Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday’s Display Chain, photos

I’m a day late (well, that’s not unusual now is it?)
Misi over at host’s a Tuesday Display Chain and this weeks theme is:  “A Crafting Secret Exposed”

My contribution this week is using Brown Paste Shoe Polish.
I had some faux pumpkins I purchased at JoAnn’s a few years ago and they were extremely yellow orange and bright so this past Fall I got out my trusty wax shoe polish and gave them a good rub down.

Pumpkins before after small

Pumpkins before after
The two of them left not done, right finished

Trencher with pumpkins 1
All finished and displayed

I hope you learned something new from this display chain this week…I know I have after reading everyone else’s tips.

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On Sunday we received our CD from church of our granddaughters confirmation from a couple weeks ago…goodness the photographer took some fun shots…he just kept clicking and although lots of them are silly we enjoyed looking at them.

Emily and us confirmation 

No, I wasn’t smelling her flower – the photographer said something funny to Emily and she cracked up and it was infectious
Emily at confirmation 

This is the picture that will be going in the church directory…we have finally joined a church we like!!!!
Us 1

Brett’s family
Bretts family

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I have a difficult time growing flowers because of the neighbors Black Walnut trees (there is something in them that kills many, many plants and food bearing plants).
So last year I bought some Marsh Marigolds – said they can grow almost anywhere especially in shade which is all we have.  They were very tiny last year but this past month they exploded…I wasn’t sure about the growth but they spread and that’s perfectly fine because we can’t seem to grown much else.  I love yellow and these have a very delicate flower
Marsh Marigolds
Marsh Marigolds 1

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Last Saturday we stopped at a consignment place in town here and she had some ‘new’ items for sale – one being this Americana table square.  I like the quality of it and it’s even quilted. Not sure where it’s going to find a home at but probably in the screen room.
Americana table square

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Please check out Lori at and read about how some people are pirating our designs and patterns…she along with some others are trying to put a stop to this…it’s just not fair to those of us that are trying to make an honest living from our craft.
If you would care to grab this button and put it on your blog and websites it would be so helpful. 

Thanks for visiting and till next time be happy and stay safe