Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keeper of the Money…and Where did that come from!

Did you ever hear the term before?  It’s a biblical term about ‘Judas’ “Keeper Of The Money Bag”…well in my son/dil’s house it’s their dog KEEPER…he decided to feast on my grandson’s coin stash – yep…he ate 66 coins the other night and after surgery and a 2 day hospital stay he’s doing well.
It was a combination of meds he’s on that was causing him to act different and eat very different things…one being cardboard and well, the coins too.

Here’s what they got from him…the vet was very concerned after the x-ray and saw there were several pennies which can be lethal to an animal – so a quick surgery was done.  There were even some Silver Dollars in there!
Door 008

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On Friday we had Aidan here for the day – he has been begging to come here so Darren dropped him off and we had such a fun day.
He does keep us busy though – he’s non-stop and doesn’t stay with one thing too long so it’s go-go-go!

He did have to help with making his lunch – he wanted a knife to cut off the grapes – didn’t get too far and then gave up (no surprise).

Fixing lunch

In the afternoon he wanted to help grandpa water the plants.
Normally we don’t do it in the heat of the day but he wanted to so thought it wouldn’t hurt just once.
Watering plants 3 
Watering plants 1

Watering plants 5

Bike riding…or crashing…

Then it was playtime in the house…he’s trying to get a toy out of a basket that he tossed in the air.
Aidan playing 1

Playing horsy with gramps!
Aidan and grandpa playing

Then quiet time…getting close to ‘baby’ – who has just recently allowed him to pet her.
Aidan and Baby 2 
Aidan and Baby

Time for an ice cream break.
Aidan ice cream 1 

Looks like he’s zoning out!!!  Guess he played his little heart out!
Aidan ice cream 2

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We visited Darren and MaryAnn when Miranda was a week old…she changed in just such a short time. She’s 3 weeks old already!
gram miranda 1

daddy feeding

Such a little scrunchy face – she must have been tensing up
gram miranda 2

Well I guess that’s enough about ‘family’ – sorry it went on so long!

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On the 10th I celebrated another birthday and a friend from Florida sent me a wonderful package…she’s always so thoughtful.
There was a set of ‘old’ Pewter wine goblets, some wonderful scented soap and even a toy for the kitties…sweet!
gifts 2 
gifts 1

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They say you are never to old to learn but here’s one I thought I knew…since I was very little I have use this particular term when you refer to something that is diagonal from something…the term myself, my family and EVERYONE I know has used it this way…’KITTY CORNER or CATTY CORNER…well that’s not right.
Just found out a while ago (from a book Doug is reading) that the word is CATERCORNER.
As American’s we changed it to Kitty or Catty corner….

I get so tickled when I find out something new …but I’ll still use the term I grew up with!

Here’s something else I found out –(later in life)- I always thought the actor ALDO RAY was pronounced Al DORAY…did not know that the ‘do’ went with ‘al’ – Doug set me straight on this one.

And…if that’s not enough I also found out that when I was a teenager and dating Doug – I had always thought the verse in the song ‘Barbara Ann’ was Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob Maran.
Being it’s what I thought I never thought to challenge it. Funny what our ears hear isn’t it?
Barbara Ann The Regents 1961

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Getting ready for my Aug. 11th show has been a challenge along with keeping up with ‘life’.
I cut out many, many circles out of wool for my ‘traditional Penny Rugs’
I have 3 sewn so far and have to cut more!
pennies 1

Yesterday I painted 15 Mache boxes and what a job that was.
First I painted, then had to sand off some areas to make them look old.
Didn’t ever do this before so had no idea how to get it done.  Tried sand paper…nope – wouldn’t budge the paint so I got the idea to wet down the boxes and used a scrubby and WALLA…it worked!
I was a happy camper but oh my goodness what a mess - good thing I had plastic on the table.
And then last night I priced what merchandise I have finished.

Now ask me if I’m ready….NOPE…close, but not totally.

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Thanks for hanging in there through this long post…but that’s what happens when I don’t get on for 3 weeks!

Please don’t forget to check out my shows…you can find the information on my ‘tab page’:





  1. Hi Karen. Aidan is adorable! I'm sure your home is magicAl to him and he will always remember it as such. Your Pennines are so nice and organized, min e are a jumbled mess right now and speaking of pennies, the poor dog! I wish I could come to your show and shop I so miss craft fairs, etc. I wish you lots of profitable sales and encounters with new and interesting people.

