Saturday, April 7, 2012

What’s wrong with this picture…

Our early Easter visit with Aidan

Yep, that’s what I said…what’s wrong with this picture ?
Aidan in santa jamas

Oh for sure…there’s a lot wrong with this picture – figure it out yet?
Well it seems Aidan has taken a liking to his Santa jammies and wants to put them on every morning – today we went to visit them and give Aidan his Easter basket as we aren’t going to see them (tomorrow) Easter Sunday.
When we walked in I took a double take on his outfit…there he was with ‘bed head’ and wearing a ‘Santa suit’.
We arrived quite early – they were just fixing breakfast – but we had lots to do today so an early visit was the best we could do.
Isn’t if fun what kids will come up with on their own.
Darren said this is a ‘HAVE TO DO THING EVERYDAY RECENTLY’, they go along with it too.
I love it that kids can express themselves and parents don’t get all bent out of shape - don’t you – it’s so important in their growth?

So with the Santa suit mixed with Easter and his summer sandals he was ‘styln’ big time’ !
Aidan basket 2

Aidan and shoes

Aidan basket 1

Aidan and daddy

Grandma was a wee bit tire yet too!

Do you know what impressed us a lot???  He hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and Darren said he could have candy after he ate…not a single word from him…he just accepted it!  He’s such a good boy – he takes after his daddy. Darren was very easy going and minded so well too.
I’m curious what the new baby will be like. We have kind of joked with  them that they might not fully appreciate Aidan’s personality until the next one arrives…could be a whole different story.

MaryAnn’s brother/sil are home visiting from TN and they brought their 7 month old son P Joe  over for us to see while we were there…oh my he’s sooooo cute and so good too.
Meet P Joe (sorry it’s so blurry)


Aidan and PJoe

I received another wonderful winning this week – Nancy over at
She had a give away for one of her current Celebrity Cookbooks
Nancy does some wonderful things with profits from the books…she donates to the No Kill Pet shelters.
Thanks so much Nancy
Cookbook 1

Cookbook 2

Laura Bush recipe

Mary Kay Recipe

I know some of you thought I was taking a break from Blogging by what I said in my last post…
NO, not at all – just my website so keep on checking – I’ll keep posting
And I thank you all for visiting and leaving such nice comments.

I’m closing now to do some much needed sewing
Hands sewing