Monday, December 26, 2011

We survived another one!

Yep, all is well here at the Martinsen’s after having the family all yesterday afternoon/evening – pooped but doing good.

Everyone came between 1 – 1:30 ready to PARTY! And that we did. 
Snacks and drinks while chatting about the kids Christmas gifts they got and ‘GOT’ they did!!!! 
For what was going to be a simple Christmas it sure didn’t sound like it from their descriptions…and then the goodies from us – well we thought we kept it pretty ‘simple’ this year as well but when they started opening things, it told another story.

You know…it’s funny when the grandchildren are living at home they take many, many things for granted – well Jesse got his own apt. last month and wanted some things for his place so (among other things) we bought him a Grill/Griddle plus some ‘nice’ spatulas/turners/pizza cutter/knives – one’s that will last.
Well he oohhed and aahhed over these things like it was gold.  He said he had some of the cheaper ones and they were horrible…
Jesse griddle

And Alex…she looooves grandpa’s Onion Dip and requests it whenever they come over – he uses a food chopper to get the onions chopped real fine so he bought her one for Christmas so when she moves into her apt. she can make her very own dip.
Alex chopper 

Aidan kept us giggling with each gift he opened…and so did one of the grown-ups.
We drew names this year and Two of them got some pretty good stuff.
Heather received a bottle of Jack Daniels (it was on her list!) and the look on her face and Emily’s cracked us all up.
Heather gift 1
Heather gift 2

And Doug got a couple bottles too…Aidan was crazy all day and constantly wanted to slide backwards down the Two steps – he did this off and on for most of the day for some reason.
Doug gifts

Doug’s sister always gives each of the kids ornaments each year (until they reach age 16)
We took the picture so we can send it to her.
Kids with ornaments 1

Dinner turned out wonderful…I was a bit scared to do all those crushed peppercorns on the Tenderloin but I must say it made it so delicious.
Out of the 7 lbs of Tenderloin there is probably less than 3/4 lb left.

Darren and Brett forever try something silly in a picture and today was no different – we can always count on those two for some laughs throughout the day…
Guys being silly 2

Our family…
Family 1 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will continue to have a wonderful New Year.



  1. Beautiful family and it sounds like you had a wonderful day. (I slept until almost 11 this morning!) Dawn

  2. Funny how priorities change once they move out on their own. And yes, they take a LOT for granted. Think about this for next year if you haven't already. One year I made recipe books for each of the kids with all the family favorites. Even added the Bisquick pancakes! They loved them and it cut down on them calling me asking for every little recipe when a party came up that they needed "something my mom used to make".

  3. Karen.. Your Family is beautiful and there is lots of love & laughter showing in all of your pictures!!
    I think its safe to say you got to tuck away lots of warm fuzzy memory's over the Christmas season!!
    Hopefully one of the recipients of Jack shared a shot with ya to ward off the achin back..:0

    Have a great day of rest and maybe an hour or so of reading that book you were gona read the other day..


  4. Hi Karen,
    You have a beautiful family too!
    It was here and gone so fast but we had a great time.
    Glad you shared some pictures.
    Off to lunch with lots of leftovers!

  5. A wonderful day by the sounds and spent with your favourite people..lovely family pic..X

  6. Hi Karen.....I love seeing the pics of all of your family. Over the years I have noticed how much they are growing up. I am so glad that you had such a great day with lots of love around you.

  7. Karen ~
    Thank you for sharing the pictures. Great fun! Now, which of the kids are yours?
    Hugs :)

  8. Looks like a great family day, lots of smiles! Merry Christmas Karen, love your header too.

  9. What a blessed woman you are, Karen, and your family is beautiful! What a wonderful day you all had. :)
    Ma Teakettle

  10. That's a great looking bunch! So glad your time with them was so special!

  11. What a wonderful family photo. You have a beautiful family. Looks like fun was had by all!

  12. What a beautiful family.
    Sounds like you had a wondeful Christmas!

  13. Oh my goodness, Jesse hardly looks old enough to live on his own!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  14. I love seeing pictures of your family all together, you all look so happy. I can tell that you had a wonderful, blessed day.
    By the way, that video was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
    I loved it so much that I made one for my daughter and SIL, since they love their dogs so much (more than me?!?) I cast the elf card with the three dogs. Well, she cried she loved it so much, laughed and cried. They are buying the disc from the website so that they can have it. So, thanks a bunch for giving me a fantastic surprise gift for the kids!

  15. Karen you have such a beautiful family! So glad you had a wonderful day! Awesome pictures! Hugs, Lecia

  16. Such a beautiful family that you have Karen.. So glad you have had a wonderful Christmas..
    Blessings dear friend...

  17. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas Karen.


  18. You have a beautiful home, a beautiful family, and a beautiful talent for making the most of both. Sounds like a perfect holiday - and looks like it as well by the smiles on everyone faces. Wishing you a week filled with blessings and joys....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. What fun you have had Karen!!! Enjoy making those wonderful memories....

    Happy New Year~~~ Faye

  20. Looks like you had a wonderful time with family Karen. Lovely family picture.

    Have a good night~Becky

  21. What a nice post Karen!
    I loved seeing the family pics and your grandkids, such a lovely family indeed!
    Happy New year,

  22. You have a beautiful family Karen. I am glad you had a good holiday. It's fun to see the kids "grow up" and start to appreciate the little things in life. -Steph-

  23. Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas. Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

  24. Karen, What a most wonderful Family photo!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and no one went home hungry! Just saw the cookie tray from your nieghbors too, WOOSZERS!!! OLM

  25. Looks like a fun Christmas Karen!! You have a beautiful family!

  26. Looks like you have such a wonderful, fun family, Karen! So glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

    Love the new look of your blog, by the way. Very pretty!


  27. Happy holidays folks and a happy new year to you and your family. Richard

  28. So nice to see all those smiling faces in your pics!!It was much the same here Christmas Eve and Christmas Day/evening with both sides of our families.

    I wanted to stop by and take a moment to wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! hugs!!

  29. What a precious family. I know you all had a wonderful time. Family getting together is the best.
    Have a blessed New Year,

  30. Karen,I am so happy that you and your family had a wonderful blessed Christmas and I wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and I hope your back is feeling somewhat better.

    You are a trooper and I pray that your in your back will get better as everyday that gose by!
    Happy New Year to you and your family from my family, (2012) will be a better year, I hoope health wise for both of us.
    I have been every sick and I have lost alot of hair, hand fulls but like my husband said it grows back and alot of weight, not the way I wanted to lose weight but that is okay. I am doing better and it was caught in time. Prasie God.

    Blessings to you Karen,
    Tricia XO

  31. Aw Karen, your post brought tears to my eyes!! To me, there is nothing more precious than family loving, laughing, and just enjoying being together. Very, very precious! Funny about the Jack Daniels and loved their face expressions, haha!

    So glad you all had a great time! Enjoy bringing the new year in~


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