  2. Good morning Karen!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post and laughed through sharing it with Joy!

    First of all, I've never ever heard of a dog eating coins. I know it's not funny, but oh my word! I'm glad he's okay! And silver dollars? Oh my!

    Don't apologize for family pics! I LOVE them! Enjoyed Aiden's visit with you. It's nice to see little ones playing in your home!

    Miranda is growing and so cute!

    And you cracked me up with the Bob...Maran! I've done that with songs before growing up too. Funny what gets cemented in your mind! I think it's cute!

    Love your wool penny circles! So pretty and colorful!

    Have a great day, Karen!


  3. Hi Karen, That was an incredible story about the dog eating the coins! That sounds like something that our Golden would do! When I paint the paper mache' boxes I wipe them down with a little wax first (a t-light will work)! Then when you go to sand, the paint comes right off! Looks like your enjoying your summer!

  4. Aidan is getting all grown up. And his little sister is just so adorable!!!!! Looks like you are having a good but very full summer. I, too, thought that about "Bab Maran"! I always say "kitty corner". Hope you are having a happy day.

  5. Oh Karen, what a fun post!! I've been away for almost a month also...good to see you back!

    First off, I just loved reading about your day with little Aiden...esp. loved the picture of him trying to get his toy from the baskets above!! TOO CUTE!!!

    I also found it interesting about Bob Maran because I always sang it as Barbara Ann myself...So funny!!

    Take care...Tina

  6. Me again Karen...forgot to say that I am glad that "Keeper" is going to be OK!!! Tina

  7. Hi Karen! You really captured what a fun and ACTIVE little boy Aiden is!
    Hope you have a wonderful time at the show - I'd love to visit Lititz again.
    Best wishes

  8. Hello Karen! Oh my...I have never heard of a dog eating coins. Glad to hear the surgery went well and that everything turned out okay for the Dog! Little Aiden sure is Adorable!
    And the baby is getting big! Good Luck with your shows! I wish I could be there! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I loved reading this post! The pictures with Aidan are priceless, especially those where he is watering the plants. I'm still enjoying our vacation. We've been at the Chesapeake Bay for a week now and we'll leave for NY City tomorrow.


  10. Wow! What a post! Coins!!Really enjoyed the read & the cutesy pics.Kids! A penny for your thoughts? Mine aren't worth that much! Always enjoy your posts, good luck with hte shows!

  11. Poor pup! Your little guy is a real cutie. I've always had a hard time understanding the words in most songs. Except of course, for Elvis. No problem there!

  12. what a beautiful baby! So is Aiden. don't you love it when they come, then appreciate it when they are gone?lol Andrew keeps me hopping ALL the time. I collapse when he Good luck with your show.

  13. Looks like I've fallen woefully behind here...yikes....a new baby?? How'd I miss that? Congratulations Gma!! She's adorable! But, I got plumb (or is it "plum"?) ;o) wore out following Aiden....I worry that when it's time for me to have grands, I won't have the energy! Poor, poor, Keeper....looks like he was aptly named though. Perhaps the vet will accept those slightly tarnished coins in payment??? And happiest of birthdays dear Karen....sorry I missed it. Hope it was every bit as special as you....Wishing you the best of luck with the upcoming shows...wish you had some around these parts! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Your plants look like they're thriving!!! Perhaps you need to send Aiden up here to water mine.....)

  14. Karen ~
    Great post ~ great pics ~ beautiful grands!
    Poor Keeper. I can't believe he ate so many. I think he's one lucky dog to still be here!
    Happy belated birthday to you!
    Pug hugs :)

  15. Oh, my ~ you did have lots to say!! Sometimes when I don't post for a while it's because there's so much to say and I want to tell it all! My son's dog ate a bottle of Gorilla Glue once ~ surgery for her, too ~ she was okay but it was not a good thing!! Dogs and kids ~ it's always something!! Your kids are cute!! And so is their grandma!!! You look fabulous!!!

  16. I got so into the baby and Aiden, I forgot to comment on the dog! Oh my gosh, I have forgotten, what kind is it? That is so bizarre that he could eat all of that! I thought one of my rotties was bad!

