Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just a fun day!

Not a lot going on in my world right now…rather quiet and that’s perfectly okay.
Sometimes I have so much going on it overwhelms me.

I have been taking time to finish up my existing orders and then it’s designing time.  Yeah….can’t wait to have the time to create.

Oh I have to tell you – I was asked by Patti Leitzel  from Porch Sitting Time and Brickhouse Crafts Primitives in Millersburg, PA to carry my products.
She received a large box of them on Thursday and replied back that she loved them…THANK YOU PATTI…good luck selling.

Thursday was a play day here…we had our youngest grandson Aidan and Emily and Joe…it was one loud and busy day to put it mildly…Aidan did nothing but run, jump, play and laugh – but that is GOOD…never seen that little guy cry!
So I will leave you with just a few photos…nothing else to report on.

Naturally at almost 4 years old they have to be their own person…remember last weeks post??  So he walks in with his Camo coat and sunglasses
Aidan glasses

Before they went outside to play they did some ‘food prep’ play – Aidan was the grill master. Notice the gloves?  This is another one of his ‘THINGS’ of late.  He wears his brown gloves whenever he can (he’s such a silly fun boy)
The two rooms were a total mess but at least they were playing…not whining about what to do.
play food 1
play food 
We had lunch and then went outside for some fresh air and bike and scooter riding.
Aidan scooter 3
Aidan scooter 2 
Aidan scooter 4 
gramps and aidan
Aidan bushes 
kids 2 
So there was our Thursday…full of fun and laughs the whole day.
Aidan got a hold of my camera and took lots of pictures…this one is a fun one – Emily and I decided to do some cheesy smiles for him…he’s always say ‘say cheese’ even if he’s getting his picture taken.
Emily and I were going to plan a luncheon for her 8th grade graduation that I’m giving her and a few of her friends that are graduating with her in June…but there was just no quiet time available.  Next time…then I’ll share with you what we came up with. 
Me and Emily
He got one of Lola but I think he had the zoom on so you can see it’s very blurry
And then the ‘hmmmm’ shot of gram – with his finger over the lens – which was most of the time.
And his play grill…he sure does make me giggle

Has anyone found a good on-line photo program?  Picnik is not going to be anymore after the end of April and I will miss it so much for the collage feature it has – especially for our blog headers.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be seeing you around blog-land