun. I miss the old camping / trailering days, those were some extra special good times. Great photos!

  11. Karen, I want to come sit and admire your beautiful decorations, with a mug of hot spiced cider! It looks beautiful. You and Doug are having so much fun and it shows. Please continue to delight us with all your pictures.

  12. Well you had a lot of fun didn't you? I love all your decorations, especially the drieds and the pumpkin molds are very neat!
    Lecia did a good job with your kit!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Your fall decorating looks wonderful -- I love the touches that make a home look so nice and cozy....
    Looks like you had some great times camping and golfing! Isn't it great to get together with the special people in your life??!!

  14. Good Morning Karen~

    Lovely pics of your fall goodies. I would love to get my goodies out, but I have a show this weekend, so it will have to wait.

    Enjoy your week~Becky

  15. Looking great as usual Karen. I love your blog. It always brightens my day!

    Thanks for sharing.


  16. Love all the fall pretties....that is a great idea with the brown shoe polish and the pumpkin...makes it look just perfect!

  17. "Rich, warm, aromatic, cozy" - that's exactly how I would describe your home, Karen....oh, and don't forget "GORGEOUS!" I so admire your subtle touches - and the use of florals, drieds, and naturals....Me, I just can't seem to stop there and always go "over the top." Sigh. Love the tip about the shoe paste on the pumpkins - gee, so simple, and so perfect! Are those real pumpkins you used? Glad you got to see The 13th Colony - it's one of my favorite haunts - but is a bit of a jaunt so don't get up there real often. I'm surprised you were allowed to take photos - I was told no...And, as always, love your penny mats - that dark pumpkin vine one is adorable!! Hope you're having a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  18. Hi Karen,
    A delightful post as always. Sounds like you had a great camping trip - it's always fun to get away. How amazing to get to see two eagles. I love all of your Fall decor. Simple touches here and there - that is the way I like to do mine. All of the penny rugs are so pretty - one of these days I'm gonna order a pattern and give it a try. Hope you are having a great week.

  19. Hi Karen ~ I had to come see what's new ~ I love your decorating and love the shoepolish on the pumpkins!! You're a smart cookie!! I'm going to put a link to you on my blog ~ the gals are going to love seeing what you do!

  20. Hi Karen.. I love your decorating.. I always do... Your pantry is gorgeous.. Is it as old as it looks?
    I am glad you are having some fun times..
    Take care, dear friend...

  21. Karen, Looks like you had a great time and a bonus shopping trip to the 13th colony to boot!
    Love the touchs of fall through out your home!!!! Fall is my favorite time too... I just started adding mine... OLM

  22. Wonderful Karen! Love all of your Fall displays, find them to be very Inspiring. And the penny rugs are adorable.

    We went camping in New York this summer...had a blast. Nothing like being surrounded by nature.
    Nice to hear you had a wonderful time with your Family and friends camping and golfing.

    It has been my intent to visit The 13 Colony; never seem to find the time while visiting family in Michigan. I've been close enough to pick up a brochure of antique shops but never made it there. Will give it another try this fall, as I've too heard so many wonderful things about this shop.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Autumn Blessings,
    Marlene :)

  23. Im with you on loving fall, with cool nights and mild days. Whats not to love really. Richard from Amish Stories.

  24. Karen,
    I love all of your Fall pictures. Your home is so beautiful!! I have been to the 13th Colony and it is such a wonderful shop!!
    Sweetpeas Primitives

  25. I love your way of decorating. It's a lot like mine. I was rubbing shoe polish all over my things a couple of weeks ago. I love the natural look with the leaves and pumpkins. Everything looks just beautiful. -Steph-
    p.s.- I am glad you had a good time with friends.

  26. I absoultely am in love with your pantry cupboard (crackled old paint) so neat.
    Have been meaning to "age" some of my plastic pumpkins and gourds before giving them away... really like the effect of your method. will have to try this! I have some brown shoe polish sitting around... even thought about using some cinnamon and modge podge to darken some up. thanks for your beautiful pics! your home is gorgeous... and your fried fish made my mouth water!

  27. Love all your fall decorating pics. Glad you had a great time on your camping trip. Pretty pumpkin basket penny.


  28. Great post, Karen. Everything looks wonderful!
    Pug hugs :)

  29. Hi,

    I too love fall and all of the color it brings...As you said it is so cozy and warm isn't it? Enjoyed all of your photos Karen.
    So nice to see people enjoying their lives. I just know I would love your home!

  30. Hi Karen, SO glad you had an awesome trip. It really looked like your were having fun! I love your fall decor, your decorating is awesome!!!! I love the new fall candle mat you designed for a customer!!! Thanks for showing my candle mat, I don't have much wool so I just work with what I have, didn't know how it would turn out. And since I am just beginning penny rugs, I appreciate your patterns. This was easy and so much fun, you have me hooked. Have a great day! Hugs, Lecia

  31. Hi Karen,

    Your camping Trip looked awesome! We love camping too. It's nice to get away!

    THe fall decor is looking wonderful as well. DOn't you just love this ime of year?

    Carmen and the Primcats

  32. I sure wish I had your knack for things. Love all your fall touches! And I LOVE camping. That is what our little hilton is to me. We just don't have the camper but we do have a little shack!!! I love it though!


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