Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fantastic neighbors at Christmas time and always

Here I thought my last post was a few days ago…guess I just proved that I really am a chatty One…

As if our family party a week ago today wasn’t enough work on this ole body not feeling up to par, my husband came home on Thursday from his morning coffee with ‘the guys’ and announced that they were all coming over around 4ish for drinks and appetizers…YIKES…did I fly. I was going to the store anyway that morningfor my own groceries but it turned out to be a big shopping trip. More appetizer fixins and drink fixins. Home I came, whipped up 6 different treats, set things in order and thought WHEW…I can retreat to the bedroom to read when they all get here…NOPE…three of them brought their wives so I was caught! lol  But it was a good time all in all. 
I actually got to sit and enjoy the brief time they were there – they came at 4 and were all gone by 6:30.  But he deserved the party – he’s been such a huge help this past year, bless his heart – he’s done things he never did before and learned a lot.

We have a family across the street from us that have lived there since they got married (his parents lived there prior).  So we have known this family for 32 years now.

Well they have 5 daughters...youngest one just graduated from high school so now they have 4 in college and one living and working in Washington DC.
Every Christmas they are all home and they bake Christmas cookies with their dad. Mom cleans up - she doesn't really care for baking all that much – but she does love to cook,  but it's a father/daughter thing they have done since they were little.

And every Christmas Eve afternoon they bring over a huge tray of their delicious delights along with a cute little letter pertaining to whatever has gone on in their lives or whatever.  This year it was not much luck with baking!
Cookie tray

Hope you can read the's cute
Cookie letter 

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Besides finishing up the stocking stuffer search today, we went looking for something to use for place setting names.
Normally I make them but I just ran out of steam this year.
We found these at Kohl's - and we had a 30% coupon as well, I printed out names on the computer and card holders.  They’re funny little dudes – they look like Cup Cakes…and as things go they didn’t have enough of the dudes so we got the 2 package ones for Doug and myself - we needed 13 holders and that was ALL they had.
Name cards
Snowman holder

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Yesterday we picked up our 7 lb Tenderloin for Christmas dinner – goodness that’s a huge hunk of meat…let’s just hope I don’t ruin it.
00:04:29 - 0044075F5  potato 1

Our dinner menu:
*Twice Baked Potatoes
*Steamed Green Beans and Asparagus
*Waldorf Salad (something I grew up with for Christmas dinner)
*Mandarin Orange Jello (especially for the little ones)
*French Bread
*Homemade Lemon Meringe Pie
*Chocolate Cake w/Cream Cheese frosting
*French Silk pie

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And if you want a good laugh then watch this little JibJab card I made for our family….but for some reason the mouth thingy stayed black and I’m not sure why…but look anyway…I’m sure it will give you a giggle too.  Gotta turn your sound on though.
jib jab 
Thank you all my blog friends who sent me Christmas cards this year…how very special you made me feel. Gosh I wish we ALL could meet someday, somewhere as a whole group. Now wouldn’t that be fun????

Merry Christmas everyone.



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Karen, cute letter, wonderful cookie platter!!

    Love the place setting holders


  2. Karen......just love your holiday card! I did that too and I can laugh at it over and over.
    What a beautiful plate of cookies.
    You have been really busy lately.
    Try and rest your back for the rest of the weekend!

  3. Have a very merry Christmas, Karen!
    You are a wonderful person to follow and hope you have a well deserved rest!
    Best wishes

  4. What a good soul to whip up a little drinks and apps for the hubby!! He knows he has a good woman!! I love your menu...hope all goes well with the sounds divine! Very, Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh, Karen,
    Every time you outdo yourself!!! All is so cute, love the place card holders and the accomplish more when you don't feel well that I ever would on my absolutely best day!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  6. Merry Christmas to you and Doug and the whole Martinsen family! "Talk" soon! Love, Cathi

  7. Love the JibJab card ~ those are always so cute!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow ~ the place card holders are very cute!! Merry Christmas!

  8. Wow that is the biggest cookie platter I have ever seen.
    Your dinner menu sounds delicious
    and the meat tenderloin....yum!
    It would be a blast for bloggers to all get together!
    Have a wonderful time with family and Merry Christmas.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family Karen.


  10. Wow Karen...those cookies look good even though their misfit ones...hehe. Sounds like you've been very busy. Hope you relax soon.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. Merry Christmas Karen!
    WOW! Those cookies look awesome.
    How sweet of your neighbors.

    Love those adorable name card holders.

    LOL! And I love the last photo!!


  12. Merry Christmas, Karen! You have been one busy little elf!
    Hugs :)

  13. Merry Christmas to you and your family Karen!
    Wow! That's one big cookie platter, lol.

  14. Wow Karen. All looks great. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  15. Merry Christmas my busy friend. Enjoy, Dawn

  16. Merry Christmas Karen to you and your family. Love that cookie platter and I think I will just stop by for that Christmas dinner, sounds so yummy! Hugs, Lecia

  17. Karen:
    you are the best friend.. well, a good blogger friend.. thenks for all the books you have sent..I now live in Michigan and we have a suuper great library very close so I'm stocked up on amish books..
    I love your family picture at the end of post.. you're the best.
    I love you,

  18. Smile Karen..even when we are down we are up and running...maybe taht is what keeps us going despite the less then happy bodies of ours!!

    Love teh little Place card holders how cute..

    Yummy looking cookie plate..neat story of the Father and daughter babking together how cool is that... I'm with there mother I hate to bake too but love to cook..

    Sounds like you've had a wonderful Christmas filled with tons of memories!!

    Christmas Hugs

  19. Merry Christmas Karen!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  20. Hi Karen, Loved your Jib-Jab card....toooo cute!!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Christmas hugs,

  21. Oh goodness Karen,worn out just reading! Sounds like it's all been fun though.Hope you have a blessed new year!~Amy

  22. You are just a little hostess with the mostess I say! Dear Hubby would have been politely asked what he planned on making for his friends.... ;o) And I just want to plant my face in that platter of misfit cookies! They look amazing!! Misfits or not! (Love the letter!) And darling little Jib Jab card....You're so stinking creative! Hope your Christmas was filled with joys and blessings...Smiles & Holiday Hugs ~ Robin

  23. Sounds like a nice little party Doug had. How sweet of you to do so much for him. I think that's wonderful and a great inspiration to me. After all the years that you two have been together that you will help each other out like that... very sweet!

    My goodness!! Look at that tray of treats, wowzers! Cute little letter they sent with the goodies. By the looks of the picture, you sure can't tell they had any problems.

    Your menu sounds delicious as I'm sure it was tasty. Fun little jib jab card, didn't know you could dance and play drums so well, hehe!


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