Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday’s Display Chain, photos

I’m a day late (well, that’s not unusual now is it?)
Misi over at host’s a Tuesday Display Chain and this weeks theme is:  “A Crafting Secret Exposed”

My contribution this week is using Brown Paste Shoe Polish.
I had some faux pumpkins I purchased at JoAnn’s a few years ago and they were extremely yellow orange and bright so this past Fall I got out my trusty wax shoe polish and gave them a good rub down.

Pumpkins before after small

Pumpkins before after
The two of them left not done, right finished

Trencher with pumpkins 1
All finished and displayed

I hope you learned something new from this display chain this week…I know I have after reading everyone else’s tips.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Sunday we received our CD from church of our granddaughters confirmation from a couple weeks ago…goodness the photographer took some fun shots…he just kept clicking and although lots of them are silly we enjoyed looking at them.

Emily and us confirmation 

No, I wasn’t smelling her flower – the photographer said something funny to Emily and she cracked up and it was infectious
Emily at confirmation 

This is the picture that will be going in the church directory…we have finally joined a church we like!!!!
Us 1

Brett’s family
Bretts family

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have a difficult time growing flowers because of the neighbors Black Walnut trees (there is something in them that kills many, many plants and food bearing plants).
So last year I bought some Marsh Marigolds – said they can grow almost anywhere especially in shade which is all we have.  They were very tiny last year but this past month they exploded…I wasn’t sure about the growth but they spread and that’s perfectly fine because we can’t seem to grown much else.  I love yellow and these have a very delicate flower
Marsh Marigolds
Marsh Marigolds 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last Saturday we stopped at a consignment place in town here and she had some ‘new’ items for sale – one being this Americana table square.  I like the quality of it and it’s even quilted. Not sure where it’s going to find a home at but probably in the screen room.
Americana table square

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please check out Lori at and read about how some people are pirating our designs and patterns…she along with some others are trying to put a stop to this…it’s just not fair to those of us that are trying to make an honest living from our craft.
If you would care to grab this button and put it on your blog and websites it would be so helpful. 

Thanks for visiting and till next time be happy and stay safe




  1. Ohhh Karen! .. I didn't even think to try on my "Bright" pumpkins! Great idea! I wonder if it would work on my bright repro "50's" Halloween cardboard cutouts.
    Thanks for sharing along your tip & your beautiful family!..You always send a smile!

  2. Hi Karen~

    Love the pumpkins!! Beautiful family photos!! It was nice visiting with you this morning.


  3. hi, Karen~ love the pumpkins with the shoe polish makes them prim!!
    Wonderful photos of confirmation~

  4. Your pumpkins look great! You betcha I'm gonna be doing this come fall..:)
    Your family pictures are beautiful!!

  5. Hi the idea with the pumpkins, I know many of them come too bright, great way to tone them down.
    Congrats on your Grandaughters Comfirmation, your pictures are great! We are still looking for a church that we can be happy with since our move.
    Hooray for flowers that can bloom anywhere!!

  6. Great idea! Glad you found the right church I know it's hard to find the right fit sometimes.Your grand daughter looks like a lovely young lady.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Congrats on joining a church you love. That means a lot. Love your picture and love your pumpkins!

  8. Karen...What a great way to prim up your pumpkins. Thanks for sharing this.
    Wonderful family photos of the confirmation. So glad you found a church that you love.

  9. Hello Karen~
    I never tried the shoe polish-duh! I tried walnut ink but will surely do this on my stash of "bright" pumpkins I bought on sale last year.
    Wonderful photos of a very special event and a sweet young lady too.

    hugz and blessings,

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  11. Hi Karen,

    Great idea about the pumpkins.. thanks for sharing ! I think I will use them on my gourds, too !

    Sweet photos of you and your family.


  12. great tip! I did this last year to some pumpkins that I was gonna donate to GW... then decided to attempt a "prim job" on them... now I like them! However I think yours still look much more realistic in the trencher than mine...those are REAL ones or the Joann ones?? they look REAL!

  13. The pumpkins look so different and amazing. TFS. What wonderful pictures of the family. -Steph-

  14. Thank you, Karen, for the shoe polish tip...simple and effective! Congratulations to your granddaughter on her Confirmation...such a significant event in a young person's life. She is a beautiful young lady...but I don't have to tell you that!

  15. GREAT tip for primming up pumpkins, Karen! It's one of those MUST do's!

    I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit today - it's been a pleasure!

  16. Yes!! I will be doing this to the many pumpkins I have downstairs that need primming up!! Thanks for a great tip! I'll have to try those flowers you planted, as well, in the shady spots around my new/old home that I'll be moving into soon.....

    The confirmation pics are just lovely... what a beautiful family you have....

    Love the quilt! Will be pretty in your screened room..... Have a great day!

  17. karen,

    What a great tip! I didn't buy the pumpkins because they were to bright...NOT now!!! HEHE...
    Delightful family photos!!!!
    Add my don't be a pirate thief on by blog too... ment to do it yesterday and got side tracked... OLM

  18. Karen, love the family pictures.
    Great idea about the shoe polish and it is so reasonably priced.
    Gee, does anyone even polish shoes anymore?

