Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a quick post

I have been ordering Wool from Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives and got my last batch today.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Margie’s diligence in helping me get just the right colors I was needing.  She over dyed many pieces especially the Teal ones to get it just right. THANK YOU MARGIE!

The top bundle is ‘Jadeite’ that she has been holding for me for quite some time until I could get the Teals (bottom 3 bundles)
Teal Wool

Love these Golds…especially the Herringbone on the bottom
Gold wool

I needed some Army Green – she did a great job getting this bunch right – it is darker than it is showing up
Army Green Wool

Today I finished up my Candle Huggers and will ship some off to Patti tomorrow and pack the rest away for my show – that’s a start anyway…then it’s on to sewing a wholesale order and then back to my own sewing for the show.
Here’s Two new ones I designed…I keep them simple because the price is low and even if some look real simple there’s lots of stitching for a $12.00 hugger.
Flower Hugger
Bee Hugger


Tomorrow we have a funeral to go to for the daughter of a former neighbor of ours when we lived in Janesville.
She is only 47 (same age as our oldest son). She battled Cancer for Two years.
Our children grew up together until we moved away – Even though we had all boys and they had all girls they still played together.
It was the kind of neighborhood where you all were the same…young families, just built our homes and enjoyed each other’s company.
Most weekends we were all together as families at one or the others house – there were 5 of us families that were the closest.
So we will go say our last goodbye to Judy.

I have to giggle when I see this picture…this is how great they all got along – this was in 1977.
They were all over at the Wills house and came knocking on our door and this is what they had been doing … dress up!!!!  (not sure where our oldest son was but I’m pretty sure he would not have put on a dress)
The quality of the photos isn’t very good – sorry…

(From left)  Janel Will, our sons Brett and Dan and Judy Will who passed.
Kids 1977
Judy Will Davidsz

Update on Brett…he came home yesterday and went to bed and slept for 5 hours, woke up for dinner and slept for 5 more hours.
We took up a chair for him to sit in for in the family room – their furniture is very overstuffed and sits deep so he would not be able to get in/out of it.
We have a few extra chairs that were in the upstairs bedrooms so one of them would work out great…sits straight and regular height from the floor.
They had their choice of 3 and took the blue one.

blue chair 

Not sure how I came across this link but someone on Pinterest someone has a board for ‘blogs’. Go check it out…there are some on there I’ve never heard of and they are wonderful.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week/weekend.