  17. Wow, I can't believe the dog ate that many coins!! What a wonderful time you had with your lovely that he kept asking to cute! Your granddaughter is so cute too! Wishing you a very happy belated birthday...hope you had a great day!

  18. Oh Karen..aren't those grandbabes the sweetest? I'm with you...I also grew up hearing and saying "catty-corner". OH! And I knew exactly what they were saying in the song "Barbara Ann" since that's my name and I absolutely hated that song! LOL Still do! Looks like you're making good progress with things for the shows...keep up the good work! Blessings...

  19. Hi Karen

    Your Aiden is a doll. Sounds like your having fun.
    I have never heard of a dog eating coins either and that was a lot.
    Love looking at your pictures Karen!

  20. Aidan is adorable. great photos of him. I also enjoyed reading about the "caty corner". Ha ha, I still say it incorrectly also. Hope you do well at the craft show- the boxes are beautiful. Happy belated birthday :)

  21. WHOO! I am exhausted! Aidan looks like he had a blast you guys and difinitely needed a nap in the end?! LOL!
    OH my on puppy and coins, so glad they caught it in time!!!
    You make crafting look so organize! what a mess I have !!!!! OLM

  22. Hi Karen, what a wonderful day with Aidan - I just love days with the grandkids. Miranda is adorable - they grow so fast don't they?

  23. Hi there girl! You have been busy as usual..I didn't realize your show was so close..I just know you will do wonderful!!

    Boy, Aiden was keeping you two me tired watching, but I know how those days are..Luke will be starting school a week from next Tuesday...Yeah, already! I will be one sad momma for sure as he will be there all day this year as a kindergartener...


  24. Hi Karen,
    Happy Birthday! Love the pics of your sweet grands...what fun!

  25. Karen, I just love the picture of the horse, I mean Gramps on the floor in your family room! That picture is priceless, memories being made.

    Hope you get everything ready for your show, I know the feeling well. ~Ann

  26. Hi Karen
    Well, it sounds like great times were had by Aidan! He is growing up so fast! I like the one where he has the feather duster! LOL! Typical boy!
    I am glad that the dog is alright too! My goodness, he was a real saving machine!
    I like learning something new! Thanks for passing that along!
    All those pennies, that is a lot of circles my friend! I am glad you are still creating too. You make some beautiful pieces!
    Have a great weekend.

  27. OMG!! I'm glad the dog is okay...what a story!! I thought my dogs had eaten pins from my pin cushion one time...had them pins. Throughout the next week or so, I found pins all over the backyard...lying in random spots. (not in the dog poo! LOL) I love, love, love the pic's of Aidan..what a cutie! Miranda is a sweet little thing too...nothing like those baby sugars!

  28. Karen,
    I am so glad the dog is ok....
    Aidan is such a boys boy. So darn cute and you got some great pictures of him and the new baby too.
    Have a great weekend.

  29. I loved your long post and all the wonderful pics of your dear family... The pictures of Aidan and the cat are awesome and it is hard to believe there is another grandchild who looks like their Grandma... grin..
    Blessings while you work along for your show.. Would love to see the finished products..
    Oh, I loved how the soap was wrapped.. Might try that.. smile..

  30. Wow little Aida is a non stop busy machine.
    I am hoping to get to get to see you at the show in Lititz. Be sure to post your spot number!I know six artist there, it will be great to see you all in one day.
    Hugz, Ree

  31. I am completely exhausted just looking at the Aidan pics! LOL! Cute one of him and baby though.

    Holy moly about the dog! Thank goodness someone caught that.

    The baby is adorable! ♥

    Have a great day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  32. Hi Karen--oh, how I love seeing pics of the new baby and, of course Aiden. I'll bet both you and hubby slept well after he went home!! ;) I don't ever remember having energy like that! It looks like you are still plugging away for your show--do you think customers ever realise how long we work for a single show? :)--Jan

  33. Hi Karen~

    Wow, that Aiden sure is a bundle of energy!! Lovin that baby~what a sweetie!! Good luck on your show!!

    Have a good evening~Becky

  34. Hi, Karen,
    I'm so glad the doggie is OK! It's amazing what they'll do sometimes!!
    Aidan is just too too cute!! Looks like he had a fun day! :)


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