Saturday, April 7, 2012

What’s wrong with this picture…

Our early Easter visit with Aidan

Yep, that’s what I said…what’s wrong with this picture ?
Aidan in santa jamas

Oh for sure…there’s a lot wrong with this picture – figure it out yet?
Well it seems Aidan has taken a liking to his Santa jammies and wants to put them on every morning – today we went to visit them and give Aidan his Easter basket as we aren’t going to see them (tomorrow) Easter Sunday.
When we walked in I took a double take on his outfit…there he was with ‘bed head’ and wearing a ‘Santa suit’.
We arrived quite early – they were just fixing breakfast – but we had lots to do today so an early visit was the best we could do.
Isn’t if fun what kids will come up with on their own.
Darren said this is a ‘HAVE TO DO THING EVERYDAY RECENTLY’, they go along with it too.
I love it that kids can express themselves and parents don’t get all bent out of shape - don’t you – it’s so important in their growth?

So with the Santa suit mixed with Easter and his summer sandals he was ‘styln’ big time’ !
Aidan basket 2

Aidan and shoes

Aidan basket 1

Aidan and daddy

Grandma was a wee bit tire yet too!

Do you know what impressed us a lot???  He hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and Darren said he could have candy after he ate…not a single word from him…he just accepted it!  He’s such a good boy – he takes after his daddy. Darren was very easy going and minded so well too.
I’m curious what the new baby will be like. We have kind of joked with  them that they might not fully appreciate Aidan’s personality until the next one arrives…could be a whole different story.

MaryAnn’s brother/sil are home visiting from TN and they brought their 7 month old son P Joe  over for us to see while we were there…oh my he’s sooooo cute and so good too.
Meet P Joe (sorry it’s so blurry)


Aidan and PJoe

I received another wonderful winning this week – Nancy over at
She had a give away for one of her current Celebrity Cookbooks
Nancy does some wonderful things with profits from the books…she donates to the No Kill Pet shelters.
Thanks so much Nancy
Cookbook 1

Cookbook 2

Laura Bush recipe

Mary Kay Recipe

I know some of you thought I was taking a break from Blogging by what I said in my last post…
NO, not at all – just my website so keep on checking – I’ll keep posting
And I thank you all for visiting and leaving such nice comments.

I’m closing now to do some much needed sewing
Hands sewing





  1. Such a dear boy...
    Happy Easter, my friend..

  2. Your grandson is so cute in his Santa jammies!!! Kids are too funny..... How great that his parents are so laid back about it
    and let him do his thing.... He is sweet, as is little P Joe! Cute as a button....
    Hope you have a bright and sunny Easter... many blessings to you and your family!!

  3. Aidan is so cute. Isn't it funny how our little ones get attached to their pj's. My Caleb in into Spiderman right now.
    Have a blessed Easter,

  4. Aidan is a doll! Our 3 year old Grandson gets hung up on clothes like that. It is hilarious. Wishig you a Happy Easter!!!

  5. Karen, The Santa PJ's are just one of those battles it's not even worth entering into. I think the photo of him with his Easter Basket and sandals with his PJ's is one to cherish! Have a very Happy Easter - this is the first time in 4 years that we haven't been just around the corner from you for Easter - we're home in NW Ohio. ~Ann

  6. Aiden is darling. I say mix all the holidays into one and celebrate every day!

    Easter blessings to you and your family.


  7. Your grandson is so cute, Karen! Love the Santa suit! I remember when my daughter was small. She could come up with some very interesting outfits. Happy Easter.

  8. I love the jammies! At least he has clothes on. My 3 1/2 year old grand daughter will only wear shirts and maybe a skirt. Since she has been potty trained she takes any kind on bottom covering off and says "NO diapers, I big girl!" So we look at a bare bottom quite often ... at least at home! Happy Easter.

  9. Such style! Kids are great! Don't you wish you could be so free about our style sometimes. Have a great weekend celebrating with family. ~Sara

  10. Love the Santa jammies, and the fact the parents allow him his favorite ones. Sound like Andrew, a mind of his own. Laughed at what you said about the new baby. Mollie is as daring as Andrew was reserved.
    Both of the little ones are so cute. I see you in Aiden.Happy Easter.