  19. Hi,Karen:
    I'm anxious to try the shoe polish for distressing and antiquing. I swiped it out of John's supplies! I wonder when he'll notice.
    Your family is beautiful, thank you for sharing the pictures. Your marigolds are pretty, yellow is my mom's favorite color.
    Have a nice evening.

  20. Great idea...polishing the pumpkins! You have such a lovely family...sweet photos!

  21. Another lovely post my lovely friend....I know you shared your shoe polish tip with me last year when I remarked about your wonderful glad you're sharing it with others - it really does make an amazing transformation. Love the confirmation photos - my favorite is the one of you all laughing. So glad to see your grand in such high spirits on such a special occasion. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  22. Oh, I love the fun photos too. I'm so happy that y'all found a church that you're happy and comfortable in.
    I need to check out those flowers. I don't have a green thumb, but love to have the pretty colors in my landscape.
    A beautiful quilt you found:o) and thanks for the shoe polish tip!

  23. Hi Karen.. What lovely pics of your family.. Your pumpkins sure look better with the polish.. I use it sometimes over fabric boxes..
    Take care, dear friend..

  24. Hi Karen, I have bought patterns that have stated to use shoe polish, but I have been scared to try it. Thanks for showing your pumpkins. Look great. Great pictures of your family. Proud you have found a church. That can be really hard to do sometime. Great picture of you and your hubby. Love the marigolds. Never seen that kind before. Yellow is such a cheerful color... love it.
    Have a good week.

  25. Karen ~
    Great post! Love all the pics.
    Hugs :)

  26. I always say better late than never!!!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful tip ~ I have some of those bright orange pumpkins!!!
    Wonderful photos of you and your family!!!
    Love the quilt!
    I read Lori's blog and put the button on my sidebar!
    Prim Blessings

  27. Hi, Karen,
    Thanks so much for the shoe polish tip. You are so creative! I hope you at least get the walnuts since the neighbor's tree kills your plants. What a beautiful family you have. What a blessing!

  28. Oh Karen, I love this post. So much good stuff here!
    What you did to the pumpkins is perfect, they look great!
    Marsh Marigolds -- I never see them much as they aren't just everywhere but I do like them!
    Our place is shady but we're going to attempt growing tomatoes and I want to also have some sweet basil. I'm hoping they thrive.
    I too am seeking a church home and am indecisive have a great photo there!

  29. What a beautiful Family Photo.
    Loved the laughing one.
    What JOY!
    Thank you for sharing the shoe polish tip.
    Love pumpkins almost as much as wool.
    Hugs to you

  30. What a beautiful young lady! ~Ann

  31. I love marigolds, also, Karen. The photos of the Confirmation are so nice. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  32. Love the marigolds, Karen. The Confirmation photos are nice also. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  33. Hi Karen

    Thanks for sharing! I wonder if I can use shoe polish for antiquing furniture or wooden ornaments.

    Congrats on your granddaughter's confirmation! I had my confirmation when I was 11 years old? Is that her age too?

    I have to admit I'm very confused about all the different churches in the US and different rituals. It's very different from where I live. Different, but very interesting!


  34. I don't know how your post slipped by me!! Really great tip and quick fix for toning down those too bright things we buy--and you know ANYTHING we prim lovers buy is ALWAYS too bright! Congrats on your win! AWESOME!!-smiles, Jan

  35. Hi Karen, I'm so scattered today...started painting and thought, oh my gosh! I didn't say anything about your beautiful granddaughter!Just a beautiful ,happy girl! In fact, ALL your grandkids look like very happy kids--and that's a sign of how they are raised and loved. Doesn't get better!--Jan

  36. I remember this tip because I absolutely love your trencher with the pumpkins and some bittersweet.

    I just love that picture of you all laughing so hard, it's priceless! Good looking family pictures! Glad you all have joined a church you like, there's nothing like having a church family being there for you and with you in the good times and bad.

    The marigolds are pretty, I love yellow flowers also. We have lots of shade around here and most of the flowers I want need full sun. I'm glad you found something that will work under the walnut trees.

    Love the quilted Americana table square! So sad to hear about the pattern pirating. I wish there was a way to stop it completely but realistically I think that is next to impossible. So sad that people can't be honest. I bought one of Nan's cross stitch patterns awhile back and my best friend said "Good. I've been wanting a primitive alphabet, I can make a copy". I hid it from her, lol. She asked me about it a few more times and I told her that I couldn't find it (which really was the truth. I wasn't lying to my best friend, I hid it from her and really couldn't find it, lol). To me, even sharing with a good friend is wrong. I know hard work goes into each design and I truly believe we need to support the designers so we can come back for more awesome patterns! My .02 anyway.

  37. Hey Karen, Love that trick. I useed it on a few of my pumpkins that were to bright!

    The pics are so cute. I am glad you found a church. :)

    Have a great day!

    Carmen and the Primcats


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