  11. Happy Easter Karen, to you and your whole family.
    I love the sandals with the Santa suit!

  12. LOVE THE SANTA SUIT! Have a wonderful Easter, Dawn

  13. Aiden is adorable!! I love that his parents recognize he is his own little person with his own ideas!! He'll grow up to be a confident adult!! Our Craig had to listen to his "Charley Brown Christmas "album every night at bedtime. It was a bit strange on the 4th of July, but what did it hurt!?! Kids are so funny! The photo of him in his santa jammies will be a cherished photo. Have a great Easter!!-Jan

  14. Hi Karen...I cracked up when I saw your pic of Aiden.Kids are just so precious.
    He looks so adorable.
    When our daughter was little,she had a pair of little red boots.
    She wore them to bed.It was hard to get them off her feet to bathe her.
    She wore them with everything,from purple to green..she didn't care.
    She has grown into a beautiful woman who loves fashion.
    Happy Easter Karen.Hope they get pics of little Aiden to have when he is older.That is so cute.Blessings,Becky

  15. Oh my heck! Aiden in those Santa jammies and sandals is too stinking cute! Love it!! A little man after my own heart - I'm still wearing my Grinch socks. ;o) Wishing you a blessed, blissful, Easter my friend...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Your grandson is adorable Karen! Too cute with the Santa jammies :)
    My 4 grandkids were all over yesterday and we dyed Easter eggs, but our 2 year old insisted she was dying CHRISTMAS eggs, lol


  17. Oh my, that is so stinking cute!! Such a cute picture of the three of you. Aidan's not taking his hands or eyes off the basket, lol! P Joe is a cutie too. Looks like Aidan is watching over him. =]

    I saw on Nancy's blog where you won the cookbook, Congratulations!

    Enjoy your family time tomorrow~

  18. Your grandson is way too cute. I love the Santa Pajamas. The Easter Christmas picture priceless. Happy Easter Karen.


  19. LOL.. your grandson and the Santa jammies are adorable! Such sweet pictures. Happy Easter!

  20. Love the Santa jammies!
    Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

  21. I love a "free thinker"! Santa pj's are cool! Hope you and yours have a wonderful, blessed Easter!

  22. Good Morning,Karen,
    I enjoying seeing pictures of your grandson. You are lucky to be close enough to spend time with him. Easter Blessing to you and your family. Have a wonderful day.

    Take care, ~Natalie

  23. LOL Karen, Such cute pictures. He's happy and we all know that's what matters.
    Happy Easter to all you bloggers.
    God Bless,Ruth

  24. Love, love,love Aiden in his Santa suit for Easter!! too cute!

  25. wait till he grows up and looks at those pictures! :o)
    Happy Easter to you and your family Karen!

  26. Lol! The summer sandals make it perfect!


  27. Karen
    Aidan is absolutely delicious!!! One of our 4 year old twins is of a similar bend...Michael arrived at Christmas dinner wearing shorts and flip-flops. He was perfectly at ease; his parents were twitching...of course, Nonna is delighted with his creativity.
    Enjoy all the blessings of the Easter season.
    Enjoy all of your preparations for the summer show...Don't sweat the small stuff, please!!!
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  28. Aidan Sweet Aidan! Precious little guy!
    He has the perfect personality to be a big brother. A leader some day... the off season P.J's prove it!
    Loved your visit. A blessed Easter to you!

  29. Happy Easter Karen..May God Bless you and fill your heart with warm Sunshine and Happy memory's as you come together to celebrate the ressurection of our Lord.

    I knew you couldn't stay away from us for long.. You sure had plenty to share today.
    Is your grand son just the cutes! Love Santa Jammies..Perfect Crist is born we celebrate with santa and we celebrate his rising with Easter baskets.. Your Grand just wanted us to all remember where our salvation all stated..Smile!

    Easter Blessings

  30. What a beautiful family!
    Santa suit, so cute! Happy Easter!
    I wish You all the best~
    Pamela :)

  31. Those little ones are so cute- doesn't matter what they are wearing!!

  32. How adorable, Karen!
    Love the Santa jammies.
    Hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

  33. Your Grandbaby is so adorable!!!
    We took our Granddaughter to a car show dressed like a fairy princess wand, tierra, and boa ~ to funny!
    What a sweetie P Joe is!!!
    Congrats on your win!!! Enjoy!
    Happy Easter!
    Prim Blessings

  34. A MIND OF HIS OWN....can make his own decisions. When he's in high school, you'll look back and be glad that trait started so young...when he is being led astray by his peers and he confidently says, NO. What a cute pic to be treasured forever! What happy memories! Have a great week!


  35. What a fun time Karen. That Santa suit kills me. Kids are so great. -Steph-

  36. Karen ~
    I hope your Easter was wonderful.
    What cute kids!
    Hugs :)

  37. Karen,

    I love those Santa PJ's... I am thinking that picture needs to be saved for later "use" too! HEHE! I hope you had a wonderful easter!
    and OOPS@ I missed out on that great giveaway! OLM

  38. HI, I just came by from Simple Pleasures and glad I did. I love what I'm seeing-we love many of the same things. I laughed when I saw your grandson in the santa suit-so cute. I have to ask what type of dog you have-almost looks like a cockapoo? We are going to be searching for a new dog when we get home from vacation-we need one that doesn't shed. Come visit me.
    Have a great weekend.

  39. Loved learning about your grand kids. Well, why not santa mammies at Easter! I love the way kids minds work! Think I'll become your latest follower. Joan

  40. Loved your grandsons outfit choice! How fun! What a joy for you!


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